Citrus Skunk is a potent and aromatic cannabis strain known for its sedating and relaxing effects.

Citrus Skunk is 65% Indica dominant

Typical of Indica-heavy strains, Citrus Skunk gives an effect that is heavy on the couch lock, with a blissful, euphoric high which leaves you happy, but sedated. You won’t get much done on Citrus Skunk, but you will have maxed-out chill. Surprising for a sedating strain, Citrus Skunk earns its name with a pungent odor and a lemony taste heavy on the limonene.

Citrus Skunk is produced from crossing Citral and Skunk

Not many cannabis strains benefit from such a straightforward name, but in this case you get exactly what it says on the label. Its breeder is claimed as Finest Medicinal Seeds, a Canadian medical supplier. However, “Skunk” is an almost generic lineage stemming from prohibition-era cultivators, so the strain has a few wilds genes.



Citrus Skunk, with its medical origins, is recommended for alleviating depression and chronic pain conditions from arthritis, while its couch-lock properties make it ideal for decreasing muscle spasms and tension. This strain also has higher CBD amounts than the average strain, although not high enough to be useful for a CBD-dominant strain.



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