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I recently was sent Smilyn Premium Hemp-derived Pods. I got three different strains to try: Super Diesel, White Sherbert, and Tropimango which are Sativa, Hybrid, and Indicas respectively.


  • Variety
  • Decent taste
  • Good strength


  • Sativa’s taste was not great
  • Not a 510 thread so fewer battery options
  • Micro USB instead of USB C charging

Recommendations: Some improvements to the hardware would be great

smilyn pods

Tropimango had the best flavor

In terms of flavor, the Tropimango was way favorite followed by White Sherbert then Super Diesel. I think I would put the Tropimango at an 8.5 the White Sherbert at an 8 and the Super Diesel at a 6 because the taste for me is somewhere between weed and gasoline. To be fair I’m sure that’s probably why it’s called super diesel, although being from New York I always thought diesel meant strong before anything else. However now in hindsight, it probably is more related to the gasoline smell and taste. Language is such an odd thing. 

smilyn pods close up

Great design

Anyway, the Smilyn pods are pretty low-key which I like its just black with the typed brand name on it. There isn’t a pot leaf on it and the light isn’t green which I honestly hate that so many batteries have as part of the design. I know I live in California where weed is recreationally and medically legal. However, there is still a bit of a stigma attached to the use of cannabis whether it is for recreational or medical purposes.

This is also why I really like vapes and edibles. They are incredibly low-key in comparison to the smell of blunts and bongs. But for some reason, lots of companies like to give away your discretion by making the lights green and putting pot leaves on everything. Glad this is not the case here though. This is a definite 9 out of 10 on design. There are no buttons and there are no screws. just pop the cart in and out to switch and charge with a micro USB.

smilyn pods boxes

Nice potency

I like the high from all of these strains. I don’t know that I felt like I had a favorite but I definitely used the Tropimango cart first and the quickest. So even though I may not feel like I had a favorite, my actions say differently. Also, there are just enough Indica traits to the White Sherbert hybrid that it helped me sleep on a night when I was having trouble so I really like that. Again of the three, the super diesel was my least favorite but still pretty solid overall. I would put the potency of the Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa at an 8, 8, and 7 respectively.

Concluding this review

Overall, I think these Smilyn Premium Hemp-derived Pods are pretty great. They taste pretty good for the most part, have a nice design, and are pretty potent. I definitely prefer the hybrid and Indicas more than the Sativa, which was a tad disappointing because the name got me excited. But regardless the Sativa is still pretty good. The price is pretty on par with other carts I have seen around LA and online but the quality makes it worthwhile for sure. I hope to try more Smilyn products in the future.

You can find out more about Smilyn Premium Hemp-derived Pods here.

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