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I was excited to write the Pax Era review because of its ability to change the temperature via an app. It was very easy to connect via Bluetooth to my Android phone. I was able to turn the temperature as high as 790 degrees. The Pax Era is an affordable compact vape pen that introduces a new type of prefilled cartridge called pods.

Overall design of this vape pen is beautiful.

Those who enjoy vaping discreetly will love the Pax Era. It hides the cartridge so people can’t identify it as a vape pen. The Pax era pods are made of plastic and use a wick to heat the THC oil. Doesn’t weigh much, feels as light as a feather compared to other 510 threaded vape pens. There are no buttons on this vape pen all you need to do is take a puff. There’s a light that indicates it needs to be recharged by flashing red. Overall, the design of the Pax era was a good start at innovating the next great vape pen. The dual airflow mouthpiece makes it easier to vape. The build quality was good except for the wicked heating element which is explained below when we talk about taste.

Strength of the cannabis oil will vary based on the brand.

There are many different cannabis extract companies that use Pax Era pods with their THC oil. The Gold drop pod was decent. I liked it more than the 510 Gold Drop cart because it was easier to vape. The THC oil in this pod felt stronger than the 510 threaded cartridges from Gold Drop, but Era pods cost more.

Pax Era pods are not efficient as some 510 thread cartridges.

Gold drop pax era pod review

I really had a lot of excitement and anticipation trying out the Pax Era vape pen. Pax Era pods use a wick to vape the THC oil inside of it. This is an inferior vaping technology compared to a ceramic heating device which its closest competitor Stiiizy pods use. I can not recommend this overpriced prefilled cartridge that is using old vaping technology. This reminds me of the lower quality vape carts from Alpine Vapor and Americanna.

Wasn’t impressed with the Gold Drop pod for Pax Era.

I tried out the Banana Fig pod from Gold Drop. I couldn’t recognize a banana or fig taste when I vaped this cartridge. The taste reminded me of the VVS vape pen which includes a fragrance to be discreet. We were disappointed at Gold Drop’s lack of strength on their 510 version of their cart when we reviewed it. Once again the Gold Drop cartridge fails to impress.

Pax Era review reveals pods are expeinsive, but cost not justified.

pax era review

Pax Era pods cost double the average market price of typical prefilled THC oil cartridges. The average price for a half gram hash oil cartridge in California cost between $20-$45. The average cost for a half gram  Pax Era pod is $40-$70.

Pax Era pods efficiently vape all the THC oil but can be more smooth without the wicks.

This vape pen is great at not wasting any extracted cannabis oil as many 510 thread cartridges are notorious for doing. This vape pen uses wicks to heat the THC oil which is smooth but not as smooth a ceramic heating atomizer. The Stiiizy pen uses better technology and costs less. The end flavor on a ceramic heating core 510 cartridge vape like the Justdab cart also leave you with better flavor at the end. Pax could improve the cart and use the same battery in the future, but for now it is behind both of those types of cartridges.

Bigger hits mean less amount of puffs from the Gold Drop pod.

The dual airflow allows for bigger clouds without too much effort, this causes you to vape the cannabis extract oil faster. The pods do not last as long as 510 threaded cartridges, but the pods result in huge hits. Just pull without pressing any button to easily vape huge clouds. Pax Era can change its temperature by easily shaking it and the LED colors will indicate the temperature.

Ingredients vary based on the company providing the cannabis extract oil.

Pax Era pods contain oil by a variety of companies. The oil varies depending on the company and their processes. I recommend to stay up to date with which companies are clean by visiting a popular resource online that provides independent lab test frequently on popular prefilled cartridges, datdude41510 from Instagram. Recently, many companies such as Brass Knuckles vape  and others failed for pesticides.

In conclusion, this Pax Era review showed a step back in cartridge technology, even though battery and form factor is nice. That wick-ish taste took me back a few years. It looks better then a 510 cart, but does not taste better. The ceramic core 510 atomizers that are out there produce much better flavor and give more hits. If you really like this form factor for your vape, I recommend going with the Stiiizy pen.


  1. Each PAX ERA pod I’ve purchased, lists a “Recommended Temp” somewhere on its packaging; most often on the back. Additional reading material included upon purchasing the a PAX ERA device – only suggests setting your PAX to temps higher than recommended, when/if you are trying to get the last out of a very nearly empty pod.

  2. I found your article while searching for online purchase options for PAX Era Cartridges. Your review was clear, concise, fair, and you’re right on the money–literally. It is frustrating to spend $45+ on a single cartridge in California. I use the Cindy99 formula to help with brain fog, concentration, and anxiety; one cartridge typically lasts up to three months with only one or two puffs a day, so the cost isn’t typically a big concern. The exception is when an acquaintance, who claims to not smoke, takes such huge drags that he wipes out one pod in just a few hours and never offers to replace. No more sharing rules quickly implemented and “friendship” kicked to curb. Thank you for providing additional options for me to look into.

    • Thanks for commenting and this is why we do it! Unfortunately, a lot of companies can buy reviews on most cannabis sites so people think something is great and spend their hard-earned money on it. Here we treat it as if your money spent is our money spent and review accordingly. So far, Pax Era has been a bust.

      Recently we just tried the Pax Era again in our Happy Sticks review and it confirmed what we thought before, it just hits weak.

      Since we originally wrote this review regular CCELL carts have gotten much better too. This one the TH2 we like in particular:

      You might also want to check out the cartridges by Chemistry, check out our review here:

      That’s my personal favorite in CA and so far is the strongest I have tried in CA. It’s full-spectrum so it may help more with the brain fog than some of the others.

      Although I do not condone any interstate transportation if you come to Las Vegas or Reno check out Cannavative, Fuze Live Resin, Roots and Kanji.

  3. Love my PAX ERA!!! Over a year and not a single problem. I order Happy Sticks Pods, through eaze for $35, and they always have discounts going on. Like adjusting the temp. Don’t burn down to the wick and you are good. The taste changes when you are hitting wick.

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  6. Pax products are Junk! If you like wasting your time and money then this product is for you! It magically locks you out and i have to download thier app to make it work again. The only thing worse then the product is thier cuatomer service
    Pax GFY!

    • The app stuff is just too much. I wish companies would just make a vape a vape. I recently saw another dry herb vape that was app only. Phones are dying all the time. No one wants a dead phone AND a vape you cannot use. I hope they simplify it and go wickless.


    Tried a new dispensary(Liberty Health Sciences) that said the Pax Era was the best thing in the world so I ordered a pod and they included the Pax as a promotion. Everything was delivered a day late and the Pax was completely dead. Wouldn’t charge, no lights nothing, Dead in the Water! Called the dispensary(Liberty Health Sciences) back and received a replacement 6 days later. The new one didn’t work either. The dispensary(Liberty Health Sciences) said we had to go through Pax to get a replacement. That’s Bull Shit!!!



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