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BBTank products are made by Babytontech. Here we review the BBTank X, their latest cartridge made for THC and CBD oils. This piece of hardware is impressive on many points and we’ve added it to our best list of vape hardware for THC oils.


  • Thick quartz glass
  • Huge clouds
  • Smooth hits
  • Easy to fill


  • Won’t fit some types of batteries

Recommendations: A slim version for certain batteries would be nice, but might not be possible due to the way the center tube is constructed.

BBTank X carts are some of the best vape hardware we have tried

bbtank x carts
Left is half gram, right is the full gram cartridge body. They both use the same base.

The previous version of the BBTank X currently used by Left Coast Extracts is already impressive, so we knew testing this out it, it should be good. The size of the clouds this hardware produces are amazing and we have yet to see anything else produce the same level of clouds with such a smooth hit.

Unique design makes for easy fill

BBTank X carts open from the bottom, making for a very easy filling process. Previously I tested another bottom fill cart that had oil go through the threading area, resulting in oil loss. The BBTank X does not have this problem.

You can easily fill it upside down without leaking then flip it back upright and let the oil settle before vaping. This is a huge improvement over other designs that fill this way.

Quartz glass used is very thick, high build quality

The entire BBTank X body is glass, so don’t drop it! That being said, You can see from the inside of the mouthpiece the glass is very thick and it can handle some minor drops.

The atomizer uses a well-made ceramic core and so far the BBTank X doesn’t leak at all which is amazing based on the way it looks. You would think to look at it that if you had it upside down it would leak, but it does not.

Hits are big but very smooth, large clouds are produced

bbtank x on battery
Still got a massive cloud hazing around after hitting it.

This thing hits amazing. One of the best hitting pieces of vape hardware for THC oils we have tried to date. You get large clouds without any harshness. I am really impressed with how much vapor this thing produces.

Taste delivery is excellent on the BBTank X

bbtank x dab cartridge
Still got a little oil left. The BBTank X is ultra-efficient.

You get no metallic taste or any other odd aftertaste on the BBTank X. It’s as perfect as it can get for a vape hit. The taste will be as good as the oil you put in it. The way oil is used in this device is extremely efficient.

If we got this right, it appears that oil slides in a downward direction towards the heating element rather than being sucked in from the side holes. This adds a bit of efficiency over many of the standard vape cart designs that are out there.

When you look at the BBTank X from the outside it is hard to see where the oil is going, but it’s one of the more efficient cart systems we have yet to use.

bbtank x bottom
Engraving on the bottom of the cart.

Airflow is on point

The airflow on the BBTank X is excellent. It’s one of the best airflows I’ve seen on a vape cartridge. It also seems to work fine on different batteries, when it does fit.

The only downsides to the BBTank X are durability and fitting some batteries.

If you drop this thing, it might break. That being said it is very thick glass. The glass on this is thicker than any of the cartridge hardware pieces I have used, except for Left Coast Extracts cart, which is also made by BBTank.

Some types of batteries are just not going to work with the BBTank X. Examples are batteries like the CCELL Palm, CCELL Silo, and Magic 710. These batteries have an enclosed area that is just too small for the BBTank X to fit in.

Skipping value since we do not know yet

Typically at DabConnection we add a value score to our reviews. Since the BBTank X is more likely to be sold directly to THC oil extractors, we skipped the value score. We are hoping to see it soon for sale at Vape Parts Mart and will update the post if it does become available for individuals to buy.

Concluding our BBTank X review : It’s one of the best

BBTank X digital rendering
Here’s a nice looking digital render of the BBtank X

The BBTank X is one of the best pieces of vape hardware out there right now for THC oils. It produces massive, smooth clouds that deliver strength without making it harsh. You can see exactly how much oil you got and the efficiency might even be unmatched.

We’re not sure yet if the BBTank X will be available for retail sale yet, but if you are an oil maker looking for an awesome, unique piece of hardware to pair with your THC oil, this is the one.

Have you tried anything similar or the BBTank X itself? Question or comments? Post below or in our forum!


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