Another day, another counterfeit cartridge brand on the black market. This time it’s fake West Coast Cure cartridges hitting the market.

West Coast Cure is a brand we mentioned having top of the line wax in our San Jose dispensary coverage. We also included an image of West Coast Cure packaging in our post on a Sacramento dispensary, which can now serve as a handy comparison for general style (WCC has changed their packaging a couple times since that 2017 post).

West Coast Cure Cartridge Refill
Example Of A West Coast Cure Cartridge Sold At The Northstar Holistic Collective.

Fake West Coast Cure packaging has hit DHGate and Alibaba

They’re quite plentiful at DHGate:

DHGate WCC counterfeit carts

Several more are floating around Alibaba:

Alibaba WCC counterfeit carts

One video clip at Alibaba was even nice enough to tip us off to the fact that the cartridge tip copies the logo as well.

detail of WCC empty cartridge

The background noise in that video (link maybe still up?) sounded like a factory, with machinery in the background. Maybe even filmed at the plant that makes these?

We even managed to track down a rare eBay sighting:

eBay WCC empty fake carts

This image provides us with a handy reference for “strains” that we may see on the street…

  • Banjo
  • Grape Gas
  • Tits
  • Trainwreck
  • Lucky Charms
  • Grape Ape
  • GG#4
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Legend OG
  • Foreign Glue

Here’s one telling detail we’ve spotted to help identify counterfeit West Coast Cure carts:

real vs counterfeit WCC cart

UPDATE: Another counterfeit tell!

A reader points out that one difference between real and fake West Coast Cure is the lack of finger holes on the white plastic insert:

West Coast Cure real vs fake

Additional clues: Some counterfeits appear to have a longer mouth piece. The “TM” at the end of the logo rides higher on counterfeits than on the real carts, and if the word “pen” is as bold as the word “cure,” that’s a dead giveaway of a fake as well. Thanks to sharp-eyed reader That Guy for the observations!

A reader had a bad experience with a WCC knock-off

At another site, a reader reported that they got what was purported to be a WCC trueOG sauce pen off of WeedMaps, even with a verified seller. But the cart was bunk, and maybe speculated to be synthetic cannabis. The user reported getting profoundly sick.

If you think that’s bad, we found this Reddit post which, as we read it, has a user obtaining a WCC cart which was filled with BLUE liquid. He reports that the liquid turned out to be Dawn dish soap. Remember the old days when punks would bag up oregano and sell it to kids as weed? We’re almost back to those days.

WCC has indicated that they are changing packaging once again, so when updated packaging comes out we will add it to this post. That will make identifying fakes even easier.

Quality on fake cartridges is a mystery

As always, we should point out that consumer safety suffers when counterfeit cartridges hit the market. Yes, it is possible that home brewers can extract their own cannabis concentrate, even that they get clean product from a reputable source. Or, from the above two horror stories, you can see what else can happen. At the least, you’re likely not getting the high you’re paying for. At worst, you’re in danger of inhaling pesticides, herbicides, various glycol additives, lead, or… Dawn dish soap?

Have you encountered a fake West Coast Cure cartridge or other knock-off product? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below or in our forum!


  1. I have the banjo trainwreck grape gas and tits all legit. I have gotten 2 fake ones they actually had shorter mouth pieces and the cure tm was like the fake i knew it was fake and my plug got it corrected they were very shocked to find two out of hundreds to be a fake. But everything on my end checks out. Keep us updated. Also some fakes have the wcc symbol on both sides of the mouth piece

  2. Mine shows that it is fake but when I take a hit it gets me high. So is it real or??? Can counterfeits get you high as well? Because the first and second pull got me high

    • Counterfeit carts get you high because there is still THC in them. They can still put a bunch of other bad stuff in it like Vitamin E & pesticides. I really recommend you don’t hit fake carts because you will never know what the person put inside of them.

  3. I feel that because they can sell you real packaging still won’t prove what is exactly in the cart I just bought one here in Florida the packaging is real but when I smoke the concentration it don’t get me high and I am prescribed here in Florida and a gram of good stuff in a cart is over 50$ it can be upwards to 100$ now compared to buying a 20$ cart on the street I figured it wouldn’t be good, if it ain’t come from the dispensary it is most likely fake! Spend the money on the real over shit flooding the streets anyone can buy the real packaging and put fake concentrate inside the cart! Let me know your input on my response because I feel I speak for many when it comes to this

  4. I have a legend og that matches everything saying its real. Get to smoking it and it has no buzz and there’s what looks to be salt or some sort of crystal in the cart.i havent gotten sick yet. But i hope its not to serious. Stay away from these carts!

  5. What exactly are “fingerholes?” I’m new to the thc cartridge world. CURE is in bold. Pen is not. TM is high up. Mouthpiece is flat. West Coast Cure curepen. “Prince Williams OG made with sauce.” 1000 mg. 510 thread. 350 MAH. Has a UPC code on back of box. Is this legit and pesticide tested? Or is it counterfeit?

    • i think the one u have is real, its described the same as the one i have currently and fingerholes are basically room for u to take the cart out of its packaging if u understand what i mean.

  6. Well, im glad i found this article. I was looking for strain types,as i have 2 west coast pens and i wanted to know if they were sativa, hybrids or indicas. Turns out both my carts are possibly fake

  7. The main thing to look for in the packaging is if the white insert doesn’t have finger holes.

    Focusing on the cartridge itself the counterfeit has a longer looking mouth piece due to a steep taper, you can see this in the large gap between the bottom of the crown and where the taper starts. The logo on the bottom is getting better but the newest counterfeit has the TM lower than the previous but still higher than the authentic….kind of centered on the top of the letter n. The word “pen” is not suppose to be bold, only the word “CURE” so that is a dead giveaway.


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