Since Inheal sent us 3 boxes to review we decided to split them among our reviewers. After Ben’s review and Pete’s two cents on Inheal products, it’s time to hear what Denise has to say when it comes to this interesting box.

inheal box

Look at all that cool stuff. Who wouldn’t lose their mind when a package like this shows up? I was truly giddy as I opened this box and photographed the products in a fury so I could tear into them.

The warning label is worthless

My job as a reviewer, though, requires that I scrutinize the labels and ingredients and get educated about how and with what they are created. My delight quickly turned to a rage of wtf! Every one of these products had a label on it that said things like CANCER and REPRODUCTIVE HARM. The extended warning was worse. Take a look.

warning inheal box

I just lost my best friend of 25 years to a vicious, soul-sucking ride with cancer. I backed away from this package like it was radioactive and contacted my boss. Then I spoke with the owner of the company, which is something I never do.

Here’s what I now know and what you need to know more than which strain you like or if vaping is safe or not.

The State of California, with all the best intentions, set out to address toxic chemicals that manufacturers drop in our products willy-nilly with no regard for our health. They fought big businesses hard to make this happen. For the most part, this law has served consumers and the environment for decades. 

I attacked Dr. Phil 20 years ago because he was giving away coffee mugs to his fans with these labels on them. “What if a pregnant fan drinks out of it every day? What are you doing? Find other marketing materials!”

Unfortunately, that law has become dangerous. The law revolves around lead poisoning as I understand. What I don’t understand is why every supplement, cannabis, and hemp product in the State of California is now defiled with this message. And cannabis is a medicinal herb, which is prescribed for cancer patients. There is no discussion that it causes cancer, let alone any data.

So I kept looking. I found this video from a doctor discussing prop 65. 


In a nutshell, he came to the same conclusion that I did. California has made the parameters of this law so vague and far-reaching that there is no way to tell which products are safe and which are not. So you still have to do your research to decide if you want to vape or try dabs or other specialty products. The label is worthless.

inheal vape

Now let’s talk about the Inheal products

So I dove into my box of goodies. I could evaluate each product in detail like I often do but I have a different slant on this package. I never would have ordered one because I didn’t know what half those things are or if I would like them.

Now that I have experienced all those products I think a kit like this is a perfect investment. A small amount of everything so you can experiment and maybe find something you like better.

The only one I might not have tried is the resin because it takes special equipment and know-how to use. But my roommate is into resin so I tried it with him. He took one hit and said, “It’s good. You can tell by the taste and this tastes good!” I liked the high the best of all the products.

inheal products

Loved the Moon Rocks

I usually get sick on blunts but I felt obligated to try this one. I liked it and I didn’t get sick. Moon Rocks were awesome. I will definitely be looking for more of those. They are a nice, chill high.

The disposable is the best design so far except the hole you suck from collects all kinds of junk in your pocket and gets clogged. It needs a sleeve.

The edibles were OK. Not a big edibles person. The flower was very nice. Out of the whole package though, I would say I am team Moon Rocks.

inheal line up

Try the kit if you have the chance

Anyway, the point is, Inheal is great. They are humble and work hard to provide a great experience for their customers. There is nothing they can do about the disgusting labels on their products. It’s happening to every company.

My advice is to try the kit. Experiment and find out what you like. Price-wise it is a great option for getting a little taste of everything. I give the kit two thumbs way up!


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