Hello Mood is a company out of Oklahoma City, OK, which has been advertising quite heavily around the web. For one thing, it’s one of the rare companies that has a YouTube ad, which I’ve seen. So far, not so remarkable, until I noticed they carry Afghan Hash. Now, any kind of hash is a very uncommon product to find in our bustling cannabis industry. I was quite skeptical, so I had to find out.

So I rolled up to the almighty eCommerce take-out window, plopped down my $40 for 1.5 grams, and ordered some. Two days later, here it came. And I’ll be damned to biscuits if it wasn’t real hash!

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  • Potent!
  • Euphoric, uplifting high
  • Decent quality
  • Fair price for the quantity
  • Complete lab tests posted


  • It looks, smells, and tastes like hash
  • Peak effects seem to wear off relatively quickly

Recommendations: The packaging was a tad wasteful, with a tiny capsule swimming in a box within an even bigger envelope. Maybe work on that, and also, it seems to go out of stock a lot?



The Proof Is In The Smoking

As I mention, it’s rare to find a company selling straight cannabis hash, let alone delta 8 hash. According to Hello Mood’s dutifully posted lab test, it’s 38.5% delta 8 to be exact. That’s an interesting trick to pull off; I assume this had something to do with CBD hemp hash with added delta 8 extract. In any case, this looks, smells, and tastes exactly like any regular hash I’ve ever seen. At a high enough potency, you almost can’t tell delta 8 from regular delta 9 THC.

However, it has been a while since I used hash, so the 1.5 gram size capsule left me a little bemused at first, but this is densely compressed hash, which is itself mostly compressed trichomes and resin. You only need to pick off a tiny crumb to smoke for a one-person session, like the size of a grain of rice up to a lentil. A breadcrumb, really.

The closest I see to hash on the average dispensary scene is moonrocks, which we have covered here before (such as the InHeal box). Moonrocks are these smaller, mid-quality flower buds that are rolled in hash and kief. As I noted in that review, moonrocks are potent, but not much to write home about in the taste department.

BUT! The effects are outstanding! Hello Mood hash kicks in pretty quick after a few puffs. It delivers an uplifting, euphoric high without too much brain fog. The peak of this buzz lasts a good two hours, but wears off faster than, say, a bowl of equivalent weed would. With that said, it’s about the best bang you can get for smoking something you load with a dab tool once, very much equivalent to dabbing a concentrate. What’s more, I get this effect again and again, chipping off the little brown puck for days without raising my tolerance too much.

Please note: I’d already gone through near half of the product before taking pictures. As delivered, the 1.5g almost fills the container.



The Taste of Hash Takes Getting Used To

Opening the sample, you will get a whiff of a pungent, earthy aroma that smells somewhere between manure and a freshly lit match. Brace yourself, because it’s only getting worse from here. This applies not just to Hello Mood hash, but hash in general.

Smoking it, the full flavor and aroma of hash occupies a narrow spectrum, which might be compared to burning cork while smelling the overheated brakes of a runaway diesel truck. The smoke is thick and gassy. Inhaling it is harsh, even more so for the delta 8. I could go on all day making comparisons to smoking hash: a dead skunk drowned in gasoline, charcoal washed down with a shot of roofing tar, the devil’s own onion-and-egg burrito fart.

Hash is just an unpleasant smoke. Even if you love the effects, at least once during a hash session you may choke and gag, giving you pause to wonder why you do this to yourself. Most methods of consuming cannabis at least have the capacity to be a classy experience, but smoking hash just has a way of making you feel like a junkie in a dive motel.

If you develop a taste for hash – and lord help you if you do – you may eventually see it like an espresso, appreciating the bold, BOLD taste. There’s an occasional terpene leaking through for a flavor note, perhaps a bit of sage taste on top of the taste of a charred tire that rolled through paint thinner.

One more important note: You’ll see sites like WeedMaps telling you that you can dab or vaporize hash. Fine, I tried dabbing some. I came away from this experiment with my newly discovered knowledge, which I urge you to heed with every grain of your mortal soul: DO. NOT. DAB. HASH! Unless you want that experience just so you can go back to smoking it out of a bong saying “see, this doesn’t seem so bad now!” It tasted and smelled even worse, plus it does not melt efficiently, mostly burning instead.

With all that said, this is all about hash in general. Within that limitation, Hello Mood is some of the best hash I’ve found. I can tell they’re trying their best.


Why Isn’t Hash More Commonly Sold?

Aside from the aesthetics (burnt popcorn slathered in WD-40?), smoking hash is simply the least interesting thing to do with hash. For one thing, you can compress it to make rosin. In fact, hash is simply concentrate / extract with more plant matter in it. While I haven’t gone after this sample of hash with the ol’ hair-straightener and wax paper bit, it could possibly work. However, Hello Mood sells concentrates anyway, which I’m eager to sample next.


Hello Mood Improved My Mood!

Like I say, the effects were great, probably one of the best effects I’ve gotten from anything short of full-D9THC concentrate. I still have to marvel sometimes, what a time this is to witness. Spending $40 to have actual hashish shipped to my door is something I could only dream of 30 years ago. I’m old-school enough to still regard hash as an outrageous luxury, shaped from a time when I was lucky if I could connect with my corner plug for a sandwich baggy of shake. Now I’m like “Hash? Naw, I’ll stick to my Wellicy Duo Fiesta Fruit dabs!”

If you are in the market for hash, Hello Mood should be right at the top of your list.

Find Hello Mood’s products here.

All ye stoners out there in visitor land, spill the tea about hashish, methods of consuming same, Hello Mood, or whatever else pops into your head here in the comments or in our freshly alcohol-swabbed forum.


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