Just recently, our staff reviewer TR Sun turned in his opinion of Botany Farms’ delta 10 Pineapple Kush, which didn’t thrill him even though he conceded that it was a solid product. Maybe it has something to do with being delta 10, who knows? But anyway, today I’m bringing you my opinion of Botany Farms’ HHC Bubba Kush, which fares a bit better.

Check out our video review of Botany Farms HHC cartridge (with bonus round-up of some of my other projects). This runs for $45.00 for a gram cart.


  • Smooth hitting
  • Good taste
  • Satisfying buzz
  • Full-spectrum


  • Your reaction to HHC may vary

Recommendations: Botany Farms has shown us such consistent quality over their full range of products that I could hardly change a thing.


Botany Farms can do no wrong in my book

Even though I don’t seem to have written up much Botany Farms here, I mention them quite frequently in videos because they’ve become my standard go-to for comparison. Outside of reviews, their delta 8 flower has been my main supply for personal use – I almost won’t smoke any other delta 8 flower now! From labeling to testing standards to giving quality product for the price, I haven’t tried a bad product from them yet.

One thing to point out: HHC, in distillate / concentrate form, tends to be much thicker than other cannabinoids. Yet the cartridge has been hitting smooth and easy for me with no clogs for over a week. Hence I give a “10” for efficiency, which we don’t have reason to do often. (BTW, the number rating system is a lot less scientific than it looks anyway)


HHC Bubba Kush is smooth vaping

I’ve been chiefing off this cartridge for about a week in little hits. Even though it’s Bubba Kush, and the website describes its flavor as “chocolate, coffee, earth,” I get more of a piney hit off it. I actually prefer refreshing blends like this. It’s smooth-hitting, with a satisfying, fresh herb taste. Their Bubba Kush delta 8 flower, on the other hand, has a strong, pungent, skunky aroma that is more earthy.

The effects for me: HHC seems to hit me best in vape form, and this does not disappoint. There is a slight delay in feeling the effects, but a few draws produces a mellow ambient buzz that is neither too couch-locky nor too invigorating. The effects last for awhile, perhaps a couple hours. Hitting it harder and longer brings on a brain fog effect, and more of a lazy-day high.

Of course, HHC seems to be the altnoid that hits everyone a little different. See my own experiences documented in my party guide to cannabinoids, and compare your own experiences.

Generally, I like to mix up an HHC vape with other cannabis goodies. I tend to use this either as an afternoon quick hit, or an aperitif to my evening flower bowl. I find combining several altnoids produces more even overall effects.

Bottom Line: Good Stuff!

There will always be different strokes for different folks, applied to both altnoids and cannabis strains. For me, the HHC Bubba Kush cartridge from Botany Farms was a great hit.

Find Botany Farms cartridges here.

Also find that delta 8 flower I rave about here.

Readers, you have the floor, share your vibes here in the comment or in our dank forum.


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