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Dompen is a dose pen filled with a THC distillate and flavored with terpenes. They are most known for the flavor and quality of their oil. Dompen was founded in Los Angeles in 2015. They use an ethanol extraction method on exclusive pesticide-free cultivated cannabis to remove unwanted biomass from their oil. This oil is then triple distilled to yield a premium, solvent-free distillate with a deep and clear amber color. They are available all over California.


  • The oil has a great taste
  • The pen is super sleek and discreet
  • Decent sized clouds per dose



  • The thin design causes the oil to occasionally spew from the mouthpiece

Licensing Information:

Recommendations: Maybe shorten the battery and extend the mouthpiece to avoid buildup

Licensing Information: Dompen C11-0000188-LIC

Overall Dompen is a very good THC vape pen

dompen vapes
Dompen disposable dose pens come in sturdy packaging.

Dompen excels at the disposable pen game with a sleek shiny design and excellent oil quality. The pens are light and very evenly balanced because they’re made of metal. Also, compared to the average dose pen, Dompens offer a larger amount of oil. This is definitely the pen for someone who wants to be able to make some decent sized clouds. For this Dompen review, I tested the pineapple coast flavor, of which the oil gives a hybrid effect.

The design is standard with sleek presentation

dompen vapes
Sleek design, easy to use.

Dompens have a nice metallic sheen to them. The tank is inside the pen just below the plastic mouthpiece. There are three holes on the front and back of the pen where you can see the tank. I’m not sure if Dompen has a glass or plastic tank. The indicator light is a white plastic cap at the bottom of the pen. It shines green when you puff and is visible in daylight.

Dompen handles my constant smoking very well

This pen has a very solid build compared to most disposable pens. The Leune is similar to Dompen, except that it’s way smaller and heats up quicker. Dompens are larger than most disposables so they don’t heat up as quickly. It doesn’t heat up unless I take a lot of quick puffs and even then it’s not very much.

I can achieve some pretty dense clouds

Dompens are about double the length of most disposable vapes. I get really thick clouds each 3-second dose. Dompen is perfect If you want dense clouds like Dime but a smoother vape. I smoke it repeatedly because I love making clouds and It doesn’t overheat quickly.

Tank size on the Dompen is double the size of many disposable pens

Many disposable pens have a .25 gram (250ml) tank. Dompens have .5 gram (500ml) tanks and it lasts longer than most disposables. I like to take a couple of doses at a time and the double size tank is really great for that. If you want a pen that lasts an extra day or two over most this one is perfect.

Super thin mouthpiece on the Dompen causes oil to build up a little

With a super-thin design, Dompen also has a super-thin mouthpiece. The thinness of the mouthpiece makes the oil build up easier. I only notice it because some oil came out of the Dompen once. Even pens with larger more ventilated mouthpieces like the ones on Heavy Hitters occasionally get oil buildup so it is not bad. It is worth mentioning though.

Dompen has a fantastic distillate overall

dompen vapes

Dompen extraction process yields an oil that has a broad range of cannabinoids and has minimal plant matter. They purify the oil further by triple distilling it to remove the remaining plant matter. Dompen’s solvent-free distillate is not harsh on my nose or throat and vapes flavorful and clean.

The flavor of pineapple coast is mild but delicious

The pineapple coast Dompen has a great flavor. Every puff has a noticeable but mild taste of pineapple. Dompen’s distillate tastes less sweet than other brands. Since it tastes less sweet, the flavor is less potent but more natural than other brands. If you want similar but sweeter flavors Kurvana is a great choice.

Dompen oil potency is decent and gives a nice high

dompen vapes
The oil is a clear amber color.

Pineapple coast is a hybrid flavor that affects the body and mind. Dompen says their distillate tests at 70% THC on their website and the packaging doesn’t show percentages. The high feels like it’s leaning more towards sativa and it has a nice cerebral effect. I get a strong high that keeps me focused without losing my motor functions. Dompen gives me an appetite boost. This pen is perfect for a quick walk and some snacks.

Efficiency is standard for disposable pens

From the holes on my Dompen I can see the amount of oil left in the tank. The tank is nearly empty but the pen still hits really well. The battery lasted enough for me to vape all the oil and that’s as good as it gets.

I would definitely buy this pen again

The pen is sleek nice and has tasty distillate. It has a tank that is double the size of most dose pens and lasts much longer. The taste is not as sweet but more natural tasting than other flavored dose pens. Dompen’s high is not too intense and hits just the right amount per dose. Definitely worth testing other flavors.

Concluding this Dompen review

Dompen is a sleek dose pen with delicious fruity distillates. The pen is double the size of other disposables on the market but is only 10$ more. The distillate vapes smooth and the flavors are mild. A small amount of oil comes out of the top, but it only happens once or twice. Overall, the pen offers great value for a smooth experience.

You can visit the Dompen website to find out more about availability in your area.

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