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The Leune vape is a disposable all-in-one THC oil pen. The pen is filled with high quality oil that’s extracted from premium cannabis plants grown in California. Leune vape pens are known for having great flavor and a nice aesthetic. Their products are distributed by FLORx and are widely available in Southern and Northern California.


  • The oil tastes like fruit tea
  • It’s compact and very discreet
  • The design is super cute
  • Very easy to use


  • The vape tends to heat up very quickly
  • No port to recharge the battery in case it dies before you can finish the oil
  • Small tank with only 250mg of oil
  • Battery did indeed die before it was finished.

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Recommendations: Wait about 10 seconds between puffs to stop the pen from overheating. A port to recharge the pen would prevent the battery dying before I can empty the tank.

Leune vapes are a decent product overall

leune disposable
Leune Disposable Vape Cart in Desert Gold

The hardware for the vape pen is pretty standard. There aren’t too many differences between the Leune and comparable disposable pens. The pen has a high quality oil that tastes unique and delicious. The size of the vaporizer is definitely a novelty. For this Leune review, I tested the Desert Gold all-in-one vaporizer pen which is a sativa-leaning hybrid.

The design and build quality of the Leune vapes are pretty standard

leune, size comparison, eaze, disposable vape cart, desert gold
The Leune is a standard looking disposable vape.

The body of the vaporizers are mostly plastic. The mouthpiece is just a metal plate with a hole at the top end of the pen. You can’t see the tank in the Leune because it’s wrapped in a sticker that covers the whole pen. The bottom of the pen has some hidden air-holes to help with air flow. At the bottom end of the pen there is a black see-through cap. When you vape, a little LED lights up from inside the black cap. I assume that it also indicates battery life.

Overheating is an intrinsic flaw caused by the size and design of the Leune all-in-one vape pen

Leune vapes are travel-size, and that comes in handy. However it also causes them to get really hot after just two moderate pulls. The sticker that covers the whole body acts as a sort of cover that doesn’t help heat displacement. Also, the majority of the components are plastic and overheating makes the vape taste like plastic at times.

The indicator on the Leune is nothing special but it serves its purpose well enough

When I take a hit the indicator light at the bottom end of my vaporizer lights up. It is bright enough to be seen in moderate daylight and can be seen while vaping. When the pen overheats, the indicator flashes and I am unable to take another hit until after the pen has cooled. If the indicator doesn’t turn on it means that the pen has died.

Leune’s battery died before the oil was finished

This was a major flaw. It happens every once in a while, but did not expect the battery to die before just 250mg of oil was up. Have seen it happen on half gram carts, but this was a big disappointment and brings down the build quality score substantially.

Oil quality is great, very smooth and the best part of the Leune vape pen

leune vape test results

I couldn’t find much information about whether or not the oil was a distillate but it was not a harsh smoke. The only time I have trouble is when the pen overheats, which causes the oil to vape hot. The oil in the Leune vaporizer is one of the few that I was able to hit without any coughing in the slightest. Except for when the pen got hot. Aside from that, the oil doesn’t cause any irritation to my throat or leave any lingering tastes.

The flavor of the oil is outstanding on the Leune vaporizer

The Leune oil has unique and delicious flavor. The pen I have has a very fruity and light taste that doesn’t really linger on the tongue or leave behind any residue. The flavor on the Leune is perfect. It isn’t too bold and it doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste. If you are looking for something more flavorful I recommend Friendly Farms cartridges.

Great flavor comes at a cost to potency giving me a light high

My Leune vaporizer tested at 75% THC potency. The vaporizer doesn’t pack the heaviest punch. In fact, I feel a decline in the high just half an hour after vaping. The pen is not ideal for someone seeking an intense experience.

It isn’t the most potent oil, but CBD makes the high a memorable one

Compared to some cartridges 75% seems on the below average side, but this oil has CBD. Most THC oil is just that, with the CBD hardly present. CBD in the oil made the light, hour-long high very pleasant. The Leune works best as a supplement to extend heavier highs and tastes similar to Caliva.

The Leune vape pen had an efficiency problem in that the battery died before the oil was gone

The efficiency is hard to gauge due to the design of the vaporizer. The battery lasted long enough to finish the tank, but I can’t see the tank without tearing the vaporizer apart.

I don’t believe the Leune vape is worth the price

leune vape cart, leune, compliance packaging

The pen is priced at a moderate $30 in some retailers. However, the pen is disposable, mostly plastic, and only has enough oil to last maybe one day. The high is enjoyable, but it is not strong at all and I could have finished the oil within the first day.

Concluding this review of the Leune vape…

Overall, the disposable vaporizer was fun to experience. However, novelty is all it really has to offer besides being smooth. The design and flavor all play into a theme, but the potency and quantity of the oil suffer the price. I can buy similar products for double the price and get 4 times the oil and an equal taste experience.

You can find out about other products Leune has to offer by visiting their website

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