The Direct Delta 8 sent me two amazing packages full of goodies. In an effort to confirm that I was reviewing the right company again, I hit their website to make sure they carry all these products. Oh my. I fell down the rabbit hole of their comprehensive website. I definitely felt like a kid in a candy store. On the basis of selection, they are a solid 10 out of 10. Wow!

great CBD shop review

So many products

They sent me so many products at once that I enlisted help to sample them. Not Ya Son’s Weed caught my eye immediately. Fun marketing premise and a great product. I loved all three of the disposable vapes. I wasn’t willing to share those. The Blue Dream was my favorite buzz. The Not Ya Son’s Weed Forbidden Fruit was subtle, not too tuity fruity sweet but light and fruity. And the happi Darth Blazer was enjoyed until the last drop – a contender for favorite.

nuleaf delta 8 oil

Nuleaf Delta 8 THC oil

These are all sexy, fun, recreational products for the most part. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive them? Who wouldn’t enjoy them? But I want to talk about the Nuleaf Delta 8 THC oil.

I wasn’t really sure what this product was or what its purpose was. Am I supposed to get a buzz from it or is it a health elixir? But I was intuitively attracted to this product and felt the full spectrum oil would offer some health benefits.

I did not, do not like the flavor of the oil. It has that grassy hemp taste I don’t enjoy. But the texture was smooth and silky and I liked the way it felt in my mouth. Normally I won’t finish a product like this because it is working to get myself to face a taste I don’t like. But this product kept calling to me and I kept consuming it. If I got a high from it I didn’t notice. I like a really profound buzz. But that’s not to say that it didn’t bring some calm or serenity. I really can’t tell because I vaped while I was using it.

As I got close to the end of the bottle I noticed that the scarring and stubborn dry skin on my face were softening and transforming. Nothing had impacted it for years. None of the dozens of products I tried or reviewed had affected that area of my skin. Now it is healing.

I had just finished some other cannabis skin products that contained arnica. They helped with the discomfort and some aesthetic improvement. But it wasn’t until I consumed the NuLeaf regularly that I started seeing the results I have now. The scar tissue I have been battling for years is actually peeling off and new skin is forming. Now that is a product I can get behind.

Concluding this review

All and all my review of Direct Delta 8 comes back to the selection. There is no need to shop around for another company. Any cool thing you might like to try is available on their site for a reasonable price.

Some of the gummy packages ended up in a friend’s hands who used them as stocking stuffers at Christmas. Her family was thrilled. What a great idea for any gifting occasion. From party planning to pain relief, I would recommend shopping at Direct Delta 8.

Have you tried any of their products? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.



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