Greetings, dabheads, your humble psychonaut is back from my latest adventure. As a standard disclaimer, you should know that I’m a professional trained reviewer and you should not try my level of stunts at home. But I checked out Delta Munchies Delta 8 Sour Belts, and I dared to trifle with a high-potency edible.

Delta Munchies is by Aftermath Lab in Houston, Texas, and offers this and many other products on their site. The Delta 8 Sour Belts (3000MG per bag of 10) go for $59.99.


  • No seriously, these will lay you out!
  • The long shape makes it easy to break off a smaller dosage
  • Bargain price


  • Not full spectrum
  • Taste is cloyingly artificial, sugar-coated

Recommendations: I’d be curious about a full spectrum version.


Believe every word the packaging says!

Clearly, one does not just waltz out and purchase 3000MG of delta 8 in a bag when they’re in the junior leagues. The packaging is festooned with warnings such as “EXTREMELY HIGH DOSAGE,” and “Please take responsibly,” along with one warning I should have heeded better: “May take up to four hours to feel full effects.”

Oh. That last one will get you! Normally, us gummy veterans are used to thinking in terms of an hour or so for the effects to kick in. Especially me, since it’s my habit to test edibles first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, chased with my customary morning espresso. Using this method, I’ve had edibles kick in as fast as 30 minutes.

Well, I started out cautious enough. I have taken well over 100 MG of delta 8 before; I believe my record might be 200 MG. So I broke off a half-ribbon, reasoning that 150 MG would be a fair test. An hour and a half later, I began to be plagued by the gremlin of doubt, familiar to all cannabis edible users. Maybe they weren’t as potent as advertised, maybe I got less than a half-ribbon, maybe my tolerance was higher lately than I’d thought. But at the time, I felt something, just not that intense.

So in a fit of sudden machismo I said, “let’s make it a true daily double” and popped a whole one.

A couple of hours later, it hit me that these were really slow-onset edibles and I was now strapped in for a full 450 MG ride. Even though this is delta 8, 450 MG of anything will melt you into the couch. So I pulled one of these:


…and that was me for the rest of the day, completely Toontown. Luckily, my career affords flexibility in schedule, so I canceled all plans for the rest of the day and retired to the La-Z-Boy. Normally I play video games or watch movies when in deep stoner territory, but my concentration was too shot even for that. This wasn’t full spectrum, either, but straight D8, which felt more like a heavy medication than a party drug. This lasted well into the evening and I even felt a lingering buzz the next morning.

WELL! That was a day! Since then, I’ve tried saner doses of one 300 MG ribbon at my usual morning time, and I’m good right there for the day without further dosing. They do their job, they get you stoned, but without being too fancy about it.


Aesthetics leave something to be desired

These aren’t quite “gummies” as we know them, but more the texture and consistency of a fruit roll-up, Fruit By The Foot, or a taffy. I keep thinking of them as gummy worms that got run over by a forklift, or psychedelic linguine.

These are coated in a crust of sugar, enough that diabetics might want to steer clear. They are sweet and tangy, like sour candy. This does a good job of obliterating any cannabis-undertaste, but one whole noodle is a mouthful of artificial flavor.

With that said, they’re still what you would expect from the average commercial cannabis edible.


For serious delta 8 users only!

At a price of $59.99 per bag of 10, for a total of 3000 MG delta 8 THC, Delta Munchies have a lot of bang for the buck. Truly, the website shows that you can take even a tenth of a piece and get a modest 30 MG dose, so it’s not like you have to take them a whole piece at a time. Compare this at, say, 100 MG daily dose for a whole month for sixty bucks. Not bad!

I’ll recommend these for the hardcore veteran who does not want to mess around with a piddling 10 MG doses at a time. And for the experienced psychonaut who truly wants to test their limits. This is the cannabis equivalent of Everclear. If you get even near these, you better know what you’re doing.

cat tax
My cat watching me spitefully, because I’m handling a bag of what are clearly treats, but not for him.

Find Delta Munchies Strawberry Delta 8 Sour Belts here, and also they have a berry flavor. Both of these say “limited time only” on the site, so perhaps this is a pilot product they’re testing out.

Readers, discuss your cannabis edible adventures here in the comments or in our forum.


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