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Greeting! Not “greetings,” I only have one to give today. I’m going to be vaping cartridges all week, and I’m definitely the least enthusiastic cartridge reviewer on the web. Be prepared for a whole week of low-energy reviews as I puff through a box of 510-threaded mystery oils.

Today’s cartridge: Delta 8 Factory, delta 10 Sour Diesel 1ml (1 gram) cartridge.


  • Deep tasting terpenes
  • Full spectrum
  • Decent effects


  • $60 for a vape cartridge???
  • The cartridge is some non-standard design that won’t fit most batteries, but still 510-threaded

Recommendations: Please publish a book called “how to get people to pay $60 for a mediocre cartridge” because that is your true business calling.


This is not what I expect from a $60 cart

To start with, the price as listed on PureCBDNow is $60. That’s a 1ml cartridge, equal to a gram cart. I just price-checked to double-check (is inflation really THAT bad?), and several name brands offer a delta 10 1G cart for ~$30 or so. So I have no idea where they get away with this outrageous price.

The price is the injury; now let’s talk about the insults.

Look at this packaging. LOOK AT IT!



The sketchiest cartridge brands we find on DHGate look better than this. This package design is a nightmare collage of fonts, almost hiding the brand name, with that pukey icon to represent “Sour Diesel” which doesn’t even match the same position on the packaging on the site. The back is a condescending lecture to me about the miracles of delta 10 and no lab stats. No percentage of cannabinoids, nothing.

Next, the hardware is nonstandard

The cartridge has a short, squat, fat build to it. I have no idea what the purpose of this is, but you can forget using it with any socket-style battery like the PCKT Two or the CCELL Rizo or the Doteco TargetX. When a cartridge makes me dig through my pile of batteries in frustration before finding something that will half-work, that’s a bad design. I finally did use it with my TribeTokes Saber, although the nonstandard size prevents it from folding in with the Saber’s signature switchblade action.

Compare to a normal 510-threaded cart:


Now for the important part: the oil itself.

The Oil is Actually Pretty Decent

I definitely taste the “full spectrum” of Sour Diesel terpenes alright. It does taste exactly like a strain high in caryophyllene. It has a rich, spicy aroma and a thick, earthy, gassy taste, almost like a good dark green leafy salad. In fact, I notice more than once that Sour Diesel hits me with a taste mildly redolent of spinach, Brussels sprouts, or kale. But in a good way? This cart has that, but maybe the veggie taste suggests some chlorophyll made it into the mix.

The effects are indeed potent enough that I’d say this oil has to be at least 90% delta 10. Delta 10 hits me heavier than its isomer cousins, with a definite couch-lock effect. I found this cartridge to have the effects of calming, soothing, and sedating, but not conductive to getting work done for the rest of the day. This cart feels like it would go good with a streaming binge of a TV series.

If this were a $40 cartridge, I’d say the oil is “good,” but at the $60 price, “pretty decent” is not where you want to be! This is a shame because they nailed a good flavor that isn’t too harsh on delta 10. But still, I’ve had $30 carts that were just as good if not better. For instance, the Verano Travelers I had back on last 4/20 blows this away, and it’s a disposable pen for $40.

Delta 8 Factory’s D10 cartridge is Not a Good Buy

I just do not see the point of recommending this one. Delta 8 Factory’s quality standards are just abysmal, and while the oil quality is satisfactory, it sure is not $60 oil. There are 1-gram live resin cartridges out there for $40. all day. If Delta 8 Factory wants people to pay $60 per cart, they’re going to have to seriously get their act together.

Join us all week for my week of cartridge reviews. I see some better ones coming up at the end of the week.


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