Stiiizy is a brand of THC vape products with enduring popularity on the West Coast. In this brand spotlight post, we’ll have some interesting facts to share for both Stiiizy fans and Stiiizy skeptics. No big crusades this time, just an insight into a major brand.

:1: Stiiizy is backed by Shryne Group, Inc.

The Shryne Group is a cozy little holding company out of California. Stiiizy appears to be only one of their main product lines, the other major one being Efex Oils. Efex makes both THC and CBD products and seems to be more focused on mood enhancement in their marketing. Example product: Efex Lust, one of their disposable vape pens.

Efex Lust marketing

Oh my, that says a mouthful. The Shryne Group touts its commitment to social justice and expresses optimistic plans to expand throughout California. They cultivate in Humboldt and Oakland counties, and retail throughout the major coastal cities with several outlets under construction in the Inland Empire. There’s also talk of entering European and Asian markets.

:2: Stiiizy is coming to Michigan.

From the Shryne Group: “Our STIIIZY product line was born in California, and today it is one of the best-selling, fastest growing cannabis brands in the country, available in Nevada, Washington, and soon in Michigan.” With the cannabis industry well-seated in the western USA, all eyes have turned to the Midwest, where newly legalized states Michigan and Illinois are setting the pace for the future of marijuana there.

Shryne Group products

Stiiizy is currently serving California, Nevada, and Washington, so expansion into Michigan will put Stiiizy to be one of the most wide-spread cannabis brands in the US. At the same time, if the cannabis market booms in the Midwest anything like it did on the West Coast, it could help push Stiiizy ahead at the same time.

:3: Stiiizy oil quality might vary by state.

We’ve had a checkered experience in our Stiiizy reviews. It’s so varied that the updates on our review page read like bipolar mood swings. Need we point out, that our reviews are 100% unsponsored and reflect wholly our experience as consumers, so we have to call the shots as they land and not sugar-coat the report.

It breaks down like this: Stiiizy came out at the end of 2017, and their vapes were absolute fire. Sometimes by mid-2018, the potency of their oil fell way off. “Can’t be!” we said, thinking we’d been duped with a counterfeit, and waited and tried another one from a licensed, reputable retailer. Weak again! Checking in the community, we find we’re not the only ones noticing this. Stiiizy users report mixed reviews.

Furthermore, our lab test there at the Stiiizy review shows the proof in the pudding: From 85% THC down to 68%!

What could be going on? Well, it turns out that Stiiizy in Nevada is actually made by a different subcontractor, Binske. Two different distributors in two different states could explain this disparity.

:4: Stiiizy has an explanation for their weird brand name.

Stiiizy founder and Shryne Group member James Kim told all in a Forbes interview in October of 2019.

Stiiizy founder James Kim

First the name is supposed to be a combination of “style” and “ease,” making “steez,” which Kim claims to be California slang. The Present Author has been a Midwesterner now longer than I was ever a Californian, so maybe that’s a thing. The Google-friendly triple-I spelling represents “Inspire, Innovate and Influence.”

Also in that article: James Kim is an Iraq War veteran, Army’s 101st Airborne Division. He discovered cannabis while seeking relief for PTSD symptoms, which is an incredibly common story among those who have served in the military.

:5: Stiiizy uses different hardware from most brands.

CCELL is the almighty battery powering most cannabis vape pens and cartridge systems. The CCELL market share is so huge that when you encounter a non-CCELL vape, it’s worth noting. Stiiizy boldly swims against the tide by using ALD Cigarette hardware. To be sure, we have had no complaints about the hardware in our Stiiizy experience, so maybe they’re on to something. ALD’s hardware is comparable to CCELL Dart or Uno.

Stiiizy is not entirely unique in its hardware choice. ALD’s hardware is also used by Plug Play.

Are you easy for Stiiizy or is Stiiizy too breezy?

So, what makes this brand stand out in popularity? Is it just strong marketing, a cult following, or is there something in that hardware we’re missing? Share your Stiiizy stories and experiences here or in our shiny new, improved forum.



  1. Trendy and proprietary, and now I learn from this it’s a low grade product as well. Who lives this so called “lifestyle” using words like steel? Strawberry vapes is marketing for kids and calling it Lust? The standard rechargeable battery and cartridges are perfectly fine to use. You can avoid manufacturers whose products you don’t like. And looking at James Kim all I see is how legalization destroyed product quality and more. I’m old school and sometimes that’s better. In this case products from a guy with a business model instead of a heart. Two examples of why fix something that’s not broken.

    • Subsequent tests have been clean for them, albeit much lower THC than their original claims. In our opinion Stiiizy has severely weakened it’s oil in California and it’s no longer strong enough for us to recommend.

      We have yet to try it, but I heard at a dispensary that in NV the oil for Stiiizy is all made by Binske, and it’s better than the CA version.

      There was a clear drop in Stiiizy quality in early 2018 in California. The oil went from lighter gold color to more of an orange color and the strength dropped a lot. If they can get back to their original strength, it would be great again. If you really like that style of pod check out Left Coast Extracts. They make a Stiiizy-battery compatible pod.



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