Hello, my beautiful cosmic blueberries! Penguin Pete here, with a couple of very exciting reviews of Cheefkit kits. Cheefkit has offered us two of their packages, which we’re reviewing separately. The smaller one is the one we have today, the Bongkit Mini, which is currently on sale for $44.20.

Cheefkit wants this part made clear: They don’t offer subscriptions. They sell kits, and you see it, you like it, you buy it. No further commitments. The kits do rotate depending on supply lines and seasonal events, but by and large, this is the “subscription box” service that requires no subscription.


  • Low price
  • Incredible value
  • Broad selection
  • Good quality


  • The sale price might not be permanent

Recommendations: Aside from a little redundancy on the blunt-and-joint-rolling end, this box is just a perfect care package for the everyday stoner.

Totaling the Cheefkit Bongkit Mini

As always when we review a box, we try to appraise the contents as closely as possible to see whether the box is a good buy. In the case of the Bongkit Mini, we don’t have to go very far into the box before we are satisfied that we have gotten our money back; the glass alone is an absolute steal for $44 and the rest is just a bonus.

We’ll list the items and the estimated (price), but we’re not psychic. We’re going by a Google search for price, sometimes composite from several hits, just for an average shoot-from-the-hip number.


8 Inch Beaker Bong ($50-80)

Obviously, a quick check of your local head shop will confirm that the 8-inch beaker bong is worth the price of admission. Both King’s Pipe and BadAssGlass have comparable pieces for $50. Not only that but this piece is decorated with a hand grenade motif that glows in the dark. It looks awesome and comes with a 14mm bowl.

After the glass, the rest of the box is mostly filler with a few interesting items.


Joint Rolling Acrylic Grinder ($25)

We find a comparable product at Cloud9, but can’t find this exact piece. This is small and light-duty, but otherwise a clever combination of grinder and a funnel for loading preroll cones. With that said, it’s not like you can fit a lot of flower in the grinding chamber, and there’s also no allowing for kief. Still, a sensible choice to check out.


Silicone Joint Bubbler ($6-7)

You’ve seen these little silicone doohickeys at heap shops and always wondered what they’re for? They are a tiny little bubbler just for smoking a joint. Kind of a niche purpose there, but if your date just cannot hit a preroll without coughing, you’ll have this to offer them.


Clipper Refillable Lighter ($3)

Sure enough, the original Clipper brand of refillable lighters. You fill it with butane from a can, just so you know the drill. A surprising number of these package kits don’t think of including a lighter, so good call.


Doobtube ($1?)

It’s like Tupperware for your preroll. The locking lid is a nice touch.


3g Herb Container ($1?)

This is just a plastic jar for your weed, with a childproof-style locking cap.


Afghan Hemp Wick ($2)

OK, more wick. Has anybody out there actually used this? I’m saving these up to weave a bigger rope so I can tie loads onto my car’s luggage rack.


Rolling supplies ($10 total)

  • 2x Afghan Hemp Woods
  • 2x Camo Self Rolling Natural Blunts
  • 2x King Slim Rolling Papers
  • 2x Raw Rolling Tips
  • Cyclone

The whole rolling section is built from top-quality choices alright. But I’ll say this, if you’re into these kits and subscription boxes at all, you’d better be a hardcore joint roller! Because you get a lot of this stuff, very easy to pack around the few large items to make a complete kit. Even though I do roll some (including for tobacco and spliffs), this is already more than I’d usually roll in a few months.

Cheefkit Bongkit Mini : Final Verdict

Even at the most conservative price estimate, our figure shows $98 worth of value from this $44 box. So we have a definite winner in terms of pure dollar value. And remember, this is a “mini” kit, we’ve yet to review the full-sized one!

Now in terms of practicality, that’s a different question. The Cheefkit Bongkit Mini has some obvious purchase scenarios:

  • You’re just getting started in cannabis now that it’s legal and want a one-stop grab bag.
  • You’re a veteran stoner who just wants to collect lots of cool stuff.
  • You like to discover new items that you might not have considered before.
  • You’re getting a gift for a stoner.

By the way, when buying gifts for stoners, don’t worry about whether they already have a bong. All bongs get dirty and gunked up eventually, so it’s nice to replace them every few years, sort of similar to the usage life of the cookware.

In recommending this kit, we have to consider whether you would buy all these parts individually. In the case of the Bongkit Mini, most cannabis enthusiasts will have bought papers, glass, and accessories just like these separately. So I can definitely see where buying this box for $44 will prove worthwhile for nearly any cannabis enthusiast who is a dedicated smoker (as opposed to dabbing or vaping).

Readers, get your Cheefkit Bongkit Mini here, and comment away on any product you see here (has anybody actually used a joint bubbler?), or life in general, in the comments below or in our forum.


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