Time to get down to the dabbin’! We’re going to try some crumble from Diesel Hemp, out of Loveland Colorado. Both of these are full spectrum delta 8 crumble concentrate. One flavor is Lemon Abacus and the other is Abacus Diesel.

The bottom line on Diesel Hemp delta 8 crumble is that I have dabbed more exciting things. It was good, especially in the flavor department, but the potency is just not there.


  • Great taste!
  • Well-purged
  • Good texture
  • Reasonable price


  • Weak

Recommendations: Let’s bump up that potency a tad. Make it two tads.


Diesel Hemp Delta 8 Crumble Presents Well…

The crumble comes in a 1G jar, as a collection of golden little nuggets of a waxy, chunky consistency. These jars have a freshness seal and attractive packaging. The crumble is very easy to handle, as opposed to more liquid concentrates. This stuff is perfect for a wax pen.

The Taste is Outstanding

Loading up a crumb into my wax pen, I took the packaging advice to dab at low temperature and set it for 2.2 volts. At that temp, it takes a minute to get steaming. On first hit, you are greeted with a flavorful and aromatic cloud, bringing the full flavor of the spectrum.

The Lemon Abacus is sour, sweet, and full-bodied, almost reminding me of lemon maringue pie. The Abacus Diesel is gassy and tangy, savory and lingering on the palette. The flavor is smooth and there’s no noxious aftertaste like some concentrates. In terms of dabbing aesthetics, this crumble lives up to about everything I’d expect.


But then we get to the matter of potency.

The Potency is Just Weak

I’ll grant that as a professional reviewer, my tolerance is off the charts. But still, in dabbing any extract, I am used to feeling something after 5-ish hits. Diesel Hemp delta 8 Crumble felt really, really weak, like I could kill half the jar and barely feel it.

I checked their on-site COA and they use the same sheet for both crumbles, which raises an eyebrow because that can’t be completely accurate. As they have it, the lab test does tell the story anyway:

  • delta 8 – 7.17%
  • CBD – 38.9%
  • CBG – 37.2%

Well, that explains the low potency! 7% is low even for delta 8 flower. Considering that delta 8 is already weaker than D9 THC “classic,” most delta 8 crumbles that we see out there at least go into the double digits. Typically we find delta 8 crumble is usually closer to 20-30% delta 8. So a 7% concentrate hardly has room to call itself “delta 8.”


For what it’s worth, I *did* feel some effects from the CBG, which has a nice pick-me-up effect, and of course the CBD, with a nice body-soothing effect. So it’s not a total wash. But in terms of head-high effects, it left me pretty underwhelmed.

Now I usually say “this is fine for people who are looking for a lighter buzz.” But in this case, we are talking about concentrate here. People who approach dabbing are likely looking for a more intense sensation than even standard flower delivers. So the moral of this story is, check the potency before you order.

All This Added Up To a Mediocre Dab

I really wanted to like Diesel Hemp crumble more than I did. The taste and full spectrum effects are on point, but the weak potency is a let-down. However, it is also $25 a jar, which is a very reasonable price that perhaps argues “you should have expected less.”

I would only recommend this delta 8 crumble to therapeutic and medical users who primarily want the CBD and entourage effects, or those who seek a morning dab that won’t lock them onto the couch. Outside of that, there are just better options out there. Especially coming from Colorado – and I’m really wondering what is up with Colorado? They were one of the first states to legalize, so they’ve had time to get this right. This is like the third time something from Colorado has let me down. Are you guys growing Mormon weed out there or what?

Find Diesel Hemp delta 8 crumble concentrate here. Readers, what do you expect out of a delta 8 concentrate? Share your findings here in the comments or in our boutique cannabis users’ forum.


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