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Unique Vaping Tools & Accessories You Didn’t Know Existed

NOTE: The following is a guest post supplied by third-party editing. We’re all familiar with using pens for vaping, but they aren’t the only tool...

PLAYBOY by RYOT Water Pipe Review – Classy Stuff

PLAYBOY by RYOT Water Pipe is very classy and performs well. Its a great option for the holiday season that is upon us.

Honest Capsule Water Pipe Review – Sturdy and Easy to Use

Honest Capsule Water Pipe has a simple yet effective design that will provide you with great and long lasting hits.

Cheefkit The Dab Kit | Top Value and Coolest Stuff!

The day is finally here when we can review The Dab Kit box by Cheefkit. Previously, we reviewed the Cheefkit Bongkit Mini and were...

Cheefkit Bongkit Mini Kit | Unbeatable Value

Hello, my beautiful cosmic blueberries! Penguin Pete here, with a couple of very exciting reviews of Cheefkit kits. Cheefkit has offered us two of...

Contest: Vote in the Dr. Dabber Glass Games

UPDATE: The Dr. Dabber Glass Games contest is now finished, view the finals here: https://twitter.com/DrDabber/status/1410640534612299776 We get too serious around here, so it's time to lighten...