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I’m reviewing a Buckeye Relief Distillate Disposable vape Pen two-pack, and I’m impressed so far!  I have tried a few of the other brands of medical Cannabis distillate vape carts, but this is my first disposable vape pen.


  • 100% Cannabis derived cannabinoids and labeled terpenes
  • The gold standard for High-quality vape carts CCELL Hardware
  • Nice flavor, convenient, and easy to use for a beginner
  • The inconspicuous aroma makes this a great “on the go” option.
  • State maximum allowed THC percentage (70%)


  • You can’t charge the vape pen
  • Disposables create more waste.
  • You can’t remove the cart from the battery

Recommendations: I would recommend anyone in Ohio who likes Cannabis vape carts to try these Buckeye Relief vape pens as soon as possible!  I had avoided stuff like this until just recently, and now I’m kicking myself for not getting them sooner.  The main reason why I avoided these was that I got hung up on the 300 mg part.  That seems like a waste of an allowance day, but since it’s a two-pack, it still only counts as one allowance day for both, or even three sometimes.  As long as the total THC is under the daily limit of 590 mg, it only counts as one allowance day. 

buckeye relief vape pen

Ingredients: 100% Marijuana

Buckeye Relief is possibly my favorite cannabis cultivation company so far. I have contacted them a few times over the months since I got my medical card.  Mostly about their AiroPro carts, because I am such a huge fan of those.  Right away, I was impressed with how the terpene content was included on the label.  I’m a believer in the Entourage Effect, so this was a big plus to me.  I know that when I first got my medical card here, that I was appalled to see the 70% maximum THC limit for concentrates and vapes, but since I learned about the Entourage Effect, I definitely appreciate our options more.  

Another quirk of note in our medical cannabis system here in Ohio is our “days allowance”.  I won’t go into too many details, but basically, one day’s worth of THC in a concentrate or vape cart is 590 mg.  This means that you will often see carts and concentrates that have 0.85 grams, or 850 mg of oil because 70% of that is right at the one-day maximum.  There are also full gram carts here, but they have lower THC content, do not have too much over the 590 mg limit, and they just have more CBD or terpenes than the other 0.85 gram options.  I think a lot of people don’t realize that, and they think the full gram options must be better, but I don’t think that’s the case.

I noticed right away with this Buckeye Relief vape pen, how it says “Ingredients: 100% Marijuana” on the package.  I’m not sure if they actually used Sgt. Pepper strain flower to make these vape pens, or if they just used any strain and just added the terpenes, like a recipe, but I really like these vape pens.

Who would enjoy this?

I think these disposable vape pens are great for anyone looking for a convenient, easy to use, inconspicuous medical cannabis vape here in Ohio.  It has everything you need to start meditating right away and in the case of this Sgt. Pepper strain option, anyone who likes balanced hybrid strains would probably find this to be very beneficial with pain, anxiety, and stress during the day.

buckeye relief vape pen close up

Good flavor and effects!

I really like the flavor from this cart.  The strain that I chose, “Sgt. Pepper”, is usually a Sativa leaning hybrid, from what I’ve read.  I thought I read that these vape pens were hybrid, but now I’m not sure.  The terpene content is: Caryophyllene 0.309%, Myrcene 0.162%, and Humulene 0.139%.  I recognized Limonene is the terpene responsible for the citrus flavor and aroma of lemons.  A quick Google search shows that Humulene is the compound in hops, so it gives an earthy, spicy flavor and aroma.  Last, but not least, Caryophyllene is the compound found in black pepper, basil, and oregano, with a funky warmth similar to cinnamon and cloves.

The total terpene content is low. The flavor is more subtle with this Buckeye Relief vape pen than I usually vape. This makes the flavor a little underwhelming in my opinion.  However, this would be a great option for times that you need to be discrete, and not leave a room smelling like a skunk just died in it, just from your live resin or live rosin SHO vape cart.  

High-quality cartridge hardware, specifically designed for Cannabis oils

The vape pen hardware is made by Jupiter CCELL, and they are the gold standard.  These CCELL cartridges contain a CCELL Ceramic Core and are made from non-toxic, inert, lead-free materials, including durable, borosilicate glass.

buckeye relief vape pen details

Similar Cannabis products for comparison:

I have had a few different brands of medical Cannabis vape carts so far, here in Ohio.  It can be difficult for a brand to stand out.  I cannot tell a difference between the distillate carts that use Cannabis-derived terpenes, and the ones that use botanical terpenes.  I do see that it’s a positive thing for them to use Cannabis-derived terpenes, though.  I’m honestly not sure if this cart counts as broad-spectrum or full-spectrum, but if you feel like you don’t get the desired effects from any broad spectrum carts, then I know that the Firelands Scientific live hash rosin carts, Grow Ohio, or Klutch CO2 oil Luster Pods or Buckeye Relief AiroPro Airo Pods Live resin series or Standard Wellness live resin sauce carts would probably be your best bet because those are full spectrum.  The AiroPro Pods are my favorite Cannabis vape option so far.


I am glad that I tried this Buckeye Relief vape pen.  I got these vape pens, along with some really nice live rosin concentrates and other vape carts and cannabis products, and they are all great.   The flavor is subtle but enjoyable. This kind of complete vape pen setup is especially convenient for someone new to medical Cannabis or new to vaping.  I have read so many complaints from people who bought a vape cart or pod from a dispensary, just to get home and not realize that they were missing the device needed for said cart or pod.  I have only seen a few different strain options for these Buckeye Relief vape pens. That’s actually good because it makes it easier for someone new to not get overwhelmed by so many options.  So far, I really like this one, and plan on buying them again!

Have you tried the Buckeye Relief vape pen? Was it any good for you? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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