Yocan is at it again with their wax dab pen Zen! This pen has quite a bit of customization options in terms of colors and even voltages, but just like a majority of their products, it is sleek and discreet! There are some added surprises with the Zen Dab Pen that need further exploration though.


  • Adjustable voltage/ C4-DE Coil
  • Long use/fast charging 650mAh
  • Discreet


  • Small chamber

Recommendations: A slightly bigger chamber would be great

yocan zen

Ceramic Coil and Adjustable Temps = Smooooth

The Zen Dab Pen is sporting some relatively high voltages for a dab pen battery. The lowest, white, is 2.8v, while green is 3.2v and red is 3.6v. With these temps PLUS the ceramic coil, this experience is amazing! 

I was quite surprised when I was loading the chamber and touched the ceramic part because most products say they are ceramic, but we don’t really see it. With the Zen, you can see and feel the ceramic chamber, though. The ceramic chamber is a big deal since it is also food-grade diatomaceous earth which delivers the extracts in just three seconds.

yocan zen top view

Supercharging and Long Lasting

When I first got this, I did fully charge it before use and continued to use it to figure out the battery life. At the lowest temp, the battery lasted for almost 8 hours! Then when I went to charge it, it only took about an hour to an hour and a half. Color me impressed because this thing has the constitution of a barbarian!

Tiny Space

The downside to the super ceramic coil is that it is a small chamber and it burns quickly. You might get about 2-3 sessions depending on the voltage you picked, then you have to reload. I’m lazy so I like the feature of being able to somewhat pack my dab pens. 

yocan zen box

Is this recommended?

This wax dab pen costs $40, and even though it is great in its own way, I would pay the extra $20 and get the Yocan Phaser ACE Dab Pen for the sole purpose that it can hold more. But if you are looking for something more discreet and for a quick, flavorful hit, then the Zen is your best option. 

You can find out more about Yocan products here. The Yocan Zen is here.

Have you tried this wax pen? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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