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Ease of Use

Here we review the Yocan Armor, a very simple and smooth vaporizer pen for concentrates. Being on a budget side, priced at $34.99, this dab pen is more for those looking for convenience and simplicity. 


  • Simple and convenient
  • User-friendly
  • Smooth hits
  • Sturdy build quality


  • Paint may come off easily

Recommendation: Perhaps have multiple types of coils for other’s preferences.

Yocan Armor has a nice build quality and provides smooth and efficient hits

yocan build quality
The Armor gives a simple yet well-built quality. Hits aren’t as strong, rather smooth.

At first, looking similarly inbuilt as the Yocan Evolve, I didn’t expect much when unpacking this Armor. But after using it for a while, I did enjoy the convenience of this device. Having a really nice feel to it and good build quality, this vaporizer really comes in handy. Along with this, it provides decent and smooth hits. Not too strong, but gentle enough to give a nice high after a couple of uses.

Convenient, simple to use and very reliable/durable

The main reason why I like this wax pen is because of its convenience. There are no complications at all to this pen. Yocan made it very straightforward to use, changing settings in this device similar to most relevant dab pens. Apart from this, it’s simple to pack and very easy to maintain, allowing it to run more efficiently.

What’s included in the Yocan Armor

yocan armor packaging
The Armor comes with all the essentials you need to start dabbing.

The Yocan Armor comes with:

  • 380mAH battery – Armor pen
  • Dab tool
  • An extra dual quartz coil atomizer (QDC Coil)
  • Micro USB cable
  • Instructions manual

Operating and instructions

Operating the Yocan Armor is very simple, just like most traditional dab pens out there:

  1. Uncap mouthpiece and coil cap from the atomizer
  2. Pack your concentrate with the dab tool
  3. Re-assemble cap and mouthpiece
  4. Press 5 times to turn on/off
  5. 3 times for desired voltage settings
  6. 2 times to activate the 10-second pre-heat option

The voltage settings are described below:

  • 3.0V
  • 3.5V
  • 4.0V

Build quality prevents clogging easily and allows quick packing and cleaning

yocan dab pen
This Yocan has an easy and smooth build design.

Unlike other dab pens, various Yocan’s usually come with a coil cap you can unscrew from the atomizer. This not only prevents the mouthpiece from getting dirty but also helps with easy packing. It may not be the biggest pack, but it’s enough to get a nice high out of it.

Another beneficial thing about this dap pen is that it is 510 threaded. Meaning that it can fit and work with not only its atomizer but also any 510-threaded cartridges. This can be very convenient for dab and cartridge fanatics.

Smooth and sleek design, built for heavy impact but paint may come off easily

yocan mouth piece
The armor may give a nice and sturdy feel to it. But unfortunately, without proper care, the paint may come off easily.

What’s different about the Yocan Armor is its design, giving a nice grip and smooth feel to it. The Armor seems to handle heavy impact, not being made of any plastic or glass at all. The battery may seem a bit thick and heavy at first, but it’s actually a lot lighter than it seems. Being slightly thick, you won’t have to worry much about dropping it hard and it breaking nor malfunctioning.

The only downside is that the paint does seem to come off after a while. This can happen by dropping it frequently, or even by screwing it very tight too often. Another thing is mixing your keys, or some metal object, in your pocket with this dab pen. This can scratch the pen easily. 

Yocan Armor comes in QDC Technology (quartz dual coil) – currently the only type of atomizer

qdc atomizer
A small pack providing smooth hits and easy hits. Not as strong, but still gives a nice high.

This atomizer does hit smoothly, not giving much of a harsh or plastic taste at all. At the same time, being the price it is, you won’t get as strong hits or smoke out of it. Regardless, you will still get very decent hits and a good high off it. Note, you should not pick the quartz with your dab tool when packing. It may be a bit difficult, but this prevents it from damaging the coil for optimal hits.

Currently, quartz is the only atomizer they have in stock for the Armor. Some people might prefer a ceramic coil or just want the experience of a different type of coil.

Quartz coil isn’t always efficient, but still may help conserve your concentrate

dual quartz coil
Wax may get stuck around the inside of the atomizer frequently.

The unfortunate thing about most quartz coils is they aren’t always the most efficient. Wax does tend to get stuck on the sides, as shown above. This may waste some dabs and it can get very sticky and messy trying to push it down. But because it is a relatively small pack, you won’t waste too much dabs during the process of vaporizing.

Smooth and decent hits, but not as strong as other dab pens

First off, the Yocan Armor does provide very smooth and easy hits. Having a variety of 3 different temperature settings and being the average volts wattage most dab pens have. This wax will give a good high and pretty thick smoke. With that being said, the Armor won’t give the most powerful or potent hits, compared to other pricier dab pens. But for its price, it does give very great hits, well suited for both beginner and experienced dabbers.

Good taste doesn’t give a burnt flavor or bad aftertaste

After hitting this vaporizer multiple times, I can say it doesn’t give any sort of bad taste after packing your dabs. Not having any plastic, it doesn’t leave a strange plastic taste like other dab pens around this price range. It won’t even give a bad or burnt aftertaste after a while of using it. Obviously, like most vaporizers, it will taste like straight coil if it’s packed really low, or if the coil is bad. Otherwise, the coil does last a decent while, giving optimal taste and smoke.

Yocan Armor is very discrete and portable, this dab pen lasts a while and charges quickly

Because of how accessible the Yocan Armor is, you can take this easily anywhere on the go. Fitting perfectly and comfortably in the palm of your hand, it can fit most pockets or purses/pouches. 

Apart from this, the battery does last a decent amount of sessions. It lasted me a full day of consistently using it when I was out, which isn’t that bad the way I smoke. Not only that but it charges very quickly as well. Charging can only take up to 1-2 hours, making it very convenient if you’re in a rush or if you use it consistently. 

Value: For its price at $34.99, well worth it

For its price, this vaporizer is a great deal if you’re just looking for something convenient and easy to use. A great decision if you’re on a budget side. After trying various dab pens around this price range, you do have a variety of options you can choose from. But at this range, you won’t always find the most quality dab pens. However, this Armor did turn out to be of decent quality.

Concluding the Yocan Armor review

yocan armor
Overall, this vaporizer is a nice, user-friendly, and convenient dab pen to carry.

To sum up, I did enjoy this dab pen very much. As mentioned before, this is more of a convenient vaporizer to have if you want a quick dab on the go. If you’re looking for something to vaporize your concentrate stronger or looking for thicker hits, I’d advise searching for pricier options. But if you just need something reliable, quick, and easy to smoke dabs out of, this is a great option for you.

You can learn more and purchase the Yocan Armor here.


  1. Anybody that has used quarts coils knows you don’t waste dabs around the edges there are scraping tools for that and quarts is way more efficient than ceramic.


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