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Today we will take a look at the XMax Starry 3.0 by XVape, which now works with both herbs and concentrates. Much like the updated Hydrology9 NX by Cloudious9, this conduction vaporizer has been updated to include a convenient wax cup to work with your extracts as well as a built-in ceramic chamber for your herbs. XMax currently offers a varied selection of herb and concentrate vaporizers, including the XVape Vista Mini 2. The XMax Starry 3.0 currently retails for $99.00 on their website. We will detail our experience objectively as always in our non-affiliate reviews. For this review, we’ll try the XMax Starry 3.0 and see what this conduction vaporizer has to offer.


  • Simple easy-to-use design
  • Addition of haptic feedback
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Precise temperature control
  • Convenient portability
  • Ability to work flower and extract


  • The device can get a bit too hot
  • Taste can be harsh at higher temperatures

Recommendations: The potency of the product could be stronger.


XMax Starry 3.0 improves on the previous versions with haptic feedback, an improved mouthpiece, and better overall performance

The XMax Starry 3.0 is a surprisingly versatile portable conduction vaporizer that improves on the previous versions with newer features such as haptic feedback, an improved mouthpiece, and better overall performance. This conduction vaporizer is as portable as the XMax Qomo, but with better temperature control and the ability to work with both flower and extract. The replaceable 2500 mAh 18650 Li-Ion battery seems to last longer and stronger than the XMax Qomo and the XVape Vista Mini 2. The USB charging port is also located on the side of the device under the +/- buttons. Upon opening the Starry 3.0 kit, it includes the following:

  • Xmax Starry 3.0 unit
  • Extra set of replacement screens
  • Cleaning brush
  • Stainless steel dab tool
  • Cleaning tool
  • Two silicone mouthpiece caps
  • Two replacement mouthpiece tip O-rings
  • USB charging cable
  • Stainless steel mesh wax cup

However, unlike the Freeze Pipe, you won’t need a glass rig or bong. Similar to the Freeze Pipe E-Nail, you can dial into your specific preferred temperature. The OLED screen on the XMax Starry 3.0 conveniently displays:

  • the battery life
  • your desired temperature setting
  • time elapsed
  • the current temperature

Operating the XMax Starry 3.0 unit in a few easy steps:

  • Charge the XMax Starry unit fully  
  • Remove the magnetic mouthpiece cap
  • Insert the wax cup into the ceramic chamber
  • Load your extract onto the stainless steel mesh in the wax cup
  • Re-attach the mouthpiece onto the battery
  • Turn on the battery by pressing down on the power button
  • Adjust the temperature settings with the +/- buttons
  • Once it reaches your desired temperature, the device will gently vibrate
  • Inhale slowly through the angled mouthpiece


In terms of temperature settings, the XMax Starry 3.0 ranges from 212 degrees Fahrenheit to 464 degrees Fahrenheit

For this review, I tried a variety of different types of concentrates, which included Ammo Brand live resin, Highlights cured resin badder, Connected live resin diamonds, and Field Extracts live rosin. At 400-425 degrees Fahrenheit, I was able to taste the spicy earthiness of the Biscotti live resin diamonds from Connected Cannabis Co. However, I had to dial it down for everything else, such as live resin and cold cure live rosin. For example, both the flavor of the cold cure live rosin from Field Extracts and the cured resin badder from Highlights felt tasty at 375-400 Fahrenheit without tasting burnt or feeling harsh on the throat. My recommendation is to start low, then adjust the temperature to your preference.


XMax Starry 3.0 is surprisingly easy to clean and maintain, easier than the XMax Qomo and XVape Vista Mini 2

The cleaning and maintenance for the XMax Starry 3.0 are extremely easy as there is only the mouthpiece, the filter, and the ceramic heating chamber to worry about. At times, no cleaning is required with smaller amounts of extract. Be careful not to overfill the wax cup, since the extract will clog the mouthpiece. Thankfully, the Starry 3.0 kit provides a cleaning tool to remove excess wax from the mouthpiece.

  • Remove the wax cup from the ceramic chamber
  • Take apart the mouthpiece by removing the filter
  • Soak the wax cup, mouthpiece, and filter in isopropyl alcohol
  • Use a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol to clean the sides of the ceramic chamber


XMax Starry 3.0 has a better, stronger build than the XMax Qomo and the XVape Vista Mini 2, slightly bulkier than the PAX 3

Overall, I felt the XMax Starry 3.0 has a better, stronger build than both the XMax Qomo and the XVape Vista Mini 2. However, the Water Pipe Adapter Mouthpiece and Fog Glass Bubbler are sold separately for better, more efficient water filtration. Although the XMax Starry 3.0 is slightly bulkier than the PAX 3, the size is more portable than other vaporizers like the XVape Vista Mini 2. The only notable issue I encountered was that the device can get too hot after extended periods of usage. So it would be highly advised to let the device cool down between sessions.


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XMax Starry 3.0 is a worthy purchase for anyone looking for a convenient portable conduction vaporizer under $100

In conclusion, the XMax Starry 3.0 is recommended for its simple easy-to-use design, precise temperature control, and convenient portability. Some of the most impressive features are the addition of haptic feedback, better oven insulation, and its versatility to handle both flower and extract. All in all, the XMax Starry 3.0 is a worthy purchase for anyone looking for a convenient portable conduction vaporizer for a relatively affordable price under $100. The XMax Starry 3.0 is also currently available for $79.99 at TVApe here.

Have you tried XMax Starry? Let us know if you did and what do you think about it in the comments or on our forum.




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