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IMPORTANT UPDATE: THCO (and its isomers) are now banned by the DEA. Unlike the majority of cannabinoids, THCO does not naturally occur in the cannabis plant. Furthermore, THCO is an acetate, and acetates have been shown to be harmful when vaped. We at DabConnection do not recommend products containing THCO.


Today I tried OG Kush THC-O distillate from MC Nutraceuticals’s Bulk Oil. For only $5.99 this feels like the most cost-effective way I have seen so far to achieve a good long-lasting high. I just purchased a little bubbler for $30 and with just a sprinkle of flower and a drop of oil I was sent into space. I also tried to add a little bit of oil to the wrap I used on a blunt bowl and a rolling paper for comparison.


  • Cost Effective
  • Smooth hits
  • Doesn’t smell too much


  • Doesn’t taste great
  • Easiest with some type of rig
  • Doesn’t add well to joints
  • Not too much of a head high

Recommendations: Some improvements to the taste would be great

thco distillate

First time using THCO distillate

So as this was my first time using THCO distillate it took me a little bit to figure out the best way to use this. I added some to a regular bowl and while it made the weed smoke a little slower and hit a little harder, I felt it was missing something. I also tried adding a little bit of distillate to the blunt wrap and rolling paper I used.

Smooth hits

The oil on the blunt wrap smoked very smoothly. The blunt burned slow and it brought on a bit of a slower body high in addition to the high we would normally get from just the weed. However, on the rolling paper, it did not work so well. It made the joint burn pretty unevenly and at times it was pretty hard to get a good pull. 

thco distillate container

The best way to use it is 

The best way to use your THCO distillate in my opinion though is with a bong/dab rig. After getting mine set up I used a tiny bit of oil and a little bit of weed to help it burn. Not only did this weed stay cherry-d forever it seemed, but it also hit super smooth. And the high felt great. I feel very calm and clear-headed but with a very intense body high. This method definitely gives you a put-to-sleep kind of high.

The taste could be better

My biggest complaint about MC Nutraceuticals’s Bulk Oil THCO Distillate is probably the taste. It feels like it adds an aftertaste of gasoline to the weed in the blunt and joint I smoked. I’m not sure if there is a distillate out there with more of a citrusy taste and smell but I think that would be ideal. Of the other strains available I think I would want to try the Blue Dream and see if a Sativa gives more of a head high. I think that was missing a bit on this.

thco distillate side

Concluding this review

I will definitely continue to use incorporate distillates as part of my cannabis consumption. I think the efficiency of this is pretty unmatched. In a few hits, I definitely started to feel the effects, and I did not feel the need to smoke again for more than an hour. Another downside I see to this product is some of the aesthetics. It is just oil in a small jar and although effective, doesn’t look like much. I am someone who enjoys the look and smell of fresh weed. So although still a very enjoyable experience, that piece was missing for me.

You can find out more about Vivimu products here. 

Have you tried Vivimu THCo Distillate? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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