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The Vessel battery is an upcoming brand that is dominating the vape industry, specifically targeting cartridges. Although the CCELL Silo and Palm were our original recommendations as the best with CCELL cartridges, the Vessel is better. This advanced and sleek pen is compatible with any sort of 510 threaded cartridges, and used only for cartridges. It does have a high price tag, but the performance is currently unmatched and that’s why it tops our list of the best batteries for cartridges of 2020.


  • Long lasting battery
  • Very sleek and smooth design
  • Amazing airflow and intake
  • Perfect with CCELL cartridges
  • Newer design now allows for larger vape cartridges


  • The price of it
  • Uses a specific charger

Recommendations: The price could be lower, but with the coupon code for 30% off it is definitely worth it.

Update 3/12/2020: The Vessel Battery’s top has been widened to now fit even more cartridge styles.

Check out our Vessel battery video review and keep reading for the more in depth review.

The most smooth, sleek and discrete design in a cartridge battery

vessel battery inside of package
The Vessel comes with a magnetic charger and a prop used for the cartridge.

The Vessel battery really did an amazing job with the design and the comfort of this pen. Although we’ve said this about many vape pens throughout DabConnection, this pen by far has the be the smoothest and sleekest design we’ve tried yet. This particular battery is the Vessel Wood Series: Slate/Walnut. This company manufactures their product through Shenzhen, China. Furthermore, they use real walnut wood and anodized aluminum.

As simple as you can ask for

vessel battery packaging
The Vessel provides ease of use with its simplicity.

Unboxing the Vessel at first had me confuse because of how simple this pen really is. Like any pen, 5 buttons to turn on and 3 buttons to change the modes. The Vessel has 3 LED lights that tell you the life battery and power settings. Having three different voltage settings, from low to high (Low 2.8V, Medium 3.2V, High 3.6V) this battery hits smooth regardless which mode.

Compatible with any 510 threaded cartridges, but works best with CCELL cartridges

As mentioned in the beginning, this pen has to be the best battery for CCELL cartridges. This is a great thing, since many companies and manufacturers use this kind of cartridge hardware for their distillate. But as long as your cartridge is 510 threaded, it should fit this pen perfectly.

vessel battery built design
This battery will last weeks before every dying out on you.

The best air inflow out there, enhancing the taste and quality of each hit 

So the top part screw on, also known as the ‘transition module’ is what really enhances its air intake performance. When placed, the airflow goes so easily, you won’t even realize that you’re vaping anything at all. I actually believe it to enhance the taste with this as well.

Recently, Vessel updated the battery top so it fits more cartridges than before. Even though it can fit many sized cartridges, after a certain amount of length-size, it won’t fit the transition module piece.

vessel battery build design
After a certain size, the top piece named ‘transition module’ won’t fit your particular cartridge, giving less airflow performance. This applies to very little cartridges now, as Vessel has widened the top.

The Vessel battery is long lasting and indicates its percentage

Another main feature that Vessel prides themselves is the life of its battery. It comes with a rechargeable battery of 240mAh and a magnetic charger.They claim to last up to 1-2 weeks without charging, and that has to be an accurate statement! This battery lasted me over a week in a half, which is great with the way I smoke.

Without a doubt, this pen is durable, but the down side is that it may take some time to charge. I can see obviously why this is and it can be inconvenient at times. Despite that, you can check the battery level with the three light indicators that it shows.

Another feature that this battery has is that it automatically turns off after 15 minutes of use. At first, I didn’t like this idea because of having to turn it on every time I use it. But this definitely helps make the battery last longer.

Bottom piece built specifically if you drop your battery

So far, I’ve only dropped my Vessel battery once, and noticed the pen can withstand slight impact. I did get a very small scratch on the bottom, but that’s about it. Also, this bottom screw on is made for the purpose if you were to dent the piece through heavy impact. If this were to happen, simply take off the and the charger will fit perfectly again.

Vessel’s new BASE charging station improves efficiency, makes use easier

vessel base

Vessel recently came out with the BASE charging station pictured above. It keeps carts upright while charging, so you can get going right away. Some have complained that the Vessel is only 280maH, but it should be noted it charges very fast. Keep it on the base and you are ready to go all the time. See our full Vessel BASE charger review for more info.

Hits are smooth, vaporizing your oil for more optimal smoke

The design and battery of the Vessel gives more soothing hits than it does stronger. The smoke and hits aren’t as dense nor strong as I’d like them to be personally. But this may be a good thing because this pen only leaves a slight scent, making it more discrete. Either way, every hit that you take will always be pleasant.

CCELL battery vs Vessel battery

ccell battery and vessel battery
The Vessel performs better than the CCELL batteries, but the price between them are substantially different.

Although CCELL batteries are made optimally for CCELL cartridges, the Vessel actually performs better than the other two batteries. The air flow is too smooth with the Vessel and the design gives it a lot more comfort and discreteness. The only thing about them is the price. CCELL batteries go for about $25, which is only 1/4 of the price of the Vessel battery.

The cost may be pricey, is it really worth it?

It honestly all depends on your needs and personal preference. The price is $99, which is pricey compared to many cheaper vape pens out there. If you smoke cartridges on a consistent, day to day basis than I highly recommend you to try this battery! But if you only smoke cartridges occasionally and prefer grass and straight dabs, you may want to think twice about it.

Vessel provides payment options and a coupon code

Something pretty neat that Vessel offers is the option to pay for this battery in separate payment plans. Because of the high price, they give you the option to pay for this battery in 4 payments of $25. The best part is they don’t charge any sort of interest fee during this process. Apart from this, they also have a year warranty, if something were to happen to it, it can be replaced. There’s also the coupon code REDDIT30 that takes 30% off the top, greatly adding to the value.

To conclude, the Vessel battery has to be the best vape pen out there

Having tried dozens of different vape pens, the Vessel outperforms every one out there. From the design to the way it hits, this battery can be worth the price for it. The air intake it gives really does make a difference with every cartridge, enhancing the taste and way it hits. You can find more information on the Vessel battery here. The best coupon code we could find for the Vessel battery is REDDIT30 which takes 30% off the total price!


  1. The person who wrote this was either paid to give a good review, or has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. This is the absolute worst battery I’ve ever had. Top dollar bottom performance.

  2. I just got the Vista from Vessel and realized the guard piece is too narrow for the cart I’m using. Do you know if you can screw that piece off? It looks like it should be able to come off but I’ve had no luck with it.

  3. Thanks guys for reviewing it with the new features the 4 power levels and letting us know they made it wider to fit some of those carts that were not compatible, this is convincing me to upgrade especially the battery difference thanks for the updates review! SeriousCollector.four.20

  4. LOL, I don’t get how you can say this is the best one on the market. Poor design, in pocket you sit on it and stress out seals and threading. It’s not discreet, it has a proprietary charger which everyone loses quite often. And then the price point… $99, get out of here.

    • Thanks for commenting! Really just comes down to the airflow. We did have one get a seal issue but they do just replace them since they are under warranty. I also broke one but it was because I had a heavy SPRK cart on it.

      Despite those issues, the airflow just hits so much better. I do think the Compass is better though and we’ll have a review on that soon. Plus for the price just wait for sales and get it way cheaper, often you see them for $59. If you get an issue, make sure to warranty replace it too. I wouldn’t just sit on the bad battery. But hit after hit, that little bit of better airflow makes a big diff.

  5. This device is not suitable for daily use. The battery is small, underpowered and requires constant charging — and that charging time takes forever. The display lights are not bright enough to be seen in daylight. Also, the device sometimes malfunctions: refusing to change between power levels, and turning itself back on when off — especially during charging.

    I bought two of these devices, and both underperformed. Too expensive, too many issues — not worth it. Sure, it looks good — but having a device fail on you is not a good look.

    I do not recommend this product.

    • Agreed. And it rolls. Easily. The first time i used it we set it on the table in front of us and it rolled off and hit the floor 2 feet down breaking the cartridge.
      The Pics all show a .5 cart, if you use a full sized cart it sticks WAY out of the device.
      Proprietary chargers suck.
      Doesn’t hit a bit better than the $29 Yucan Uni that everyone uses here.
      Looks pretty, but that’s about it.

  6. LMFAO y’all… Check out the Nugget X from Artery Vapes… $40… 2,000 mAh battery… Fast charging… Able to use it while charging… Built like a danged tank.
    To all reading this: you’re welcome!
    To the OP: gtfoh with that overpriced underperforming nonsense!

    Guess y’all forgot there’s other places to comment besides Facebook… Gonna delete this one, too? ??

    • Nice try Dan, but we don’t delete any comments unless they are spam. This seems like it might be and why your other was deleted. The batteries we use are more about portability and simplicity, while it looks like the Nugget X is a mod battery.

      So what does this have over something like the iStick pico? If going for the mod type why isn’t a pico and a 3,000 mah battery even better for less?

    • Bro. Very pretentious of you to assume anyone wanted to thank you for that hunk of shit. You actually owe me a fucking apology. That shit looks ugly as fuck. I mean I guess if you want people to think you look like trash, and smoke inside your trailer It’s not even a fucking PEN! Ofcourse there are box style vapes with tons of battery life. Again no one wants to look like they smoke with their kids in the car. Looking at that thing says I blow my vape clouds in strangers faces. GTFOH with that garbage LOL

  7. This thing is hardly even portable. Compare it to the Palm or Silo or PCKT, it’s like 3x longer. With a cartridge inside it barely fits in my pocket and the battery is half the mAh. All this product has going for it is good marketing and a price 4x the competition.

    • Mine fits in my pocket perfectly fine. I have three now. One for sativa, one for hybrid, and one for indica. I’ve had too many break, it was time to get one that wasn’t a plastic/cheap metal POS. And dude, those others don’t look half as good and you know it lol.

    • PCKT just came out with the plus but that is also $60, so with the REDDIT30 coupon the Vessel is $70. We are going to be reviewing that plus as well. As far as fitting in your pocket the Vessel fits like it was a pen.

      The Palm and Silo dollar for dollar are a better pick for a lot of people, but absolutely best airflow? The Vessel has it, but ya still it is expensive.


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