I recently visited Downtown Patient Group in Los Angeles to take advantage of some great deals they had on Black Friday. One of the things I picked up is Uncle Arnie Pineapple Punch. Now I am very familiar with edibles, but I have actually never tried a weed drink to this point. I was really excited too because I have heard very good things. 


  • Very strong
  • Great effects
  • Decent price


  • The taste is not that good

Recommendations: Some improvements to taste would be great

uncle arniess pineapple punch line

The taste is not that great

So I got to the dispensary and asked to see the drinks and I grabbed this one because I was hoping it would taste like pineapple juice. Sadly, weed drinks like weed dummies seem to still retain a bit of that weed taste. I would like to note that the second time I tried I had just taken it out of the fridge moments ago as opposed to it warming up after the trip home from the dispensary and it tasted considerably better. This drink is in no way as harsh or tastes like alcohol but the difference in taste based on temperature is comparable.

uncle arnies pineapple punch details

Great effects

As far as the effects of this drink, this might have been the most fun high I’ve had in who knows how long. It takes a bit to hit but when it does it doesn’t overwhelm you it just continues to elevate you. I remember that day I picked up a new longboard and had the best time riding around listening to music. It does not say whether this is an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid on the packaging, but it feels firmly like a nice euphoric Sativa. The type of high that makes the simple pleasures of life feel great. I wish I could just have a fridge full of these, to be honest. Because the next day I went skating again and also had a great time just being in the moment and enjoying how the weather in LA is still nice right now in late November.

The following day I tried the last third of the drink and this time stayed in to make some music I feel like it hits in a mentally stimulating creative way as well. I had just watched a video about some songwriting techniques the day before and it just all clicked at once I feel the ability to not only think clearly but feel free enough to be creative is one of the best parts of a good Sativa high.

uncle arnies pineapple punch top

Concluding this review 

This drink was only $10.96 and honestly, it got me very enjoyable highs on three separate days. I haven’t been in a “throw 5s” kind of situation in a bit but honestly, the comparison tells me all I need to know. I definitely recommend this drink as well as taking a visit to Downtown Patient Group. It’s definitely one of the better non-tourist trap dispensaries in LA.

If you don’t know what I mean the more tourist trap kind of dispensaries tend to be in more heavy foot traffic areas and also frequently feature an apple store kind of aesthetic to look inviting to out-of-towners looking for novelty more than anything. Either way that doesn’t seem to be the vibe here at all and would definitely recommend it to anyone who either lives in LA or is just on a quick visit.

You can find out more about Uncle Arnies products here.

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