The entourage effect is an aspect of cannabis consumption

The entourage effect is a term coined by a group of scientists that include renowned Israeli biochemist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam. It is the result of cannabis compounds interacting with each other. These compounds include THC, CBD, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Taking just one organic compound will produce a smaller effect, but all of them together multiply their effects together and contribute to the unique feel of being “stoned.” These interactions alter the overall effects of smoking cannabis. For example, some terpenes intensify sedative effects when they interact with THC.

Varying terpene profiles in cannabis may be the main reason why some strains affect people differently than others. How each person’s biology is different could be why compound interactions give some people different highs with the same strain.

The entourage effect is still theoretical and all of the information out there is proposed as such. Further study should be done on the effect of different compounds, their interactions with each other and cannabis users. Since cannabis prohibition has greatly inhibited research, we have some catching-up to do in this field.



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