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Aether Gardens is a cannabis cultivator located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Previously we tried their prerolls and now we review their vape products in both disposable vape pen and cartridge form.

Two things that stand out in this cart are strength and its fullness. We have heard people complain, particularly in Illinois, about manufacturers filling cartridges poorly and blaming it on soak. Aether Gardens seems to “top off” The 55 THC carts.


  • Strong
  • Oil vapes slow
  • Filled to the top


  • The taste

    is not that great

Recommendations: Improve taste and a glass cartridge body would be nice.

Check out our video review below. Then keep reading on for a more in-depth review.

The 55 cart packaging

The 55 Carts are strong, but the taste could be improved

Aether Gardens had some really great-tasting flower in their prerolls. When it comes to their cartridge, strength is good but the taste could be improved. It’s not an awful taste by any means, just not really good tasting. We got four different strains total.

The exception is the Pineapple Express disposable. That one tasted great. They improved that and this is a top-notch cartridge.

The 55 cartridges seem to have come out recently, so we think they probably are improving it as they go.

The 55 carts use the CCELL M6T hardware

These are hard-hitting and reliable carts. I do prefer the glass of the TH2, but the performance is the same. CCELL’s polycarbonate carts are also BPA-free which is reassuring.

There’s no lack of efficiency or hit strength, but glass would be nice.

Strength is solid, very solid

No complaints on strength. These are strong carts. One hit for a lot of people will be enough. Two to three hits for most, 4-5 for higher tolerance users.

Room for improvement in taste

So far I am not a big fan of the taste. It is not awful by any means and MJ, our co-reviewer, thought the taste was good, but not as good as a lot of other carts. Still, strength is more important than taste to most people, including me. To compare it to a brand many have tried, I would put taste just one notch less than Select Elite.

Pineapple Express is the exception out of what we tried. This one came in the disposable TH001 form, but taste was much better than the other carts in their lineup we have.

I found the strength and feel of these carts to be very comparable to Select Elite.

The 55 Cart review

Long lasting oil, seems “topped off”

There recently have been people complaining about some vape companies not really filling the carts to the top. The companies then blame it on “soak” – which is when part of the THC oil gets absorbed into the cotton that surrounds the atomizer.

Therefore if you fill up 500ml, some are stuck in the cotton.

This might have been batch-specific, but it looks like someone took the extra time to really fill these things right. We got four of The 55 carts and they all were filled way high.

I get on average 3 days out of a typical good-quality THC cartridge. With The 55 I got at least one extra full day of use out of all four carts.

The 55 cart oil

Oil had some discoloration but didn’t seem to affect the performance

There was a bit of a darker color going toward the top on all the carts. There might be some of the terpenes separating but it did not seem to affect performance at all. The same thing happened to some Select Elite carts I got that were on sale in Needles, CA.

Value is increased by the high fill, high strength

The dollar value for high on The 55 is exceptional. Since you got efficient hardware and the carts seem to be filled higher than others, the value is definitely there. For people seeking excellent taste and having that as a high factor in their valuation of a cart, this might not be the best for them.

They are the same price as other carts at the dispensary we went to, Tsaa Nesunkwa, which is $40 per cart.

Concluding our review on The 55 cartridges and vape pen…

Overall, The 55 vape pen and cartridges were good. The strength is good, oil lasts long, they use good hardware and the price is not out of whack.

One thing I have seen over reviewing a lot of THC cartridges is companies that are just coming out with carts often improve those carts quickly. I think we’ll see a better tasting yet still strong The 55 cartridge become more common.

But still now going to keep picking up Pineapple Express when it’s in stock! You can learn more about The 55 carts here and you can find them here.



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