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Javelina Cartridge Review: Great Oil, Hits Hard

Here we review the Javelina cartridge. By pairing it to the right battery, it can be one of the best cartridges you can get in CO.

Jackpot Cartridge Review: Hardware Limiting, Oil Good

Here we review the Jackpot cartridge by Greenpoint NV. This turned out to be made with high quality oil, but the hardware is limiting.

Jetty Extracts Cartridge Review: A Potent & Golden Goodie

Review of a Jetty Extracts cartridge. As far as flavor and potency go, they easily make the grade.

Justdab Cartridge Review : Hits Strong and Tastes Good

The Justdab cartridge did not fail to impress. You can taste the quality on this vape cart. Hits were smooth yet strong. Atomizer build is...