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Ammo Live Resin Cartridge Review – Smooth and Affordable

Ammo Brand Loaded live resin cartridges are worth picking up for their solid potency, smooth taste, and incredibly low prices.

Apex Pinnacle Live Resin Cartridge Review – Solid Potency and Good...

Apex Pinnacle Live Resin Cartridges are recommended for their quality, taste, and smoothness, but the outdated hardware rapidly burns the oil.

ABX Live Cartridge Review – Solid Live Resin Carts At Very...

ABX Live Resin offers solid carts that come at affordable prices.

Apollo Extracts : Mystery Oil Cart Brand On East Coast

Apollo Extracts are also called Apo carts, and seem to be centered in Michigan. They appear to be a black market brand with no lab testing.

Amber Gold Xtracts Is A Black Market Brand

We meet Amber Gold Xtracts, a fake brand of bunk oil filled by people in their garage who yell at everybody else for doing the same.

Apex RemPen Review: Good With The Right Battery

Here we review the APEX RemPen cartridge. With the right battery and voltage settings, it's a good THC vape cart.

AiroPro Live Flower Series: Best Tasting Cartridges

Here we review an AiroPro Live Flower Series cartridge. One of the best cartridges out there.

Aliens Rx Cartridge Review: Vape at your own risk

Claimed to be a cannabis cup winner, Aliens Rx carts are definitely a good hit, but where is the source? A California based company...

Amerijuana Cartridge Review: Good Quality But Is It A Street Brand?

Amerijuana cartridges turned to be really good and decent quality. Although we enjoyed this cartridge, it is not too trustworthy.

Aces Extracts Review: One of California’s Best Carts

Here we review the Aces Extracts vape pen. It uses CCELL cartridge technology and turned out to be one of the best cartridges in California.
alternate vape review

Alternate Vape Review: Delicious and Effective

The Alternate Vape hemp oil cartridge is a great product. Not only is it effective for pain relief, it's delicious.

Atlas Extracts Cartridge Review : Underwhelming

Atlas Extracts began in 2017 and produces a small range of CO2 oil vape cartridges. Their extracts make use of full plant extraction techniques...
airo brands inc

Airo Brands Inc: Makers of Airo Vapor’s AiroPro Cartridge System

Information on Airo Brands Inc., the company that makes Airo Pro cartridges.

AiroPro Review: Great Vape Pen and Cartridges are Strong

Review of the AiroPro vape pen and cartridges. This turned out to be a high quality THC vaping system.

Alpine Vapor Cartridge Review : Great Flavor But Weak On Strength

I was really anticipating the Alpine vapor cartridge review with high expectations. Alpine vapor may have some beautiful prefilled cartridges however it ends there...

Amber Industries Vape Review : Very Strong But Inefficient

This Amber Industries vape cartridge is one of the strongest I have ever experienced. It lab tested at 80-90% THC. Amber Industries offers some of...

Americanna Cartridge Review: Affordable and Good for the Buck

The Americanna Cartridge offers an affordable wax cartridge that isn't bad Licensing Information: Medical Mfg. CDPH-10003480 Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-10003480 UPDATE and DISCLAIMER 02/07/2022: A person purporting to represent...