With 4/20 coming up, we potheads in the DabConnection ranks put on our game face and track down the best deals and finest cannabis products in order to bring you readers the top recommendations. My own stock is no exception; this is the time of year when I stock up because let’s face it, I’m not heading into 4/20 with just whatever reviewers are content to throw at me. So once again I dropped by The Despensary in Des Moines, Iowa – surely having its best year yet – to scoop up their latest offering – THCA House Diamonds. And man, did they ever deliver!

The Despensary’s house THCA Diamonds go for $30 for a 1-gram jar.


  • Potent!
  • Great, uplifting, energizing effects
  • Full spectrum!
  • Vapes smooth as gravy
  • Decent price for the quantity
  • A little dab’ll do yah


  • Not always in stock

Recommendations: Ahem, lab results would be nice, just so we have potency and terpenes pinned down. Even a bit more description on the Despensary’s site.


Diamonds Are Pete’s Best Friend!

As I go on reviewing my local scene, I realize that reviews from Iowa aren’t that useful to most of you. But perhaps you can take this as a general recommend for THCA diamonds in general, and check them out at your local dispensary. Amid all the other reviewers on our staff kicking it up in places like Las Vegas, California, or Illinois, reporting what happens in Iowa seems like small potatoes. But when we get anything this special, it’s cause for celebration, perhaps even for slaughtering a sacrifice to keep the cannabis gods on our side.

These diamonds are hard little white rocks. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear I was looking at crack. Pulling the top off the jar for the first time, I whiffed a potent and skunky aroma, rich and full-bodied like a good coffee. My lord, these are full spectrum! These little gems smell just like live rosin, and I’m still not sure how they accomplish this, but I assume they isolate cannabinoids and convert them to THCA, while leaving the rest of the formula untouched. Insert blah blah “closed loop” and “extraction from sauce” here. If you blindfolded me and gave me the Pepsi challenge between these and a THC diamond jar, I would not know the difference.

As clear as glass, these THCA diamonds melt gradually and evenly, without a speck of burning. Just the best material I have ever worked with dab-wise. As a bonus effect, when the dab is done the evidence is all but vanished. They vaporize so cleanly that they leave the banger unstained.

The taste is a bit earthy and spicy, with just a hint of citrus, but still fairly mild. Dabbing it is a smooth experience, tasty and satisfying without an overwhelmingly strong flavor.

As you can see in the video, I mention that the effects are starting to kick in and then wrap it up quickly. That’s because I felt it coming on big time and wanted to cut and run before I lost the ability for human speech.


Super-Uplifting and Energizing Buzz

What hit me next was one of those highs we stoners seek out and chase, but don’t always recapture. Heady, exhilarating, inspiring, lucid, and euphoric as hell. You could have dropped a bowling ball on my foot, torched my Magic the Gathering collection, and insulted my podcast and it would not have removed the smug grin off my face. This unique, almost spiritual high is the mark of a cannabis concentrate that elevates you without stoning you out and making you dopey. This effect, and consistently it is the case with all subsequent sessions, off a diamond smaller than the size of a pea, maybe a fat grain of rice. I put it up to the entourage effect more than the THCA.

The effects last on for hours, gradually lowering you into a relaxed state. Since I’m already something of a work-a-holic, I treasure concentrates that have an inspiring, motivating effect. With THCA diamonds, so far it’s been “dab a rock; write a script. dab a rock; make a video. dab a rock; organize the office.” The lasting effects and potency make this seem like so much more than just a 1-gram jar. For me, it’s good for at least ten sessions and maybe fifteen.

If You See THCA Diamonds, Try Them!

Whether at the Despensary in Iowa (hey, maybe you’re driving through to Illinois and need a rest stop), or wherever you happen to find yourself, give THCA diamonds a try. Cannabis forums are always peppered with veteran stoners asking “why bother with the altnoids when THCA is right there? This is one of those times when we’re on to a good alternative. perhaps with the potential to surpass classic D9THC. Since THCA is the precursor to THC itself,m this makes sense. THCA, naturally found in cannabis, is what you’re converting when you decarb weed or extract.

As for Des Moines’ own Despensary, I’m starting to think that they can do no wrong. How fortunate that, when we have this situation where we’re lucky to have a dispensary at all, we lucked out getting a top-quality one. Many places aren’t this lucky. I give THCA diamonds from the Despensary my highest recommendation for a quality dab.

Readers, share your experiences with THCA, diamonds, dabbing, and fly-over states like Iowa. Here in the comments or in our clouded and hotboxed forum.



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