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Well, it sure is nice of y’all to drop by our humble little weed-blogger’s site, here on this fine day! We have a short review today for a product that we usually overlook. This is the RYOT Wood GR8TR, a combo grinder and jar unit. This is one smoothly made piece, priced at “$40-50” on the site (yeah, I dunno, probably suggested MSRP?). I saw my colleague Miles reviewing the RYOT Kannastor GR8TR V2, and subsequently made a fuss to the staff so they’d let me review a high end RYOT grinder too. I’m a prima donna that way.

Check out the full video review of the RYOT Wood GR8TR here.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Minimalist packaging
  • Smooth action
  • Efficient 2-in-1 grinder and storage jar function
  • Handsomely made
  • Looks classy on your smoke table


  • No kief catcher (do you really care that much?)

Recommendations: Maybe clarify that $40-50 price listed on the site?


The RYOT Wood GR8TR is Eco-Friendly

Some of you don’t care about these things, but I give points for a product using natural materials, shipped in efficient, minimal packaging. The Wood GR8TR comes in a simple cardboard box with paper holders keeping it secure enough for shipping. A marked contrast from yesterday’s review, when I unboxed a vape that had enough packaging to construct a separate building.

Note the packaging shows that being eco-friendly was intentional. It’s even made without plastic.


An Efficient and Clever Design

The Wood GR8TR itself is a wood and glass unit, with the upper chamber being the wood grinder. The unit opens to reveal a generous, deep cup awaiting your choice buds. Even the teeth are wooden. The lid snaps shut with a couple smartly-placed magnets. Below is a jar detachable from the grinder with a rubber stopper.

The action on this baby is smooth. Normally I’m struggling to turn the lid on my old, dinky gas-station-special metal grinder. This wood grinder plows through a fistful of buds with no effort. The grinder top is chunky, so you can easily press it down on the buds to begin pulverizing them.


I must note, compared to a metal grinder, a wood grinder is more health conscious because you don’t have to worry about metal shavings getting into your bud. I have seen photos of grinders with considerable wear and yet shiny fresh metal grooves showing on the friction points. Guess where that shaved-off metal went?

When you’re done, the ground weed is deposited in the jar below. So you have a nice storage compartment that looks to hold about 7 grams of ground herb, and the rubber stopper seals in the freshness.


The sole feature I find lacking is no kief catcher. Maybe that comes separate, or maybe we’re just over kief.

Side Note: Does Anybody Care About Kief Anymore?

You know what I’ve been doing with my kief? I let some build up and then dump it into a bowl and smoke it. Then I check online forums and chats to find out what all of you do with your kief, and discover a bunch of people asking each other “what do I do with kief?” and the answer always amounts to “dump it into a bowl and smoke it.” Somebody will also suggest “press rosin out of it,” and then somebody else points out that doing this leads to sucky results.

I think kief catchers are more of a hold-over from the weed prohibition days, when we all agonized over every precious crumb. I know, since legalization, I have caught myself dropping a nug on the floor and shrugging “meh I’ll get that later.” 18-year-old me would have dove off a bridge to catch a nug that size before it hit water.


The RYOT Wood GR8TR is a Smooth, Classy Unit

This handsome piece has already assumed its place on my smoke table – we used to call it a “coffee table” back in the day – where I’ll be using it on the regular. Time will tell if the wood surfaces hold up well against all buds dank and dry, but I have a hunch that it’s simple to clean. Why, we might even have a Golden Buddha Award candidate here!

That site again is the RYOT Wood GR8TR, and of course check out the rest of RYOT’s site, with a wide line of boutique stoner gear.

Readers, join us in the comments below or in our rustic and charming forum over yonder, to discuss matters grindy and kiefy.



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