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Ease of use

The folks at RYOT sent me a new cart battery called the VERB. It looks like a Zippo, which is very cool!

  • Packed in a cool tin box that I will use far into the future 
  • Clear easy instructions, fast to use 
  • Comes with everything you need except the cart 
  • Nostalgic look and action 
  • Easy to adjust temp settings 
  • Easy to read display colors that show the temp and battery use 
  • Power lasted long  
  • Easy-to-hold design 
  • Soft feel plastic, warm 

As I took it out of its tin box, I was starting to think of what I’m going to use that box for in the future. I adore a tin box that I can reuse. This battery is also very much like that lighter we all know and love that makes that distinct “clink, chak” when opened and closed, ‘Snap!’ this was a bit satisfying for me to snap closed after a pull. I also found it to be great in the respect of keeping my tip clean from pocket debris.  Don’t you just hate when you put the tip in your mouth and it’s got fuzz on it? Yuck! So that is a big selling point to me.


  • The great design fits right into your pocket
  • Simple to use from the start
  • The quality of the build seems quite sturdy
  • Standard button clicks for start, temp set, and use


  • Awkward to pull from with the top so close (wider swing to hinge?)
  • Pressing the button to draw is also awkward (different button location?) 

Recommendations: Some minor design changes could make this battery perfect.

ryot verb battery stock open

I love all RYOT products and the VERB is no different

Right from the get-go, I love the box, yes I’m a cat! But seriously, I’ll keep and reuse this tin box, so useful packaging. The VERB is a battery on a nostalgic level that I’m here for now and tomorrow. The satisfying flip of the lid and the snap when it closes dramatically, fun! Not to mention this is easy to use. 5 fast clicks, on. 3 fast clicks to change from 3 temp settings. 2 fast clicks for a pre-heat/hit it hot. And press and hold to use as most standard batteries on the market. Not many are as fun, however. With its long-lasting range, I went thru 2 .5 carts before I ‘needed’ a charge. 

ryot verb battery parts

The look is sexy 

When I pulled this out with my friends, someone said, ‘That’s sexy!’ Then I flipped the lid and they passed out in awe. RYOT, you have done it again, yet another cool product to make cannabis not only acceptable but sexy. Thank you for that! 

Not only is it sexy, but it’s also useful and high quality. I see this being a part of my collection for a long long time.  

ryot verb battery top

Great value

I feel that this price point is spot on for what they have here and if they get a little marketing behind it, we could see this becoming the standard of batteries. Its simple standard use makes it so you don’t need instruction to start using it if you have used others in the past.  The price of this battery is $30.00.

  ryot verb box

Will I be looking for more products from this company? 

I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of this company. RYOT has sent me many products to try out and test. I have to say that they are very consistent with what they are putting out in quality. Even if the product is not quite something I’d use daily, it’s quality. The VERB is no different. As a matter of fact, I think that this may be my favorite of all the items I’ve tried of theirs, and look forward to seeing what they may have next in store for me to try out. Long lasting battier that is fun to use and get’s called ‘Sexy’ is something I’ll be taking out into public more often. I’m off now to look into stock for Ryot, I think they are going to become something much bigger than they are. 

You can find out more about RYOT products here.

Have you tried the RYOT VERB Battery? Please let us know in the comments or on our forum.

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