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Today we are gonna review Standard Wellness Olive Oil. I usually avoid edibles here in Ohio, for two main reasons.  The first is that they are usually expensive.  You can find a regular-priced chocolate bar with about 100 mg of THC for $40 here, and that’s just too much for me.  The two best-priced options that I’ve found are this olive oil and the Grow Ohio Butterfly Effect honey.  The other drawback to edibles here is the daily THC allowance.  We have this whole complicated system here in Ohio, where we get 45 “allowance days”, and each THC containing product at the medical dispensaries here counts for a different number of days.  For concentrates and vape carts, the daily limit is 590 mg of total THC.

This means the THCA *0.89 + THC, which can be confusing at first.  The topical daily limit is 290 mg and the edible daily limit is only 110 mg.  This means that you could buy some RSO capsules that is an edible and have them take away five or six allowance days, or get one gram of RSO, which is technically a vape concentrate, and only use one allowance day.  This Standard Wellness Olive Oil Edible is two allowance days and the price has been great too.


  • Inconspicuous package
  • Easy to accurately dose
  • One of the best-priced edibles I’ve seen in Ohio


  • The flavor might not be the best. It tastes like Olive Oil, which isn’t as good as chocolate or gummies for example.

Recommendations: Some improvements to the flavor would be nice


Olive Oil 

The ingredients for this just say olive oil and THC distillate.  It is a nice, simple graduated glass dropper bottle with one fluid ounce of olive oil that contains about 220 mg of THC, or two allowance days’ worth.  The real selling point for this product is the price for me.  I think the secret is out, because the last couple of weeks, Strawberry Fields dispensary, where I usually go, hasn’t had this in stock.  They normally have this olive oil for just $20 regular price, and during the big 4/20 sale when they had 30% off, I got a bottle for about $15.  I see a lot of complaints about the price and selection and rules here in our medical Cannabis industry here in Ohio, but I think there are some good deals to be found.

I just shake up the little bottle, and then drip a few droppers full under my tongue.  I’m usually also vaping or doing dabs too, so it’s hard for me to distinguish the effects from one product to another.  It does seem like edibles give me more of a physical effect, like I have read from others too.  I’m not really sure where my Cannabis tolerance is these days, but it seems like about 22 mg of THC, about three droppers full, is a good dose for me.  The flavor really doesn’t bother me, but I could see how others might not like it.  I think technically here, you’re only allowed to consume the edible as is, but one could easily make a vinaigrette salad dressing with this olive oil.  I think you probably wouldn’t want to heat it up too much, to avoid losing some of the THC.


Who would enjoy this?

I think anyone who enjoys cannabis would like this Olive Oil edible.  The price is amazing, and the product works great. It is convenient and inconspicuous to use.  Of course, in other states, they have the option to just buy the straight THC distillate and add it to some olive oil, if that’s what you want to do.  We have our allowance days system and also a 70% maximum THC limit here, so that complicates things.  I’m hoping that we get nationwide legal recreational Cannabis soon, but just since July when I got my medical card, I’ve seen the prices and availability of products improve a lot at dispensaries here.


Similar Cannabis products for comparison:

We have a few edible options here, and also some tincture options as well.  Tinctures count as an edible too, and have the same 110 mg of THC daily allowance limit.  I only tried tincture once, but I remember that I liked it.  I think it was way more expensive than this olive oil, though.  There are various gummies and chocolates and even drinks and I saw that one company sells a medicated chip dip mix here!  The really popular edible, from what I’ve seen on Reddit and Discord, is the Grow Ohio Butterfly Effect Honey.  It contains about 550 mg of THC (five allowance days) and only costs about $45 on the weekly sale days at Strawberry Fields.  The big drawback is that it’s much more difficult to accurately dose than other edibles, especially olive oil.  I haven’t tried the Grow Ohio honey yet for myself, but I’ve been planning on it.


I’ve been spreading the word lately about this Standard Wellness Olive Oil, because it’s been working really well for me and the price is amazing.  I remember my sticker shock the first time I went to the dispensary here.  Prices and selection have improved overall, but I think the bigger reason for my finding better deals is just that I’ve learned how to find those better deals.  It’s interesting to look at the items I bought when I first got my medical card, in contrast to the things that I buy now.  If I can help people find better deals without making the same mistakes that I did, then I’m more than happy to do so.  Thank you for reading this!

What do you think about Standard Wellness Olive Oil? Have you tried it? Let us know what you think in the comments or on our forum.



  1. Another solid review Richie! Always enjoy your work, you bring the human touch and explain that complicated Ohio system so we can understand it.

    Since I’m a huge foodie nut and fan of the Mediterranean Diet (, I can’t resist adding comments for readers on my favorite edible oil. Olive oil is fantastic health food, especially for your heart, but drinking it straight could disrupt your system.

    For those of you curious, yes, olive oil makes great salad dressing as part of a vinaigrette or just straight by itself.

    Another suggestion is that olive oil is a big part of hummus, so you can make your own hummus. It’s not hard, just chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, and (my way) a dab of sesame oil plus whatever flavoring you want. I like it with an authentic curry. Hummus is basically a bean dip, have it on crackers, pita bread, chips, anything.

    You can also just drizzle some olive oil on garlic bread, they go great together.


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