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 “KoKo Nuggz – Patent Pending. 100% PURE GOURMET CHOCOLATE.”


  • Excellent appearance
  • Great for gag-gift
  • Good/OK taste
  • Not ‘gourmet’ as claimed
  • Expensive for size
KoKo Nuggz chocolate review
KoKo Nuggz chocolate review

KoKo Nuggz OG Flavor

Serving = 2 pieces of KoKo Nuggz/ 70cal

[Claims to have about 20 pieces – but my jar had 12]


The look of this product is what makes it worthwhile. If you’re after a convincing weed look-alike, you’ve found it! From a small distance, I think it could fool anybody. Or, send a video of yourself eating one of these nuggz to your friends for a hilarious reaction!

Jar of KoKo Nuggz - chocolate budz
Jar of KoKo Nuggz – chocolate budz

On closer inspection, the pieces of chocolate are a pale murky green color with a frosty tinge. There are small puffs (of what i’m assuming are crispy rice pieces?) throughout.

Close look at chocolate pieces of KoKo Nuggz
Close look at chocolate pieces of KoKo Nuggz

The KoKo Nuggz are held in a small glass jar with a gold screw lid, complete with green and gold label. There’s even a shake-like powder at bottom of the jar!

shake-like sugary powder
shake-like sugary powder


KoKo Nuggz describes itself as “chocolate budz” on the label, but chocolate is not listed in the ingredients whatsoever. Typically, chocolate ingredients are broken down within the main ingredients list on a product label. The online product description for KoKo Nuggz states;

“We acquire our chocolate from a source that selects cocoa beans from around the world for their quality to deliver a premium chocolate experience. The percentage of cacao in the chocolate is derived from the cocoa bean and excludes any other flavors or additives, natural or artificial.”

But I can’t see a reflection of this in the KoKo Nuggz ingredients list;

Rice, Flour, Dry Nonfat Regular Milk with added Vitamin A and Vitamin D, Ciranda Sunflower Lecithin, Whey Protein Isolate. Unflavored Organic Barley Malt Extract, Sugar, Oil, Industrial Palm Oil & Palm Kernel Filling etc., USDA Commodity Food Oil, Vegetable Low Saturated Fat, Riboflavin (Vitamin B12), Salt, Vitamin B6.

Quality and Cocoa

When it comes to good chocolate, always look for “cocoa butter” in the ingredients. This ties into cocoa percentage, and in the end – quality. Quality gourmet chocolates do not substitute vegetable oils for cocoa butter.

High quality chocolate uses some form of cocoa as the main ingredient. Cocoa nibs, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder are all varieties of cocoa. When the fat comes from a source other than cocoa butter (typically vegetable oil), it usually comes down to price. It’s also easier to work with during the manufacturing process. Vegetable oils are more cost-effective than cocoa butter, but less appealing when it comes to taste and texture.

Cocoa variations
Cocoa variations

KoKo Nuggz use “Oil, Industrial Palm Oil…USDA Commodity Food Oil, Vegetable Low Saturated Fat”. The long shelf life and room temperature semi-solid state makes palm oil an appealing option for many companies.

{Not only is palm oil unhealthy for us; the development of palm oil plantations is destroying critical habitat for many on the endangered species list.}


Eating the KoKo Nuggz was interesting as I had no prior expectations as to what they would taste like. I’ve eaten my fair share of medicated edibles, but never actually enjoyed the taste. I had never eaten anything that looked like weed, but wasn’t medicated. In that regard, I was happily surprised to taste regular chocolate.

Munching on my KoKo Nuggz
Munching on my KoKo Nuggz

On the other hand, I was disappointed to discover that all I was tasting was regular chocolate. It was good, just a bit generic in my opinion. My expectations were high, simply because it claims to be ‘gourmet’ chocolate.

The taste is very much like a Crunch bar. Milky chocolate with nice crispy bits – simple, yummy, but not gourmet. The reason that’s important is because of the price tag.

Similar tasting 'Crunch bar'
Similar tasting ‘Crunch bar’


$29.99 seems pricey for the 12ish pieces of chocolate I received. I was expecting something larger to arrive (being somebody who can’t imagine what weight looks like in chocolate!).

I think it’s quite expensive, considering the quality of the chocolate. Saying that, the product looks fantastic, as a whole. Obviously, cost is relevant to the effort put into appearance. Value depends on what’s more important to you.

Personally, I would prefer to go and get a bucket load of Lindt, Cadburys or Guylian for almost $30!

My favorite – Guylian shells

Kush Berry Flavor

I didn’t try the alternative flavor – ‘Kush Berry’, but somebody agrees about the crunch bar taste! One customer says;

“I always gotta see what the hype is about the newest thing everyone’s buzzing over & these @KoKoNuggz did not disappoint. Tastes like a berry flavored Crunch bar & regardless of it not being medicated, is definitely worth a try for any stoner with the munchies”

'Kush Berry' Flavor
‘Kush Berry’ Flavor


All in all, ‘KoKo Nuggz – chocolate budz’ was an enjoyable product. The look is great, but the taste is average. I’d say it’s a great gag gift for a stoner friend, or a fun prank for a friend or parents.

I enjoyed munching on these little buds with a cup of tea and my trusty vape. However, regarding chocolate quality and value, this product leaves me wanting more.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, buy it here!


    • Chocolates may differ in many ways , but the main factor is quality. Now, best quality is achieved when products are made with the best ingredients available. Hershey’s tastes great and even though there are more gourmet chocolates out there I always liked it.

      On the other hand, KoKo Nuggz does seem to use quality ingredients but it does not seem as chocolate-y as Hershey’s. I have heard Hershey’s might be fake chocolate as well but have not really looked into it.

      But if KoKo Nuggz is available I would definitely eat it. No doubt it it taste good!

  1. -koko nuggz is pretty decent. -you are right that its way more of a gg gift than gourmet chocolate. It does taste pretty decent though. -but more in par with like a 7-11 candy than something fancy.

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