Today I picked up a sack of GFIVE Cultivation’s ‘Goat Piss’.

As I selected this product at the dispensary the agent told me that it was very dry and I should use a gell pack to give it moisture, he however had none to give or sell me, so I took it as is to see what I thought. The agent was not joking, this flower was mummy-dust dry. Upside, it did not need a grinder, it turned to dust between two fingers. The flower itself had a pungent smell, giving me a bit of hope. I did, however, run it through the grinder just to collect the kief. It was easy to pick out the stems (and there were a lot of them.) The taste was good, and nice after taste too. It Burns hot and had to cap the bowl to keep it from burning up. I’d not use this in a  joint as it would burn too fast. 

You can check out our video review of the GFIVE Cultivation Goat Piss here.


  • Easy open packaging
  • Strong pungent/cheese-like smell
  • Dry, keeps lit, and will not use up your lighter
  • Nice head high, loss of time, and almost a couch lock


  • So very Dry the agent who sold it to me could tell in a sealed package
  • Very dry flower burns fast in the pipe
  • Did I mention how dry it was?

Recommendations: Little moisture, please?

GFIVE pack

Okay price ($35) 

From a price point of view, this flower is not something I’d get on a daily/weekly basis. That said, this is a quality product with a great profile (THC 22.67~Limonene 4.19~caryophyllene 2.03 humulene 1.65) I just wish that it was not so dry. So either drop the price or package it not so flipping dry, please. 

gfive flower

The taste of flower was nice

This flower had a distinct flavor with that profile. Pungent, almost cheese-like (piss?) Gave me hope that the high was going to be good, and it was. I’d not burn this up in a joint, perhaps good for a dugout. The smell was unique too, not as skunky.  

gfive details

Length they lasted me

As I smoke/vape all day every day, this flower is too dry to be economical for me. It was only $35 for the 1/8th,  but if it can’t last me 24 hours, it’s burning to hot/fast. I’m going to look at this brand again as it would be more likely for me to purchase it if it was a touch stickier.  



Will I be using this brand again soon? 

Goat Piss was okay, but unless they do something about how dry it is, I don’t see it being anyone’s go-to brand. The package was cute with the red eye goat, which made me smile. I’d love a sticker of that goat. The grinding and cleaning of this flower were not hard at all as it fell off the stick like a well-cooked chicken.  This, however, is not a quality I’m looking for in a flower. I like it to be sticky but not damp. As I did like the high and the taste, I’ll check back for something not so dry. The price for me to get it like this in the future would have to come down to $25.00 for me to pick this up on the daily.

You can find out more about GFIVE Cultivation here.

Have you tried any products by GFIVE Cultivation? Let us know in the comments or on our forum

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