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Shazzam Farms is a company founded in 2017, headquartered in the city of Adelanto California. They strive to provide the highest quality cannabis products possible and supplying California dispensaries. They have an array of live resin concentrates available and in this review we will be checking out four of them. Their Pacific Frost, Sunset Sherbet x Gelato 41, Fire OG x Gelato 41 and Extreme Cream.

First we’ll go over the overall quality of live resin provided and then we’ll dive into each individual type.

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Shazzam Farms dazzles with dank delights

Overall the quality of the live resin they make is among some of the best I’ve had. With an incredible bouquet of aroma as well as impeccable, smooth and clean taste. The color and texture of them are incredibly pure, speaking volumes of the purity of the processing itself. All of them taste and smell absolutely incredible and vaporize wonderfully. They also work well in edibles and as a bowl topper. There is no application I tried where they were unpleasant or caused issue. I don’t think it is possible to ask for much better in overall quality if at all.

Shazzam Farms live resins in packaging
The array of resins on offer from Shazzam Farms are all of excellent quality. That they are so varied means they have options for many different kinds of users.

The Goldilocks Zone of potency is a tightrope, Shazzam Farms walks it well

The strength of the live resins I tried are good without being overwhelming. With a variation in potency from the lower end of 59.9% to the higher end of 73.8%, it offers a decent selection both for the connoisseurs of flavor and those with varying tolerance. Each provide a unique high, allowing the respective strains to shine through in their character.

Creativity abounds in the Shazzam Farms live resins

Each of the strains and combinations of them had their unique highs. However one constant among all the live resins I tried was that they all provided incredible creative energy. I often found myself slipping into wanting to paint after a dab even if I hadn’t initially intended on it. For those of the artistic persuasion it would be hard to find a better source than Shazzam Farms, in my opinion.

Shazzam Farms packaging open
The packaging is all nicely printed and using clean, professional graphics. The high level of professionalism helps to encourage confidence even before the first hit.

A delight to the palate as well as the neurons

The flavors of each strain is incredibly robust and every single one provides its own unique and easily differentiated flavor profile. This is great both for those that intend to vaporize or smoke it as well as for use in edibles. The differing flavor profiles pair better with different kinds of foods. I will go into greater detail on the specifics as I give a resin-by-resin breakdown of each of the four I tried.

Smooth as silk

Not even the slightest hint of any off flavors or smells. The overall profile of these is like the freshest and most crystalline bud. Truly a treasure to enjoy, I know it sounds like I’m laying it on thick here but it does stand up to the hype. They swear to rigorous testing and it shows in their product. There are no off chemical flavors to be found at all and the natural tones come through clear as a bell.

Shazzam Farms packaging open
No area is spared from the visual design pass. All kidding aside, these fine details if kept consistent by Shazzam Farms will help in picking out any attempted counterfeits.

Excellent value Live Resin

The quality of the live resin that Shazzam Farms provides makes it an acceptable buy even on higher price points. If you can find it at even modest prices it will please anyone and for a special occasion would be a satisfying purchase at higher prices. It’s a top shelf product, advertises itself as such and it lives up to the expectations that come with that.

Shazzam Farms’ panoply of Live Resin flavors

Now to break down each of the variants I tried. I tried each as dabs, bowl topper and edible and they all work wonderfully in every application. I’ll give some insight into the flavor profiles and highs provided by each, as well as some culinary suggestions for cooking with each. While I tried only four of the twelve they have on offer, even just these four offer quite a variety of options for an adventurous chef. We’ll go in ascending order of potency.

Extreme Cream jar
The high topped jar of the Extreme Cream reminds me a bit of a chef’s hat. Fitting, really, considering the many savory applications.

Extreme Cream, the meditative one

This live resin provides a very smooth and earthy flavor with vague apricot-like fruity tones. Its high is very relaxing but focused and meditative. Fantastic for both chilling out as well as for livening up a repetitive task. As with all four of the live resins I tried, creative energy abounds. If you have a creative, meditative project you’d like to get done this is the perfect choice for you to make the whole process even more enjoyable.

The flavor and aroma profile of the Extreme Cream makes it very well suited to savory applications where the others may clash in some cases. Its earthy and fruity elements make it pair incredibly well with salads but also works with things like garlic bread or to top a steak along with a fine crumbly cheese and walnuts.

Extreme Cream jar open
The texture of the Extreme Cream live resin is the most liquid of all of them. While it may initially seem like a bit of a mess here, it is easily scraped off the jar and lid with no issues at all.

Cookery on Shazzam Farms, salad dressing and infused butter ahoy

In order to make a salad dressing with this live resin simply put your decarbed Extreme Cream into a couple tablespoons of olive oil along with some spices into the hot oil(such as cracked pepper, salt, paprika, red chili, a dash of cayenne, dill and mustard powder) over low heat for a few minutes. (If you don’t know how to decarboxylate your resin, instructions can be found on the “How to Decarb Shatter” page. The process is identical.)

As that is doing its thing, get a small mason jar and put in one to three tablespoons of your favorite salad vinegar. Let the oil cool a bit(so it doesn’t spit) and then pour it into the mason jar. You can now either use a tiny whisk to emulsify it or cap the jar and shake it around a bit. Then dress your salad, happily devour it and soak up all the extra with your favorite bread.

In the case of both the garlic bread and the steak, you simply want to do the same process of mixing as done for the dressing except for with butter in place of oil. If you wanted to do vegan garlic bread then I would suggest using a high quality extra virgin olive oil like the dressing. Finely dice your garlic and get it in your hot butter and let the flavors meld for a few minutes. This will also help to get some of the raw heat out of the garlic that would overpower the wonderful wax’s flavor.

Once they’ve melded and mild out a bit add your chosen quantity of the decarbed Extreme Cream to the mix for another few before then pouring it over your bread or steak. I would not recommend brushing it onto your bread or steak, as your brush will absorb a significant portion of the butter. It’s better to just use a small saucepan for the job so you can easily pour it directly on.

Pacific Frost jar
The classy black top befits the smooth and perfumey tones within the jar of Pacific Frost.

Pacific Frost, the dreamer’s choice

The Pacific Frost strain offers an exceptionally smooth and rather neutral floral aroma and flavor, vaguely perfume-like. Its high is peaceful, creative and upbeat which makes it excellent for chilling out and doing just about anything. Even just to do nothing and relax after a long and stressful day. This was the least creative of all the ones I tried. That said it still wasn’t devoid of creative energy and I often picked up my brush.

In the case of the Pacific Frost it’s a pretty versatile one, with a very neutral tone. It is well suited to more savory applications where it lightly accents bolder flavors. Such as in fresh salsa for tacos. It also works well as a finishing touch on more delicately flavored sweet desserts, as in a soak for a cake. This allows its floral accents to fit in wonderfully.

Pacific Frost jar open
The Pacific Frost live resin from Shazzam Farms has a distinctly crystalline texture, which makes it difficult to transfer without a suitable scooping device. Using a toothpick in this case is very awkward, and I actually ended up fetching a proper tiny spoon for it.

From salsa to cake soaks, these live resins have many applications

For making salsa with this you will once again want to put your decarbed concentrate into some oil, as we did for the salad dressing and bread. You can choose to season the oil or not, it will work fine either way. This time you’re only going to to want to do it in a very small quantity of oil so as not to overwhelm the salsa. A teaspoon is fine. Once it has heated through and cooled toss the infused oil into a single serving of your fresh salsa. Serve immediately to dress your tacos with.

In the case of the cake soak we’re deviating a bit, for this one we’re going to want to heat up 2 tablespoons heavy cream or half & half and 2 tablespoons whole milk and then let that infuse with our decarbed Pacific Frost. This can also be done with vegan substitutes. But keep in mind with any edible infusions you need fats for the cannabinoids to chemically grab onto, so don’t try to go low-fat. You can lower the volume to cut down a bit on the calorie density if you really want to and do only one tablespoon of each.

You can season this in various ways depending on what kind of cake you’re soaking. Such as using orange zest, nutmeg and allspice for a white cake. Or cinnamon, coffee and nutmeg for chocolate. Just strain out the solids before you proceed to the next step so you don’t end up with random bits on your cake. Cut yourself a fairly generous sized slice of cake, uniced or topped in any way, and place it in a sealable container. Now slowly pour the infused milk over the cake, letting it soak it up. Once this is done place the slice in the fridge for several hours. During this time the liquid will distribute. At the end you’ll have a delightfully moist and infused piece of cake to enjoy.

Sunset Sherbet jar
The two strains mixed with Gelato 41 were the only jars I got which shared lids. The rest can easily be differentiated by their lid type. Whether this was on purpose or not I’m not entirely sure, but they’re distinct enough it didn’t make it any more difficult to tell them apart.

Sunset Sherbet x Gelato 41, euphoria in a jar

Of these four this is my pick. It has a very herbal, piney and citrus profile with some light smooth notes akin to vanilla. Its high is very heavy, relaxing and meditative. Despite being relaxing it is a very focused high, not sedative. Perfect for either watching your favorite movie or working on a fun project.

The flavor profile of the Sunset Sherbet makes it well suited to both savory and sweet applications. That said, it is quite distinctive, making it likely to clash in the wrong places. Its more herbal notes make it a good fit for things like fish or garlic bread. Those can be done identically to how it was done for the Extreme Cream, dosing the butter. On the sweet side of things it pairs very well with everyone’s favorite sweet, chocolate. Brownies are of course a classic and obvious choice. Ganache also makes for an excellent sweet filling or topping on a wide variety of things.

Sunset Sherbet jar open
Sunset Sherbet from Shazzam Farms is on the more distinctly waxy side, quite fairly solid but with a sticky semi-liquid consistency. It and the Fire OG are easily scraped from the bottom of their respective jars.

Combining two good things makes for something even better

In order to use it in brownies I suggest making individual brownie cupcakes rather than a pan of brownies. This makes it easier for them to bake quickly and makes dosing easier. Dose them individually or even just a select few in the tray(make sure to mark which ones!) immediately before putting them in to bake. Cook them at as low a temperature as you can while still cooking them and shortest possible time. This isn’t all that delicate, but hotter and longer bakes will lose potency.

Ganache is simply a 50:50 mix of chocolate and warm cream, which has many applications. You can lower the amount of cream to make it thicker or increase it to make it runnier. Making it is dead simple, really, just make sure you use chocolate bars and not chips! Chips really are awful for melting applications like this where you want a consistent sauce. Semisweet baking chocolate is the traditional choice, but you can choose your favorite type.

Crash course in ganache for the aspiring cannachef

In order to make your ganache simply finely chop your chocolate into an oven-safe glass or metal bowl. Heat the cream on the stove top until just simmering, you’ll need to babysit it a bit here. Drop your decarbed live resin into the cream while it is coming up to simmer. Watch for little bubbles rising around the edges. If the cream comes to a boil then it is too hot. This will cause your chocolate to separate instead of properly melt or it may even burn. Once it is just barely simmering immediately turn the heat off and pour the warm cream over the chocolate. Then let the two sit for a while(2-4 minutes or so), the stir them together until smooth.

Used immediately this will be pourable as a sauce. After cooling it will stiffen into a spoonable texture. This is an excellent topping and filling for almost anything you can imagine would go well with chocolate. Such as ice cream or pancakes, used as cake icing, ice cream topping, the options are endless. This is also the filling normally used in truffles. So if you’re feeling real adventurous you’re now just a few more steps away from making dosed truffles.

Fire OG x Gelato 41, the subtle assassin

The Fire OG live resin has a very subtle and smooth piney flavor and aroma with some slightly nutty undertones. Its high is very positive, upbeat and focused with lots of creative energy. While I enjoyed the Sunset Sherbet a touch more the Fire OG is also an excellent choice. Despite their similarities the differences are easily noted. Both share their pine flavors but where the Sunset Sherbet is so distinctive the Fire OG is much more subtle and its high hits noticeably harder. The Fire OG is also not nearly so relaxing. Its high is a much more active one that is more suited to a workout than artistry. Not to say it doesn’t have any creative energy.

The subtle flavor profile of the Fire OG means that it is very easily overpowered. This is both strength and weakness. In dishes with bold flavors it will completely disappear among the others. If you want the resin’s flavor to come through then you’re going to want pairings that won’t overpower it. On the savory side of things it works well as a finishing touch in some pasta and/or chicken alfredo or in a salad dressing as we did with the Extreme Cream. On the more sweet side it works well in ganaches, like the Sunset Sherbet, or in a vanilla milkshake.

Fire OG jar open
The Fire OG is on the more liquid side of things, though not quite as runny as the Extreme Cream. It’s quite sticky and easy to transfer and hold on just about anything. Just be careful not to leave much of this potent delicacy behind.

Smooth flavors in smooth applications.

In order to use this in an alfredo is to infuse butter or oil identically to how we did prior. Then toss it with the pasta along with the alfredo sauce immediately before serving. One can also choose to infuse the milk/cream in the sauce like we did for the cake. Remember to have some good bread handy for soaking up any stray sauce!

In the case of the vanilla milkshake you’re going to want to infuse milk as we did prior. Mix 50:50 half-and-half and whole milk, warming and adding some orange zest and then dosing accordingly. Make sure it’s just enough milk for a single batch of milkshakes. Use your favorite high end vanilla ice cream and treat yourself to a wonderful desert.

Fire OG live resin on toothpick
The smell and tastes of these live resins is incredible in every form, cooked, vaped or smoked.

In closing on this thorough review of Shazzam Farms live resins…

I honestly cannot recommend Shazzam Farms enough. Their product is of an incredible quality and I couldn’t be happier with it. Normally I would have some sort of critique but not in this case. I honestly can’t think of any, this is one company that hasn’t left me feeling like there was anything still in need of better refinement. High praise indeed, but praise well deserved in my opinion. If you’d like to read more on Shazzam Farms you can do so at their website here.

Shazzam Farm Live Resins can be found at Westside Collective in Perris, Mankind Dispensary in San Diego, Cannary West Dispensary in Los Angeles, Green Earth Farmacy in Van Nuys, Semilla HRC in Sun Valley and Foothill Wellness in Tujunga as well as others.

Have you tried Shazzam Farms live resins? Leave a review below! Question or comment? Post below or in our forum!


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