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Magic Pipe is a California-based company that largely deals with THC oil carts and disposables. However, they also offer a selection of pre-filled oil syringes which can then be used either for dabbing or in refillable vape carts. In this review, the strain we will be checking out is Girl Scout Cookies and we’ll see how it stacks up to the competition.


  • Good flavor, vaguely reminiscent of cream soda
  • Good and long-lasting, euphoric high
  • High quality relatively broad tipped borosilicate glass syringes make for easy use


  • Resealable cap prone to minor leakage so should be used with minimal resealing if possible

Magic Pipe makes a great THC syringe overall, but there are some issues with the hardware

Magic Pipe cannabis oil comes in simply packaged and branded borosilicate glass syringes with a squat profile. The type of syringe makes for a fairly easy to dispense oil, though the resealable cap doesn’t hold a seal particularly well, meaning that it does tend to slowly leak from the syringe if not used all at once.

I used it to refill a cartridge but left a small amount in the syringe to see how well the seal would hold. I wouldn’t recommend relying on it much if you can manage it. If you must then consider drawing the oil back into the syringe to leave open headspace and storing it tip-up.

Magic Pipe labeling
The labeling on the Magic Pipe syringe is simple but stylish and effective. It also conveys some information about strain and potency, not always the case with oil labeling.

Quality oil that won’t let you down

Magic Pipe’s syringes are filled with CO2 oil of various strains. On this occasion, I picked up a Girl Scout Cookies syringe. The oil is thick and viscous, not overly liquid, and its smell is immediately exceptionally pleasant and made me eager to try it. Its color is a rich gold and flows smoothly, reminiscent of honey. This makes for a good number of hits where drawing thick clouds won’t immediately drain out a sizable fraction of your cart, assuming you’re using it to fill a cart and not doing individual dabs.

Magic Pipe CO2 oil delivers good flavor and intoxicating smell

Its flavor profile is smooth, almost creamy with some very light but not at all unpleasant bitter undertones. Its flavor is incredibly reminiscent of cream soda, with a creamy primary note and slight bitter undertones. It’s not offensively strong or fake but it is quite distinctive and characterful.

Smooth hits, long-lasting highs

The hits delivered by the oil provide a very euphoric and creative high with relaxing elements as well. Perfectly suited to chilling out after a long day and having some fun. The hits are also silky smooth, not something that will leave you wanting to cough up a lung after even a small hit. The taste is also clean on the palate, not leaving any lingering unpleasant tastes or anything of the sort.

Magic Pipe cannabis oil syringes provide good value for the cost

While their prices are pretty standard for this area, right around $40-60 a half gram at the time of this writing, the potency and flavor they offer are exceptional. Many of the competitors at the same price point don’t deliver on such smooth and flavorful hits. It’s very common for similar price oils to be much thinner.

Magic Pipe oil syringe on paper
The oil in the Magic Pipe syringes delivers a heady high without bringing in over the top flavors. Well suited to those that prefer something a little on the subtle side.

Thinner oils will drain more quickly and leave you with an empty cart in no time flat. In the case of dabbing a thinner oil can be better controlled but is often indicative of a less potent oil. Magic Pipe’s offerings can even compete with some distillates I’ve come across, though not all, and of course, it’s at a cheaper price point than most distillates.

In closing on this Magic Pipe CO2 oil review…

I would definitely recommend Magic Pipe’s syringes to those looking for oil syringes. Whether looking for potency or flavor or even a bargain. It covers all the bases and delivers on every one of them well. My only criticism on them would be the resealable cap, but it’s a minor gripe. When using the oil to refill cartridges then it isn’t hard to empty the syringe in one go.

If you would like to read more about Magic Pipe then you can do so here. If you would like to find a store near you where it’s available you can do so here.

Have you tried Magic Pipe syringes before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!


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