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Today I will look at Peanut Butter Breath First Wash Cold Cure Hash Rosin from Feeling Frosty. They are a rapidly emerging brand that specializes in several different extraction methods including cold cure hash rosin. Feeling Frosty has won multiple awards for their Papaya in collaboration with Str8organics and Pink Lemonade with Tar Hill Cannabis. I’ve been wanting to try this brand, so I picked up their Peanut Butter Breath.  


  • Exceptional quality
  • Exceptional potency/effects
  • Excellent taste/aroma
  • Excellent medical benefits
  • Great value for hash rosin


  • None

Recommendations: More strains would be welcome.

feeling frosty

Cold cure takes place once the rosin is squished after the source plant material is put into ice water

“First wash” cold cure live rosin refers to how many times the source plant material is put into ice water, which is strained to make ice water extract, then it is squished into rosin and whipped up into cold cure hash rosin.

Similar to appearance of Cali Stripe Concentrates live rosin badder

For this review, I picked up Peanut Butter Breath, which is an Indica hybrid cross between Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath. I’ll be looking at Peanut Butter Breath from ThugPug Genetics, which is different from the Peanut Butter Cup from Clout King using a different phenotype of Mendo Breath. Even the look of this cold cure hash rosin resembles a chunky peanut butter-like consistency that has a light brown hue, similar to the look of the Sangria Peach Ringz live rosin batter from Cali Stripe Concentrates that I enjoyed last year. The sweet, creamy, and gassy aroma is very earthy and nutty with spicy cinnamon notes, reminiscent of banana bread, waffle cone and pumpkin pie.

feeling frosty close up
The taste is sweet, creamy, and gassy, reminiscent of cinnamon dessert treats and pastries

Tasty as Cali Stripe Concentrates and Kalya Extracts

The taste of this Peanut Butter Breath cold cure hash rosin is just as sweet, creamy, and gassy as the aroma suggests, reminiscent of cinnamon dessert treats and pastries. This was just as tasty as Sangria Peach Ringz live rosin batter from Cali Stripe Concentrates last year and the Golden State Banana hash rosin from Kalya Extracts I had last week. 

Slightly more powerful than some of the diamonds I’ve had 

The effects of Peanut Butter Breath hash cold cure hash rosin feels very calm, relaxing, and sedative, but cold cure hash rosin feels much more potent than other concentrates because of the very powerful full spectrum entourage effects. This hash rosin immediately relieved all pain or discomfort I may have had. As time wore on, I felt extremely relaxed and sleepy. It definitely felt stronger than most of the recent concentrates I’ve reviewed here. This was perfect for evenings and nights with very strong full spectrum entourage effects that effectively relieved me of my nerve pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

feeling frosty box

Feeling Frosty is expensive, but worth the price

Feeling Frosty cold cure hash rosin is usually priced near the top tier for live and/or hash rosin. It was more slightly expensive than both the live rosin batter from Cali Stripe Concentrates and the Golden State Banana hash rosin from Kalya Extracts. In my opinion, it’s absolutely worth the expensive price since the effects would help anyone suffering from any chronic pain. It would also help anyone with any other debilitating health issues. I would recommend the quality, taste, strength, smoothness, and value of Feeling Frosty cold cure hash rosin, especially for its several medical benefits. The THC % of this batch of Peanut Butter Breath First Wash Cold Cure is 67.65% and the total CBD is 0.26%.


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Feeling Frosty delivers on taste, aroma, effects, and medical benefits 

Overall, Feeling Frosty is one of the best cannabis concentrates that I’ve reviewed here so far because it delivers on everything including taste, aroma, effects and medical benefits across the board. Feeling Frosty is currently in limited batches in select dispensaries throughout California. Their concentrates are currently sourced from several growers such as Humboldt Legacy Organics, Str8Organics, Cookies California, Tar Hill Cannabis, Golden State Banana, Synergy Cannabis, Clout King Canna, 3rd Gen Family, and Big Al’s Exotics.

What are your thoughts on Feeling Frosty? Did you try it? Comment below or in our forum!


  1. Very impressive review!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ super informative and appreciate your time and passion for cannabis. Not only do I enjoy smoking top quality cannabis, but I sell these products at work. I would love to hear your reviews on Frosty’s papaya, kosher zkittles, and Gak PaK. Customers all day long ask for information like this, again, much appreciated!

    • Thank you! P.S. I would highly recommend Bananalicious, White Gummy, Zookies and Cream and Citrus Sunset from Feeling Frosty’s lineup this year. However, I haven’t tried Papaya, Kosher Zkittles, and Gak Pak.


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