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Verano is a company that provides a variety of THC products, from herb to disposables and cartridges. Here I picked up the Verano Travelers wild berry disposable. Travelers is their sub-brand where they focus mainly on disposables. Although the one I picked up is only .3G disposables, it can still be efficient with its potent oil quality. Here we talk more about what we think on this disposable pen.


  • Potent oil
  • Amazing taste
  • Smooth yet strong hits


  • Not as efficient
  • Only .3 grams of distillate
  • Somewhat pricey for the amount of distillate

Recommendations: Have them lower the prices on these disposables (at least here in the state of Illinois).

Licensing Information: verano™ Brands G-17-00006

Verano Travelers delivers a great and convenient hardware

verano travelers disposable
Being only .3 grams. the built makes it very portable and discrete to take anywhere on the go.

First off, the hardware from this disposable makes it very easy to use and convenient take anywhere you go. Because it’s smaller than typical half gram disposables, this makes it very discrete. The only down side of this disposable is that it isn’t rechargeable, so if it dies than you can’t smoke the remaining of the oil. But because it’s only .3 grams, you shouldn’t have to worry about dying before finishing your distillate.

Strong and potent oil, giving a smooth and lasting high

verano travelers thc
Totaling up to 90% THC, this disposable delivers quality and strong hits. The best part is that it’s so smooth, you won’t even realize it’s that potent until the high creeps up on you.

Right away, taking a look at the oil, I knew that this pen was going to be really good. Coming in 74% THC and a total of 90% THC, I can say this disposable is very strong and potent. The oil does not move at all, it’s very thick and has a nice light gold color to it. Unlike most street carts where the oil consistency is always different or thin, you can tell right away this oil is of quality.

Furthermore, this specific strain, Wildberry, is an Indica and gives such a nice and mellow body high. You only really need a few hits to feel and stay high. But as a heavy smoker, as always I did take multiple hits more often than not. This did lead to me finishing the disposable within a few days, but it kept me feeling great all throughout my day.

Wildberry Travelers give very smooth and savory hits

Taking my first hit, I loved the taste of this disposable right away. Giving such a sweet, berry like flavor, you can really taste the terpenes in this pen. Verano really did a great job in mixing their terpenes here. Not harsh at all nor does it give a bad aftertaste, I enjoyed the taste all throughout the pen. I let a few people rip this pen and every single one loved the taste right away.

Can be fairly efficient but still won’t last long

This is the only thing that I don’t like about these disposables. Because they’re only .3 grams, I personally went through this pen in less than 3 days. And that’s only because I was conserving it, otherwise I could’ve easily finished it a lot quicker. The good thing is that because of how thick and potent the oil is, it isn’t too hard to conserve it. As mentioned earlier, all you really need is a few hits to feel great.

Verano Travelers vs Nature’s Grace Joos disposable

verano travelers vs natures grace joos
Both equivalent in THC percent and amount of distillate, they’re both great disposables to try out. From the oil to the taste, it all leads to preference as to which one is better.

Comparing these two is very difficult, I believe that they both deliver quality, potent and tasteful hits. Having tried multiple Nature’s Grace Joos disposable strains, it can be hard comparing the two, all leading to preference. They both contain quality distillate, giving such a sweet taste and providing a euphoric and lasting high.

Personally, I do prefer the Verano’s just because of how amazing it tastes. Furthermore, I do have to say both disposables taste really great. But there is something about the Wildberry travelers that makes it taste so good, you never get tired of the taste. The only thing about these two is that the Verano’s is less efficient. I did end up finishing it a lot quicker than the Nature’s Grace. Apart from that, Nature’s Grace cost less, because of this I have been picking those ones more often than Verano’s. Otherwise, as far as oil quality, potency and high, they both are really great and top notch.

Overall, the Verano’s Travelers is well worth the experience

If you ever encounter one of these disposables, I would highly recommend you try it at least once. The price for it is $40, but only with a medical card here in Illinois. It may be pricey for just .3 grams of distillate and as mentioned earlier personally I did finish it very quickly. They do sell half gram disposables but that’s nearly double the price. I really hope they lower the prices for these, just because of how amazing they are. Otherwise, I definitely would tell anyone to try it at least once, the flavor of this pen is just too great. You can find more on their company here.

Have you tried the Verano Travelers Disposable yourself and have some thoughts you’d like to share? Comments or questions? Post your review and comment below or in our forum!


  1. It seems like all pens batteries fell before the juice does. I have one Rechargeable and was here looking at this one. Not a Rechargeable still looking

  2. Have their products been tested for pesticides? do you know how the oil is?
    I found a few carts being sold at dispos in IL and found out they were really, really loaded with pesticides. Found out they were hiding it too.
    Let me know if you know!

  3. I Purchased 5 of their watermelon disposable pens just like this one in the review.
    All 5 died before the tank was 1/2 empty.
    I’ll never purchase another verano disposable pen.


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