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Yep, you heard right! Smoke Unhappy Carts by Lil Pump is a new and upcoming company from Lil Pump himself that features THC oil vape cartridges. In this review, we picked up Maui Wowie, that gave an amazing taste and a lasting high.


  • Great Taste
  • Nice and uplifting high
  • Good oil quality


  • No lab results

Recommendations: Provide authentic lab results.

Smoke Unhappy Carts by Lil Pump: Overall great THC oil vape cartridges

Unhappy is Lil Pump’s merch company, selling a variety of clothes and accessories. Furthermore, Lil Pump recently came out with his own and separate smoke shop brand, selling products like cartridges, pre-rolled blunts, grinders and more. Because of how new these carts are, there’s little information to be found about them and unfortunately no lab results yet. Hopefully they plan on getting some pesticides test soon.

Website Now Available

Smoke Unhappy recently opened their website to the public! This is a relevant website selling multiple products. From selling merchandise, specifically shirts to selling CBD, Grinders and Vape Pens.

Smoke Unhappy – Maui Wowie gives a great, smooth taste and a euphoric high

unhappy carts by lil pump
The packaging to these cartridges are very unique and have their own style to them.

The flavor of this cartridge, Maui Wowie, has to be my personal favorite feature about these Unhappy Carts. Maui Wowie gives such a sweet, tropical like taste all through out the cartridge. With no bad aftertaste or any drawbacks, this flavor is so tasteful, it made me keep hitting it consistently.

Along with that comes an uplifting and lasting high with just a few hits. I did enjoy everything about the taste and the high of these Unhappy Carts. The only thing is that the potency of the oil didn’t match the consistency of it. Although the oil felt strong, the oil was pretty thin for me, personally.

Smoke Unhappy Carts oil has a strong gold color, but is fairly thin

unhappy vape cartridge oil quality
The oil may seem strong and potent, but does move very quickly. This may be because of the amount of terpenes it has.

With Maui Wowie being a pleasant sativa, this flavor gave me a happy and uplifting high. The only thing about them is how light I personally thought the oil was. This could explain why it tasted so good, but because the oil was thin, it does burn easily. It’s not that the oil isn’t potent, because it did get me baked with a few hits. But I personally would prefer if the oil was thicker, even if it means less terpenes.

Smoke Unhappy Carts Were Not as efficient due to its consistency

I did tend to go through these Unhappy Carts a lot quicker than I thought. The main reason was because of its levels of oil consistency, As mentioned earlier, the oil was fairly thin and light. Again, this doesn’t mean that the oil was weak, because it was strong, it’s just a little too thin for me, making it easier to go through.

The cartridge itself broke apart halfway through the cart

unhappy carts previous cartridge
Show above you can see how the atomizer broke apart, barely half way through the cartridge.

As I was smoking this cartridge, the more I kept smoking it the more I realized that the cartridge hardware itself isn’t as quality. Halfway done with the cart, it started giving harsh hits. Not because of the oil, rather because I felt as if the cartridge wasn’t burning evenly due to its bad hardware.

Not only this, but the cartridge itself, specifically the atomizer, actually broke while connected to my Vessel battery. This was a bit upsetting because I actually did like the oil and taste of the distillate itself. But all I did was exchange the oil from one cartridge to another one and it was all good again. This did waste a little bit of distillate, but I’d rather have that than waste the whole cartridge all together.

Recently upgraded their cartridge to a CCELL

lil pump carts Instagram

This really does make a huge difference as to the efficiency and the way these hit. This unique CCELL cartridge is probably one of the first cart to have such a unique cartridge, at least that I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately we haven’t tried these yet, we picked up the first cartridge version before these ones came out. When ever we encounter these, we will update this post and give our opinion on them.

Above all, Smoke Unhappy Carts are amazing and definitely recommended

Overall, I really did enjoy almost everything about these cartridges. From the lasting high, to the amazing taste, I do highly recommend anyone try these if they ever encounter them. The only thing that I don’t like is how there are no lab results out yet. Regardless of how good a cartridge is, without any pesticide test it can be susceptible to have artificial flavors. Again, this company is still relatively new, so we hope they update and get some official results out.



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