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Humboldt Farms is a cannabis company based in Arcata, California and started in 2017. They produce flower, pre-rolls, carts and live resin. They offer top shelf quality products and also openly endorse a variety of charities. Following the devastating North Bay fires they have focused their charity efforts around wildfire relief efforts. In this review we’ll be checking out their strawberry sherbet cartridge and seeing if they’re more than just a well-crafted PR front. Their products are available all over the Bay Area, LA Area and in much of NorCal.


  • Fantastic flavor from the first hit to the last
  • Long lasting high
  • Thick oil that drains slowly


  • Lab testing resources could be more prominently displayed

Suggestions: The only major critique I have for Humboldt Farms is that in the current time with all the concerns over cartridge purity they should more prominently display their batch testing and resources to cross-check it yourself.

Licensing Information: Humboldt Farms C11-0000039-LIC

Humboldt Farms cart external package
The packaging used by Humboldt Farms is both unique and stylish. Not only that, but it’s also a wonderfully reusable travel container for joints and the brand stickers easily peel off.

Humboldt Farms carts show devotion to sustainability throughout

The cartridges on offer by Humboldt Farms come in a rather unique metal case instead of the usual laminated cardboard and/or plastic of most others. Inside the packaging, the cart held in place by a folded piece of paper instead of a plastic holster. Aside from some minimal plastic wrap on the exterior to adhere to tamper-proofing standards the whole of the packaging is recyclable. On top of that the metal case that the carts come in is a fantastic fit for using as a hard case to transport your joints without worry of squishing or breaking. The labels are also very well designed, easily readable and both unique and eye catching enough to make them easy to spot on a shelf.

Humboldt Farms cart internal package
Instead of a foam insert the cart is held in place with a folded paper holder. It’s well printed and with a nice gradient that looks nice and would also be incredibly difficult to counterfeit.

Where there’s thick and flavorful vape clouds there’s fire oil

The hardware used is standard CCELL but instead of a ceramic, metal or acrylic mouthpiece they use a natural wood one. This seemed strange to me at first, and still does, but it works perfectly and it seems to wick up a bit of the oil from the cart. This means that the mouthpiece itself consistently smells like the oil, making for a particularly pleasant vaping experience. The oil performs incredibly well, delivering dense clouds that are full of great flavor. On top of this the high it grants is a long-lasting one and the oil drains fairly slow, a half gram lasted me multiple days of very heavy use.

Humboldt Farms cart
The mouthpiece of the cart is real, natural wood and soaks up the smell of the oil in a particularly pleasing way.

Cartridges from Humboldt Farms as rich a palete as a verdant forest

The flavor on offer from Humboldt Farms’ carts is right on par with other top shelf brands like Korova. At which point it stands perfectly shoulder-to-shoulder with the best. The Strawberry Sherbet strain which I tried had an absolutely delightful taste. Fruity upfront followed by subtle green and herbal tones and a lingering flowery aftertaste. Completely natural in flavor profile and without the slightest of chemical aftertastes. Not a hint of burnt bitterness even to the last hits. One can’t ask for any better from flavor unless you’re in fantasy land. Even then I feel like the flavor of these carts is pretty dreamy and would fit in well there. For any who enjoy a tasty vaping experience I couldn’t recommend this one more.

Humboldt Farms cart on vaporizer
Humboldt Farms delivers a tasty cart that can compete with the best and has a very eye-catching, recognizable look.

Clouds that will send you up to the clouds with them

Not only is the flavor top notch but this cart also offers a wonderful and long-lasting high which is both productive and relaxing. A nice balance of heady and body high that takes the edge off of aches and pains while also filling you with creative and euphoric energy. If you take enough to really send you to the stars then it’s also well suited for relaxing into bedtime. With such a well rounded high it’s a good choice for practically any type of user. Whether looking for pain relief, inspiration, relaxation, appetite or sleep aid it will do the job.

Humboldt Farms cart natural wood sanded edges
Here you can see the sanding marks on the rounded edges of the mouthpiece, clearly illustrating that it’s solid natural wood.

Uncompromising quality, competitive pricing

Humboldt Farms carts are of top-shelf quality but priced right at or below much of the top-shelf competition. I was able to find a half gram cart for $38 and right around $40 seems quite normal. Other high-end brands are quite commonly closer to $50 or $60 in this area. The pricing makes it easy to compete with the best in the field. It also makes it a good pick for anyone who’s tight on the budget but wants quality.

In closing on this Humboldt Farms cart review…

I would highly recommend this cart to all users, I have no major critiques for it and it sells for a competitive price. Especially for those who have a liking for tongue pleasing flavors in their vape this is an excellent choice.

If you would like to read more about Humboldt Farms you can do so at their website here. Want to get one of their carts for yourself? You can do that here.

Have you tried Humboldt Farms carts as well? Questions or comments? Post below or in the forum!



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