Heavy Hitters and Alpine Vapor are two of the most popular THC oil cartridge brands out today. We already have in depth reviews of Heavy Hitters and Alpine Vapor cartridges individually. Here these prefill vape carts go head to head.

Heavy Hitters vs Alpine Vapor – HH Takes The Win

Heavy Hitters vape cartridge overall score: 9.3

Heavy Hitters review overview
High marks in a lot of categories for Heavy Hitters.

Alpine Vapor vape cartridge overall score: 5.7

Alpine Vapor cartridge review overview
Alpine Vapor carts have great taste, but not much else.

Heavy Hitters Is For Hard Hits, Some Might Want Alpine Vapor

Most of our readers are looking for the strongest hit without pesticides. Heavy Hitters takes the cake and beats Alpine Vapor in every other category. Users looking for something not as strong still might want to go with Alpine. However, they use old technology on the carts. For maximum strength see what we named the strongest THC oil cartridge of 2018.



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