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Here we review the Fuze Extracts cartridge. Overall, this thing has good strength, but the most noticeable thing about it is how smooth it hits. There’s an extra smooth hit you can get from this cartridge that we have not seen yet replicated.


  • Smooth hits
  • Quality hardware
  • Clean oil


  • Lower THC amount than some other carts

Recommendations: We would like to see higher THC versions and those might already be coming available soon.

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Fuze Extracts deliver smooth hits on great hardware

Fuze Extracts packaging
Here we see the packaging of Fuze Extracts – Bubblegum Kush

The Fuze Extracts cartridge that we tried here was at the 78% THC range. Not the highest, but definitely not the lowest. The only thing we would like to see in the future is a higher THC cart to make this a tiny bit stronger.

There was no lack of strength on this cartridge but it did not get as strong as the other cartridges from Roots Extracts, Cannavative and Tumbleweed Extracts which are other brands available at the same shops. You can’t deny that this is overall a great quality product.

I bet that if we have a higher THC percentage cartridge, which probably will have in the future or may have already out, it would result in a much stronger experience and this would be one of the top cartridges available. Fuze Extracts seems to be a relatively new brand.

Fuze reminds me of when Lucid Oils first came on the Nevada scene. They had mostly syringes in the high 60% range for THC. You could tell they were using a unique process and creating exceptional quality oil, but it just wasn’t super strong yet. Now Lucid makes some of the strongest oil you can get in any state and we pick up their stuff every time we go to Tsaa Nesunkwa in Ely. I think we’ll see the same from Fuze in the near future.

Fuze Extracts design and build quality is great, they’re using TH2 glass CCELL carts

CCELL’s design is pretty simple, it’s a ceramic core vaporizer and it is typically used with a glass or polycarbonate cartridge. Here, they use the TH2 glass cartridge and that’s a good move. Glass is better and overall more efficient since less wax will stick on the side.

Build quality is top-notch, as expected

The build quality on this is top-notch because CCELL makes some of the best cartridges around. There’s really nothing to complain when it comes to its build quality. Thick glass, quality hits, and reliability – those are all the things that you expect from CCELL and Fuze made a good choice by not going with some off-brand.

Strength is well above average for Fuze Extracts cartridges

Fuze Extracts back view of packaging
THC comes in at 78.82% which is above average and I bet they will have stronger ones soon.

The strength is well above average here and better than the average brand that you will get anywhere. However, the strength was not what I would call “death strong” and there are definitely stronger brands out there.

On the California side, I thought Aces Extracts was stronger and on the Nevada side, Cannavative and Roots are stronger. However, this is the highest THC percentage available for Fuze Extracts that they had at TheDispensary at the time we were there. It’s very likely that there will be higher THC percentages available if not already and we will pick one up when its there and retry this. You can tell that Fuze Extracts is made well so definitely its worth trying again.

What I have noticed is that most of the cartridges on the 80s THC % range seemed to actually be the strongest. Cartridges in the 90s, often don’t have the right blend of everything besides the THC to make it super strong.

Not to say that we haven’t had some stronger cartridges that were in the 90s, but the absolute strongest on effects so far have been in the 80s.

Oil quality for Fuze Extracts is exceptional

Fuze Extracts oil quality is simply amazing. Whatever they’re doing to make it this smooth seems like a good process. Fuze is a clear 10 out of 10 when it comes to oil quality. There are no consistency changes, and the color stayed consistent until the end of the cartridge.

Very impressive taste, not artificial at all

Fuze Extracts has a unique taste to it but it’s not an artificial taste. It tastes like some really well-made oil. I would say that it even tastes better than many live resins that I’ve had even though its a distillate. Taste is definitely top-notch here.

Efficiency is as good as it gets

As mentioned before, they’re using a CCELL cartridge on here so efficiency is about as good as it gets. There are few cartridges out there that are slightly more efficient, like the SPRK cartridge but those are not yet even available as a pre-fill option.

Number of puffs is really good

Fuze Extracts oil seems to vape really slow, we got a lot of puffs out of this. Even though its not the absolute strongest, the fact that you can get so many puffs out of it compared to other cartridges increases the value as well.

Fuze Extracts provides an excellent value especially to someone that isn’t trying to be blown away

The fact that the Fuze Extracts oil lasts really long, its really high quality and it tastes great. It’s also super smooth which gives its great value. This range of THC cartridge too would be ideal for a user who likes to vape semi-frequently and does not wanna get super stoned. At $39 per cart from The Dispensary at Las Vegas, this was a great value.

Concluding out Fuze Extracts review…

Fuze Extracts cartridge
We have here a snap of their CA box packaging from their Instagram account.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with Fuze Extracts. This site is generally geared towards strength and the strongest cartridges usually win. However, Fuze Extracts is so great with smoothness and oil quality, I think this is still a great cartridge and its still pretty strong.

I’m really looking forward to trying Fuze Extracts again when I see another THC cartridge available from them that’s in the 80s, I think they will be upgrading all the strength items all as well.

You can visit the Fuze Extracts website here. Follow them on their official Instagram account here. What are your thoughts on the Fuze Extracts? Post your review below! Question or comment? Post a comment below or in our forum!


  1. I wonder if it is smooth because of the pinene. I heard pinene is the best for your lungs and limonene is the worst. This pen has very high pinene scores. When your lungs are messed up and you need to get better, try pinene.


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