CannaClear is a THC vape cart brand which has been kicking around for years. It’s been so long that we can’t believe we haven’t covered it before, but consider the name is composed of two of the most generic prefixes and suffixes in cannabis carts, “canna” and “clear.” We found at least three other companies under the same name.

CannaClear is not to be confused with…

The Delta 8 brand. That’s a completely different outfit, albeit there’s bound to be confusion which could lead to crossover packaging. The Delta 8 CannaClear is a registered LLC, licensed, and reviewed by one of our staff.

There’s also a “” which is described as cannabis product certification platform, ironically enough.

And there’s an industrial hemp cosmetics line in China by the same name.


Beyond that, we have tracked down other variations of the CannaClear name / logo / packaging that might have been counterfeit attempts or products set out to have the same name. One “official” Twitter account for CannaClearExtracts (in northern Cali, established 2016) links only to the Facebook page with the alternative logo / brand on that page. Note that the Facebook profile lists CannaClear as a “janitorial service.” Just one more detail we have to let go unexplained.

We believe CannaClear started out affiliated with a hiphop artist

We’ll cut to the closest thing we have to an answer right now: By the time we got to Instagram, we noticed many posts tagged “CannaClear” mentioned “AllBay.” They seem quite chummy.


That’s from April 2016. This AllBay outfit is all about plugging Cannaclear for awhile.




Still plugging them as late as 2017. So OK, we dig up All Bay Music and lo and behold: scroll to the bottom right corner and they list their affiliates, starting with “” It actually links to a “.net” domain, but anyway they both seem long dead. Whois says the “.com” was registered in October of 2015 and renewed as late as June 2019. There never was a “.net.”

We’ve seen this before with hiphop artists and cannabis brands. Xzibit has owned Brass Knuckles, for instance. The infamous Runtz was supposed to be started by an artist of the same name. There seems to be an epidemic of musicians who launch vape cart brands with no license, regulation, or brand control, and then the bootlegs just pass around forever.

That’s our CannaClear theory. We also can’t find any trace of the packaging being sold on any of the usual packaging sites, despite the carts being rampant on the street. Since the carts don’t grow on trees, the only other possible explanation is a private distributor here in the states, maybe passing it around through underground sesh channels. All Bay Music is in San Francisco, naturally, so we’d assume the CannaClear carts would stay in north Cali. Yet this Reddit thread pegs them in Chicago, popular there for awhile. So they’re getting shipped around somehow.


Further clues to CannaClear’s origins

We just may have found the graphic artist who did the logo, or at least an artist who worked on package design for an edible edition of CannaClear, which we have not seen anywhere else. It’s been nothing but carts as far as we find.


We can top that: This listing is on a banana-republic-tier freelance job site (In freelancing, if it isn’t UpWork right now, it’s a rip-off). The patron is trying to get a copywriter for CannaClear back in 2016.


You see the predominant CannaClear logo in the upper left? The green and blue one, most common form of the logo. Wait, let’s zoom in on that product box shot…


They got it BACKWARDS! The graphic part in the circle is backwards and also a different color scheme. We know it isn’t a mirror-shot because the text “satisfaction 100% guaranteed” is running forwards. The text font of the name is different on the boxes too. The same person who put up the logo on the left put up the product photo on the right.

Is everybody associated with this brand as mad as a March hare???

CannaClear floods the streets with no license in sight

We hardly have space to scratch the surface with all the CannaClear dealers we’ve found. Starting with the LeafedOut plugs:


There’s a Chicago plug.


A Maryland CannaClear dealer.


Another in Illinois.


The rarely-spotted Facebook plug.


Twitter plug offering in Sacramento, California. We’re going with some screenshots here because when we post direct links, the accounts tend to vanish within hours for _some_ _strange_ _reason_.

We of course find the usual Instagram flood of copycat “official” Cannaclear vendors. We’ll spare the usual list to highlight a few oddballs.


With an uncommon amount of chutzpah, this user deigned to put the trademark symbol next to the CannaClear brand name (that is impossible in several dimensions at once), despite going private and linking to nothing but a revolting YouTube prank video. The video even has him doing this speech addressing concerns people have with CannaClear’s legitimacy, so he reassures us that these are good because “I know that my source is good” and “I’ve been puffing on this for about three weeks yo.”


Gosh, with reassurances like that, why do we even need lab tests? When my health is on the line, I’ll bet my lungs on the guy wearing his COVID-19 mask on his chin. /s

We’re going to designate “MrTHC” the new “iSmokeUnlicensedCarts,” since the latter YouTube channel has been inactive for a year now.

Back to Instagram:


The self-proclaimed “momma” of CannaClear also claims to be its founder and CEO. She also links back to the “janitorial” Facebook account. Uses the standard logo on Instagram, Facebook has the alternative. I’m telling you, “mad as March hares,” you can quote me.


This account sports yet another variation on the standard CannaClear logo. We’ve seen a green one and a brown one mostly, and here somebody runs a Photoshop metal filter on it. You may have also noticed that sometimes there’s writing around the outside of the logo saying “established in” and a date. The dates range from 2000 to 2015 so far, or sometimes there is no date.


Look who got “CannaClearOfficial”! No posts, one follower, the sixth version of the logo we’ve seen now.

Everybody is looking for CannaClear info and finding nothing

We’re reaching epic length for this blog post, so we’ll try to make this short and sweet. Suffice to say, thousands of Reddit vapers have found these cartridges and posted to ask if they’re fake. At this point, we’ve blown apart any possibility of the product being centrally produced, or else they’d be able to get the logo right. Even on the same page. So the answer would be a resounding “duh, yes, fake!”

  • 11 days ago: Redditor in Chicago we mentioned earlier
  • 24 days ago: Video shows that these cartridges are engraved on the bottom
  • 7 months ago: Sharp-eye Redditor did their own investigation, noted the different origin dates in different logos, also this is a “water clear” variation
  • 1 year ago: Notes fake lab tests alleged to be from SC Labs
  • 1 year ago: This user reports chest pain after hitting a CannaClear
  • 8 months ago: Readers suspect synthetics
  • 6 months ago: Different package, 2.2 grams?
  • 5 months ago: User reports “perfume” taste
  • 5 months ago: User reports new packaging with SC Labs stickers

About those SC Labs tests: We see these stickers on a lot of CannaClear boxes, but not all of them. However, the test itself is bogus. We scanned that QR Code on the Reddit post video of a CannaClear box and this is what we get:


In the first place, that’s not a CannaClear cartridge in the photo. They might as well have been testing rocks from Mars for all the relevancy this has to what you’re vaping. In the second place, it says right at the top of the lab test sheet:

“QUALITY ASSURANCE TEST ONLY – Not for retail sale”

So if you see a cart with a QR Code that leads to this page, that’s fraud right there.

We repeat this again and again around here, there is no information provided in a R&D / QA lab test that relates to the product in front of you. If it’s not a California COA, it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

I, for one, am fed up with this problem, and now call on all cannabis labs to STOP doing QA or R&D tests at all until they can stamp it in bigger letters across the entire sheet: NOT A VALID TEST. “If you see this test on a commercial retail product for sale, the vendor has committed fraud.” It is too easy for the general public to assume all lab tests mean the product is safe. They can’t read this fine print on a phone screen.

Conclusion: Fake fake fake!

I started out assuming this brand was a single-source black market product, not licensed and regulated, but better than a Chinese boof box brand. However, the clumsy parade of stupidity, ineptitude, and outright fraud have convinced me that CannaClear is not better than the worst of the faked brands. Stay away, avoid it like the plague, treat it like the Grim Reaper is trying to sell you Danks.

Oh, but look. They have their own coffee mug.


You know what they could have spent that money on instead? A LICENSE SO PEOPLE DON’T DIE FROM VAPING BOOF!

Readers, is this the most ridiculous fake cart saga you’re read yet? Why is it always the musicians’ brands that crash and burn so hard? Share your wisdom in the comments below or in our merry forums.



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