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We will select 6 winners to each receive 1 of these PodTones disposable vapes by Nov. 1st, 2022.


We now return you to TR Sun’s review, already in progress:


I’m really excited to tell y’all about the Podtones vaporizers. This set of 4 inhale-to-activate disposable vaporizers has a cool design that feels colorful but also minimalist.


  • Great variety
  • Good taste
  • Effectiveness


  • Rechargeable USB cable not included

Recommendations: None


The PodTones come fully charged 

The pods are charged via a micro USB cable which is literally my only complaint because I didn’t have one already. Luckily Podtones come fully charged in the box so I still got a few days of use of them before I even had to think of going to grab a charger. And aside from that one thing, everything else about my experience with Podtones has been incredible. 

There are 4 different disposable vapes by Podtones: 

podtones all

Best to combine the pods

In my opinion, the best way to use the PodTones is to be able to switch as you feel when you need a different effect. Up is an incredible vape for the mornings or just when you would like to remain alert and have the ability to focus on whatever it is you need.

Fun is just that it’s the vape I would take out for the Netflix marathon. It’s very relaxing while also keeping you pretty solid in terms of the head high.

Chill is my favorite one for the moment you have between switching tasks. After completing one thing regardless of how hard it may have been, frequently as adults we simply just have to move on to the next thing with barely a second to breathe. This is what you need in that second. It just immediately brings this wave of calm with the exhale that just takes the edge and intensity off in the best way.

And lastly, the Dream vape has been great for helping me sleep. Regardless of taking melatonin or really any other remedy I cannot stay asleep for more than a few hours consecutively. I am almost guaranteed to wake up. Having the Dream Podtones vaporizer next to me definitely helped with that. Although it didn’t magically fix my sleep issues it allowed me to relax through the times when I couldn’t sleep so at least I could still rest even if I was awake and that is just as important for someone like me who may only be fully knocked out 2-3 hours at a time. Definitely the best sleep aid or relaxing weed I’ve tried if you add the caveat of not lasting so long I wake up high too. 

podtones details

Final thoughts 

Another highlight from the Podtones is how much the Up vape made me feel like I would want to hit it again. I frequently find intense head highs to be overwhelming and not so enjoyable but this was everything but that. Also, the people at Podtones were really nice and put in a little piece that can attach your vape to the back of your phone case when you aren’t using it so it doesn’t get lost.

I love that because it’s so small and simple but still cool and helpful. I definitely would recommend picking up all four strains from Podtones and using them to help you have a nice balanced and varied high.

You can find out more about PodTones here.

Have you tried the PodTones? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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