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The Post-Pandemic Digitization Of The Medical Marijuana Industry

Editors note: This is a guest post, and does not reflect general staff opinion. We're in one of the most exciting times in history when it...

Trym – Cannabis Grower’s Software

Trym is a seed-to-sale cannabis cultivation management software app built from the ground up for commercial growers, with Metrc compliance integration.
Kanvas hardware and software innovation

Kanvas: Vape Hardware and Software

Kanvas is a vape hardware and software company based in Newport Beach, CA. They specialize in high tech vaping innovation.

Different Dab Surfaces For Flavor, Function, and Effect

A discussion of dabbing materials and surfaces, including quartz, borosilicate, titanium, silicon carbide, obsidian, ruby, and sapphire. Dab science!
Viridian Sciences software overview

Viridian Sciences : Cannabis Focused Software

Viridian Sciences is a software company based out of Pleasant Grove, Utah. They develop seed-to-sale ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), for managing a complete cannabis...
AiroClean420 review

AiroClean420 : Stop Powdery Mildew, No Emissions

AiroClen420 is a NASA-developed and industry-proven air sanitation technology that has been a significant Preventive Control in helping the Food & Beverage Industries protect...
em3 methodology information

EM3 Methodology: A Complete Solution in Formulating MDI’s

Business information for EM3 Methodology. The company specializes in metered-dose inhalers (MDI) and dry powder inhalers (dpi).

CannVerify: Blockchain Tracking for the Cannabis Industry

CannVerify uses blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of cannabis products.

Purpl Pro: New Mini Testing Machine for Cannabis Potency

Review of the Purpl Pro cannabis potency testing machine made by Purpl Scientific.

BlueCheck Age Verification : Is It Helpful Or A Hindrance?

As the age of information continues to merge with real product orders, regulations aim to restrict underage web use. Entrance to a vaporizer website...

Pharmacyte Biotech : Company History, Executives, & Stock Value

Marijuana penny stocks are the talk of the town and lead to massive earnings or heart breaking losses. Pharmacyte Biotech is another company that...

BHO Wax Continued. Dangers, Impurities and How to Know What’s Good

The DANGERS of Making Your Own BHO Wax There is a lot of misleading information on making BHO wax floating around online. The advice “just...

What Is BHO Wax and How Is It Made?

What is BHO? One of the most interesting developments in the weed industry has been the growth of hash oil. This powerful form of marijuana delivers...

The History of Vaping : They Are Older Than You Think!

Vaping History: Going Way Back In Time You're not even close. You probably thought vaping was invented by hippies in the 60s, but really, you're...