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For this review, we will take a look at the Inhalco Stinger Electric Nectar Collector. Inhalco offers a variety of pipes, dab rigs, bongs, honey straws, nectar collectors, one-hitter dugouts, and different smoking accessories. You can find our overview of the company here. We also reviewed their silicone glass nectar collector here. We will detail our experience objectively as always in our non-affiliate reviews. The Inhalco Stinger Electronic Nectar Collector kit currently runs for $179.98. For this review, I will see if their latest Inhalco Stinger nectar collector is an improvement over the Toker E-Straw.


  • Longer-lasting battery life
  • Smoother water filtration
  • Fast heat-up time
  • More efficient coilless tip
  • Better overall value than the Toker E-Straw


  • None

Recommendations: None

inhalco complete stinger kit

The Inhalco Stinger nectar collector improves upon the Toker E-Straw in almost every way

The Stinger is the latest nectar collector to be released from Inhalco, in collaboration with HUMAN SUCKS. It improves upon their previously released Toker E-Straw in a number of ways. First, the kit includes a borosilicate glass bubbler attachment. This feature is for better water filtration to provide a much smoother flavor. Secondly, the Toker E-Straw takes 10 seconds to heat up, the Stinger only takes 5 seconds to heat up.

The Inhalco Stinger Nectar Collector itself primarily consists of:

  • Magnetic cap
  • Insulated cone
  • Ceramic heating tip
  • Main body
  • Airpath tube
  • Mouthpiece

inhalco stinger inside of kit

Wax burns evenly and slightly more efficiently than the Little Dipper and the EVRI 3-in-1 device

This still functions as a solid and efficient nectar collector even without the glass attachment for slightly more discreet usage. The hollowed ceramic tip for the Stinger is also coilless like the Toker E-Straw, so the wax burns evenly and slightly more efficiently than both the Little Dipper and the EVRI 3-in-1 device from Dip Devices. The battery life for the Stinger is slightly longer lasting than the Toker E-Straw. This Stinger nectar collector works pretty much with any kind of concentrate. This includes live resin, live rosin badder, fresh press live rosin, diamonds, and shatter. 

inhalco stinger box

The Inhalco Stinger Nectar Collector kit includes the following:

1 STINGER electronic nectar collector

An additional coilless ceramic tip

1 stainless dab tool

1 HUMAN SUCKS Silicone Container

USB-C charging cable

A set of 10 Q-tips

inhalco stinger glass package

Operating the Inhalco Stinger Electronic Nectar Collector with the glass attachment:

  • Charge the Stinger unit
  • Fill the right side (with the HUMAN SUCKS logo) of the glass bubbler with 1/3rd of water just above the percolator water filter
  • Insert the main Stinger unit into the bottom of the left side of the glass bubbler
  • Remove the magnetic cap located at the bottom of the Stinger unit
  • Press five times quickly to turn the Stinger unit on and off
  • Press three times to switch between temperature settings

Green: 550 degrees (best flavor, recommended for live resin sauce/sugar/live resin badders/live rosin badders)

Purple: 620 degrees (best for shatter/fresh press live rosin)

Blue: 680 degrees (best for live resin diamonds)

Orange: 800 degrees (most amount of vapor production)

  • Press twice to activate the auto mode
  • Hold down the power down to activate manual mode
  • Gently tap the surface of your extract with the ceramic tip

Cleaning and maintenance for the Inhalco Stinger are similar to the Toker E-Straw:

  • Turn off the Stinger unit by pressing the power button five times quickly
  • Twist off and soak the insulated cone and the silicone mouthpiece in alcohol
  • Wipe down the ceramic tip and quartz coil atomizer by using a cloth or tissue soaked with alcohol
  • Use the Q-Tips to clear the airway path and the ceramic tip of any extract or residue
  • Charge the Stinger unit in order to use for your next session


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The Stinger is a massive improvement over the Toker

So, for my final thoughts after using it for three weeks: The Inhalco Stinger might be my second favorite electronic nectar collector after the Lookah Seahorse Pro, which still wins for portability. The Stinger Electronic Nectar Collector kit is a massive improvement over the Toker E-Straw in every way. Although the overall nectar collector kit is bulkier than the Little Dipper and the EVRI 3-in-1 device, its coilless tip feels more efficient and stronger. To be fair, it is also bulkier than their Toker E-Straw, but this kit provides better and much smoother water filtration with its glass attachment. The Inhalco Stinger Electronic Nectar Collector kit currently runs for $179.98 here

Have you tried the Stinger? Let us know in the comments or on our forum.


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