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The Honey Pot vape pen is filled with premium quality THC oil. They are known for infusing their cannabis oils with essential oils. The cannabis for their oils is cultivated by Greenfield Organix. They also use state of the art techniques to manufacture Honey Pot vape pens. Their facility is in Greenfield, a city in Monterey County, California. Honey Pot vape pens are available in California.


  • Strong flavor and it tastes like a cup of tea
  • Oil is a beautiful color
  • Design is great
  • The pen gives big hits and thick clouds
  • Great High


  • I can’t see the indicator light
  • Disposable pens have a small tank

Recommendations: Add a cap over the indicator light to make it visible when you are taking a hit. A bigger tank would also be great.

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Honey Pot vape pens are a superb product overall

honey pot vape pen
Honey Pot vape pens come in a simple packaging

The oils have unique homely flavors. These vape pens hit smooth and produce thick clouds. However, they aren’t harsh. The embossed flower-within-honeycomb design and bright yellow Honey Pot battery are perfectly thematic. The oil in my Honey Pot vape pen is a beautiful color and consistency. Also, it’s bold smell permeates through the packaging. For this Honey Pot vape pen review, I tested the eucalyptus and peppermint-flavored pen. However, there’s no indication of whether the pen is sativa, indica, or hybrid.

The build is exceptional for a disposable pen

Honey Pot vape pen
Very nice colors

Honey Vape pens are compact and mostly metal. The body that houses the battery is a thin metal that is covered entirely with its design. The glass tank is tucked between the battery and black, plastic mouthpiece. The glass tank and metal battery casing really give the Honey Vape pen a substantial weight and feel.

The Honey Vape pen has a smaller tank to stay compact

Honey Pot vape pen
Small tank keeps it compact

My only problem with these disposables is the small amount of oil they come with. Much like Fuego, Honey Pot vape pens come with .3 grams of cannabis oil, which is perfect to keep the pen compact. Really, disposables are electric joints that last longer than regular joints, and I think .5 grams should be the standard.

I don’t like the size of the tank

I’ve had plenty of disposable pens that have .5 gram tanks, and even those don’t last very long. However, Honey Pot has a smaller tank and it only lasts about a day. I feel like a spoiled baby, but I do think that an extra bit of oil really makes a difference. Although it isn’t as tasty, Dompen has a decent flavor profile and a half gram of distillate.

The pen I purchased was missing a piece

The indicator light of my Honey vape pen is missing a part. Perhaps the indicator light is visible under normal circumstances, but I’ll chalk this up to issues while packaging.

The oil in Honey Vape pens is absolutely top-notch

honey pot vape pen packaging
Vague Ingredients on the box

The oil is a deep and beautiful golden hue that reminds me of honey. It vapes super smooth and has a nice consistency. Honey Vape pens ensure the cleanest cultivation and extraction process for their products, but I am unable to find any test results online.

The oils have unique blends of bold and aromatic flavors

The oil in Honey Pot vape pens is infused with essential oils from herbs and flowers. The flavors are very strong but they are not overwhelming. the pen I tested is eucalyptus peppermint and it has a kick. The mint is bold but gentle and it has a faint honey flavor on the exhale. It tastes amazing.

The peppermint oil-infused in my Honey Vape pen is strong

I wouldn’t recommend this flavor for someone that has a problem with minty flavors. It isn’t overly strong, but it gives my throat and nose a fresh feeling when I breathe. Personally love the sensation this pen gives me. Honey Pot vape pens have a flavor that makes me feel warm and fuzzy, like vaping a cup of tea.

This pen doesn’t sacrifice potency for flavor and it has a nice heavy high

The bold flavor of Honey Pot vape pens is matched by the heavy high. THC potency on the Honey Vape disposable pen is solid, testing at about 85%. The high is both physically and mentally relaxing due to particularly high CBD content. This vape pen really helps with aches and helps me sleep well.

The Honey Pot vape pen gives huge clouds and the tank empties quickly

Efficiency is standard for this style of pen except for the oil burns a bit quickly. However, the trade-off is that each hit is very large. It’s a good thing  Honey Vape pens give thick clouds, but it diminishes the meager amount of oil quickly.

I would most likely buy this disposable pen again

Honey Vape pens don’t heat up and require only a couple hits to feel the effects. They taste good and come at a standard 30$ a pen. I would buy them more regularly but I don’t want the flavors to get old. These are a good buy for anyone wanting to try something with an interesting flavor. However, the pens empty too quickly to buy them often, in my humble opinion.

Concluding this review of Honey Vape pens…

Overall this is a vape pen that is worth a try. The tank is a bit small and it doesn’t last long, but no other pen tastes quite like it. I was a bit surprised with the peppermint and some people might not like how it feels. Although the flavor really does compliment the theme of wellness it can get a bit old. Honey Pot Is potent, isn’t overwhelming. It has a nice relaxed feeling that puts me to sleep. All in all 30$ is a small price to pay for such a wholesome experience.

Check out the Honey Pot website if you want to know more about their other products. You can check for their availability in your area here.

Have you tried Honey Vape pens? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!


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