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Papa’s Herb cartridges are filled with a THC distillate  Canna Sublime manufactures. Also called Papa’s Pens and Papa’s Vape, the oil for Papa’s Herb vape cartridges is extracted from cannabis that’s cultivated pesticide-free. The farmers are experienced cultivators located throughout California, which is the only state where they are currently available.


  • Superb oil quality
  • Delicious flavor
  • Strong High
  • Huge smoke clouds


  • Bitter aftertaste

Recommendations: At this point, I can only speculate what they have planned. However, I believe gram sized carts and metal mouthpieces really suit this aesthetic.

Papa’s Herb vape cartridges are pretty great overall

papa's Herb cartridge packaging
Papa’s herb cartridge has vibrant packaging

The tank is solid glass and the base is metal, which I love. The metal is a pale gold The least of my favorites is the mouthpiece on my Papa’s Herb vape cartridge, which is plastic, but it’s solid. The oil looks absolutely amazing and super clear. This particular cartridge is compatible with 510 threaded batteries. For this Papa’s Herb vape cartridge I tested their Tangie, which is a sativa.

The cartridge is built well and has a standard design

papa's herb cartridge in hand
Papa’s herb cartridge has great oil

The cartridge feels very heavy and nice to hold. The glass tank really helps the overall feel of the cartridge and keeps the oil clean. The thick metal base gives it a pleasant boost in weight and an overall good quality feel. The plastic mouthpiece is solid. Overall the design is similar to Old Pal.

Papa’s Herb vape cartridge has a sleek gold-metal

The metal on the cartridge is a pale golden color. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it really catches the eye despite being so subtle. The color really fits the aesthetic of Papa’s Herb and it’s a great conversation piece for when you’re sharing. I’m a sucker for the little things.

Despite a thinner mouthpiece, the hits are super smooth

The Papa’s Herb vape cartridge can handle heavy vaping.  I puff some pretty thick clouds with only a 3-second drag. The cart vapes super smooth and the size of the hits surprise me.

The only problem is the mouthpiece is slightly clogged

The thinner mouthpieces are a nice touch, but my cart has developed a minor clog. Obviously not all cartridges are the same and this is far from a deal-breaker. However, if it is a thing that happens, I talk about it. The clog is not major, I just have to let the pen heat up for a second before puffing away.

The oil in Papa’s Herb vape cartridge is amazing and is my favorite thing

This distillate is some of the best looking I have seen in a very long time. I don’t know if the gold-metal base has anything to do with it, but the color is super. Papa’s Herb vape cartridge has a deep, clear, golden oil that is practically a sunset in a jar.

The flavor is absolutely stupendous

The flavors in Papa’s Herb vapes are natural, from full-spectrum terpenes. This vape has a sweet green apple flavor. It tastes a lot like candy, similar to the flavor in Dompens, but Papa’s Herb vape is much bolder. Tastes almost exactly like green Jolly Ranchers.

The only bad part is the aftertaste and slightly dry mouth

The flavor is nice even after the exhale. However, after a few seconds, there is a mild bitterness that fills my mouth. The bitter flavor is not strong, but with dry mouth, it’s all I can taste for a few seconds. The bitter flavor covers the back of my throat and stays on the tongue. It doesn’t often linger passed the first puff, though, or after a drink of water.

The distillate in Papa’s Herb vape cart has a strong high

My Papa’s Herb vape cart tested at 85% THC and about .4% CBD. As far as potency goes, these numbers are solid and the CBD is decent. The high on Papa’s Herb vape cart hits almost immediately after the second large puff. The effects make it a little hard to focus and really elevates my overall mood. Overall I say Papa’s Herb vapes are good for a hike or sharing with lively friends.

Efficiency is at an industry standard

papa's herb cartridge rear packaging
Simple packaging for Papa’s Herb cartridges

It lasts a standard amount of time. I empty the tank on Papa’s Herb vape cartridge in about a week. The wick soaks up almost all the oil which is as good as it gets.

I will most definitely be buying this whenever it becomes available

I don’t know what they’ll be priced when they release, but I would guess 35$ per cartridge. At that price, this would be a great deal. However, it’s the oil and bold flavor that would keep me coming back. Overall, I am excited about any other strains they might have in the future.

Concluding this Papa’s Herb vape review…

This vape was very surprising. The oil has spectacular color and flavor but still hits pretty strong. The high lasts a good 2 hours and leaves me feeling relaxed. I’m excited about what Papa’s Herb has in store for their vapes. If they’re anything like this Tangie I tested, I’m gonna be trying more of them. They don’t feature their vapes yet, but you can find out more about Papa’s Herb on their website.

Have you tried Papa’s Herb vapes before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!




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