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Himalaya’s live resin cartridges are filled with full-spectrum live resin. The Himalaya brand was founded in Sacramento, California. They partner with family-owned farms that cultivate premium sun-grown cannabis throughout Northern California. Himalaya has its own facility where they extract and refine oils for their carts. Himalaya live resin cartridges are available in California.


  • Tastes like flower
  • Super smooth hits
  • Nice cloud density
  • Strong high
  • Full-spectrum


  • Very bitter aftertaste
  • Tastes burnt towards the end

Recommendations: If they find a way to make it less bitter it would be perfect

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Himalaya live resin cartridges are amazing overall

himalaya vape cart
Himalaya is designed well

The cartridge itself feels substantial and well-built. The live resin looks clean and has a favorite color. Himalaya live resin cartridges have a strong musty smell that permeates the packaging. Himalaya uses high-quality full-spectrum oil that has all-natural cannabis-derived compounds. The carts fit most 510 batteries. For this Himalaya live resin cartridge review, I tested the Gelato Glue strain. The strain is an indica-dominant hybrid of gorilla glue 4 and gelato.

The build is standard for vape cartridges

himalaya vape carts
The oil is clear and clean

The mouthpiece on Himalaya live resin cartridges is metal and very shiny. The .5 gram tank is solid glass that feels very smooth and soft. So smooth that when I first touched it I thought my cartridge was leaking. The thick glass and metal body make Himalaya live resin cartridges nice to hold. The mouthpiece is ventilated well and it never got clogged. The brand logo is in the middle of the tank and looks great overall.

My Himalaya live resin cartridge is super efficient and stays cool during vaping sessions

himalaya vape carts

It only takes a second for the resin to heat up enough to vape. Because it burns so well the flavor really comes through, and it doesn’t get hot. Even when I smoke it repeatedly the vape never gets harsh. When I exhale the smoke is light and it feels like mist on my tongue. This cartridge is possibly the smoothest I’ve ever smoked

The live resin is superb quality overall

Live resin is fast becoming the favorite of many users. I love live resin cartridges because they contain more cannabis compounds than some concentrates. Himalaya live resin cartridges taste and like flower because they’re also full-spectrum. However, it also has a great high.

Full-spectrum oil is great and this cart has some of the smoothest

Because they’re full-spectrum, these carts have a complex flavor and an interesting high. Many people disregard live-resin for not being as potent as THC oil. However, the various compounds in full-spectrum resin increase the intensity of the effects. Himalaya live resin carts have some of the smoothest tasting resin on the market and are comparable to Raw Garden.

The different compounds in the live resin make all the difference

Not all live-resins are naturally full spectrum like Himalaya live resin cartridges. The natural cannabis compounds add layers to the high, making it feel more complete. The various compounds also make the taste complex and natural like flower.

I love the high on Himalaya live resin cartridges

The combining effects of all the compounds make the high spectacular. This cartridge makes me relaxed and relieves my minor aches. However, it focuses my mind and really helps me organize my thoughts. It never becomes overwhelming, but sometimes I get tunnel-vision. Surprisingly, I don’t get munchies.

My Himalaya live resin cartridge has a good amount of CBD

The cartridge I’m smoking is 1% CBD, which is above the average of other carts. CBD isn’t psychoactive like THC, but it has a strong effect on my body. This cartridge relaxes my body without couch-locking me. I smoke it all day for pain relief and it keeps me relaxed for naps.

There’s also a good amount of THCa in the live resin

The cartridge I’m vaping has a potency of 15.8% THCa. The THCa makes the effects of the high even better. Where CBD numbs the body, THCa awakens the mind. When I vape my Himalaya live resin cart, it focuses my mind and organizes my thoughts. This gives the overall high a different layer to enjoy, and I really enjoy it.

It has really great flavor in the beginning

Himalaya live resin carts have a super complex flavor. When I first puff, it tastes musty and herby like a fresh flower. However, when I exhale I get a fruity flavor that’s also a little sour. Overall it reminds me of papaya

One bad thing about the live resin is that it has a bitter aftertaste

himalaya vape carts

All the flavors I mentioned earlier come through nicely. However, it also has a bitter taste that sticks to my throat. The bitterness lingers between puffs and mixes with the other flavors. When I smoke continuously the taste gets more bitter and overpowers the other flavors.

Towards the end, it tastes too bitter

The bitterness doesn’t get any better as I vape my cart. The last 25% of my Himalaya live resin cartridge tastes like burnt something. It isn’t too bad at first, but it gets stronger over time. The strong burnt flavor mixes with the bitter aftertaste. The flavor becomes very potent because they compliment each other and that I don’t like. It becomes way too bitter.

I will definitely buy another Himalaya live resin cartridge, just not this strain

I think the strain itself is what’s bitter and I want to try another one. Everything about the flavor on this cart is amazing, but I can’t handle the bitter aftertaste. Overall it’s worth it because it vapes smooth and has a great high for a fair price. However, I really don’t like the strong bitter taste that takes over the flavors.

Concluding this Himalaya live resin cartridge review…

This cartridge is amazing overall. The high is potent and has interesting effects. The high is relaxing but it’s also very cerebral. The build is nice and there are no clogs the entire time I used it. The flavor is fruity and complex with surprising changes between inhale and exhale. It gets bitter towards the end but not enough to ruin the whole experience. I just don’t like bitter flavors and I can’t help it. However, the vape stays cool and never burns my throat.

You can check availability in your area, as well as their other products, here.

Have you tried Himalaya live resin cartridges before? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forums!


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