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Here we check out and review a Gold Leaf cartridge, particularly the Mag Landrace Gold Leaf Reserve running up a total of 88.084% THC,  Mag Landrace is an Iranian Landrace bred by Ataraxia and cultivated in Illinois. These kinds of strains are rare to come across. This strain is  100% Indica. Gold Leaf is using pure distillate cannabis oil with no additives. Overall this turned out to be a great top shelf THC vape cartridge.
  • Clean high
  • Very potent
  • Passed lab tests
  • It is completely reliable
  • It’s quite expensive

Recommendations: A cheaper option would be nice, but that might not be possible where we got this in Illinois.

What makes Gold Leaf carts unique

The Gold Leaf Reserve Vape
Nice clear oil on the Gold Leaf cart.
It uses official CCELL hardware, specifically the TH2 variant. This means you will get a very consistent hit. There’s nothing special about the packaging, it just includes the safety stickers and labels on it. The label does say that it passed over the test.
The list of Landrace strains is more common than people think; Acapulco Gold, Hindu Kush, Panama Red, Pure Afghan, and the list goes on. Basically, these are wild strains that have been cultivated throughout the years and was kept in its natural environment. The strain on this cart is heavy Indica, leaving a soothing and relaxing high like no other.

Gold Leaf has superior quality oil to most other carts

Gold Leaf cart out of the box
The stand is nice since eat keeps your oil flowing to the bottom.


No disappointment what so ever. The color of the oil even looks very amazing. This uncut distillate packs a strong hit for every puff. Also, a proper dosage can be determined by how many hits obtained by the cartridge, dividing total hits by mg. So 100 hits mean 5 mg per hit. But that’s only what the package says, the potency is worth the price.

Taste is pure

gold leaf vape
Nug run distillate makes for better flavor as opposed to trim run like Select Elite.


This organic product has a very pure taste and has no reintroduced terps like some of these street brand cartridges. A very earthy and herbal flavor to it, just as described. There are no harsh feelings since it’s organic. Very strong in odor as well, it smells just as it tastes. Savory strong herb flavor nothing unusual but a bit of a spicy taste to it, as it is a Landrace strain it tastes pure and organic.

Intense yet relaxing high

GoldLeaf oil cartridge

A very strong body and mind high hits you so quickly right after the first puff you take. Instantly getting you high, getting a heavy-set feeling to the head first and then a mellow body high. Definitely a stress reliever and somewhat of a problem solver, since once medicated a lot of worries disappear.
Wouldn’t recommend if you are looking for a dog walker high, this Indica will leave you too relaxed. But also pain-relieving and anxiety killing. Under the influence, all that is felt is pure euphoric blissful headspace.

Concluding our Gold Leaf cart review…

GoldLeaf out of the box

Being powered by Jupiter Cell and using amazing quality oil makes for a perfect combination. Cartridges like these are worth the price paid, providing instant stress relief. Classic Indica definitely hits the top shelf and making this cart a 10/10.
Have you tried the GoldLeaf? Post your review below! Questions or comments? Post below or in our forum!


  1. I’ve been stopping in the shop about once a week to try a new cart (just so expensive here in Illinois and no full grams…..not to mention the insane taxes). I tried a few strains in the disposable pens by Rythm then a cart from them and won’t buy anything from that brand again. I really like the Cresco liquid live resin carts but if you don’t pay for a medical card here you don’t have much of a selection. Last week I tried my first GoldLeaf and went with G6. I don’t know if it’s because it’s one of the special “reserve batch” strains or just a good brand but it was the strongest cart I’ve had so far. Today i plan on picking up 2 more from GoldLeaf most likely going with Ghost Train Haze, Strawberry Cough, or Super Glue. Might try out their disposables too with their cantalope disel but we’ll see since the prices are so high. I can’t wait for more competition so these companies can start putting out full mg carts.


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